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    Bosmer Nightblade

    Hello, I’m a Bosmer stamblade (DW) CP 411 and my dps is currently a little over 7k which barely gets the job done. my weapon damage is also around 1700. I’ll list my current setup, and it’d be awesome if I could get some help. I’m on the PS4 NA server, if anyone prefers to help in-game.

    first, I need help finding the right gear. I’m currently rocking

    • Helmet of the Red Mountain (infused)
    • Jack of the Red Mountain (sturdy)
    • Lord Warden Dusk’s Arm Cops (training)
    • Belt of the Shield Breaker (well-fitted)
    • Bracers of the Red Mountain (invigorating)
    • Dreugh-Hide Leggings of the Red Mountain (impenetrable)
    • Boots of the Red Mountain (reinforced)
    • Necklace of Vengeance Leech (robust)
    • Ring of Vengeance Leech (robust)
    • Ring of Vengeance Leech (robust)

    I already know. Red Mountain isn’t a bad set to have for a DPS, but it certainly isn’t the best. especially with two mismatched armor pieces that do nothing while they’re alone. While the aesthetic is badass, its completely trash so I need a total makeover there. The Vengeance Leech set however, is actually quite good and it increases my survivability, so I don’t intend to swap those out for anything unless its the Sword-Singer set.

    My weapons are also complete trash tbh.

    • Ebon Axe (powered)
    • Ebon Axe (charged)

    abilities (morphed):

    • Killer’s Blade
    • Rending Slashes
    • Deadly Cloak
    • Bloodthirst
    • Leeching Strikes
    • (ult) Rend


    • Bow of Agility (sharpened)

    abilities (morphed):

    • Lethal Arrow
    • Endless Hail
    • Magnum Shot
    • Poison Arrow
    • Relentless Focus
    • (ult) Dawnbreaker (I only just recently got it so no morph)

    I’m redoing my Champion and Attribute points. I already took them back, I just need to know how to distribute them correctly.

    I know how shit my setup is, but this was a million times better than the first character I made. So with my build out of the way, could someone PLEASE help me? I know I want the Hunding’s Rage and Sword Singer set, and I already have Sword Singer (but I want to change some of it out for weapons and/or jewelry so I have room for both sets). I’d buy and craft the stuff myself, but I don’t craft on this character and I recently splurged for furniture so gold is a bit tight too. I just need a nice stamblade build for bosmer (I’m too deep in my roleplaying to pay and change to a redguard (also the Bosmer have mad stam regen)). If you guys have builds, gear, or even just advice it would be much appreciated thank you!!

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    Call me blasphemous, but I think bows are quite oversaturated.

    ~An Actual Bosmer (Ryth Kotaro)

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    You can certainly get more qualified help than I can offer, but my suggestion would be


    5 x body pieces of Hundings Rage (crafted) all divines

    2 x body pieces of Night Mothers Gaze (crafted) both divines

    2 x daggers of Night Mothers Gaze – infused main hand poison enchant – precise offhand WD enchant

    1 x bow of Night Mothers Gaze precise

    3 x agility jewelrey (either run random dungeons or buy them at auction)

    This setup should be fairly easy to get if you can craft or get hold of a crafter (6 traits req). Go all medium. For your setup i would go with lover mundus to get closer to penetration cap. Remember to put CP in Piercing to help with this. It also helps ALOT if you can afford  to gold your wepons. This offers alot or dps increase.

    I would swap bloodthirst for surprise attack to acess major fracture, another 5k penetration. Also get trap beast on backbar. Magnus shot and leathal arrow shouldnt do much for you.

    For more info try looking up some guides, like Alcast’s rampage build on his web page, or either Nos’s Berserker build or Jecklls nightblade guide (tho outdated) over at the Nightblade section at this site.

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    Bosmer Nightblade

    sweet, thanks! I’ll get on it once I actually have cash tbh.

    Call me blasphemous, but I think bows are quite oversaturated.

    ~An Actual Bosmer (Ryth Kotaro)

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    I have to agree with the above poster. Your gear is terribly mismatched and is dragging you down. 5 pc Hundings, 3 pc Agility jewls and the 4 pc NMG will get you covered.


    Get all stam glyphs. You may wanna put some points into health and the rest in stam or get your chest made in Heavy to get more resist and a health bonus from Undaunted.


    Also, I dont know if you PvP but go get Vigor and Caltrops. Magnum Shot isnt mentioned in many builds.

    When you get Flawless Dawnbreaker, Put it on your front bar. Get Ballista, The bow ulti and put that on back bar.



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