How to power level 1-50 in DC? (Best Tips)

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    Dunmer Templar

    Started a Sorc character or Xbox one NA servers. Really looking for a fast or fastest way to level this bad boy up! Any tips would be great. Thanks!

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    Welcome to foundry!  Let me ask before answering since my response will change greatly… Is this your first character?

    if it is:


    If this is just a new toon on a veteran account, i can give you your strategy…

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    Get all training equipment, for lvls 10-20-30 etc. Pop an exp potion, and go exp in the delves in wrothgar that scale to your lvl. takes about 10 hours 1-50

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    My wife and I did Old Orsinium together, in the natural way (doing the quests, etc.) We forgot to wear our Rings of Mara and didn’t take XP potions, but did have training-trait gear and the 10% ESO+ bonus.

    I went up 3 or 4 levels.

    That said — one also needs a bunch of skill points, so you have to decide where those will be coming from …

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    One small tip is just to run every delve once, you get a decent amount of exp for completing them plus you can grab the quest inside and just turn them in all at once and pop a scroll before you do, also skyshards.

    Ps4 Daggerfall NA.

    Add me @ PSN- YourACasul.

    I like if people have mics, but if not we can still chat via text. Lets go kill some stuff!!

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    I seriously just sweep the Islands, grinding anyone who gets in my way, and run basically due north.  The Hag-fans, werewolves, and Battlegrounds are interesting grinds all the way up to about 15.  From there (Once you have 2 weapon/skillsets) pretty much wherever in T1.  Hit up all the Tutorial Islands for Skyshards, you don’t have to stick to any 1 Alliances’ areas any more.  Take advantage of it…

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 

    I mostly play ”Gofasta” Orcish berserkers in Red armor.  (Alluding to WH40K.)

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