GRINDelwald, fast and simple grind build

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    Greetings! This is mine grind build, among all classes and specs stamina sorc looks like the fastest and best EXP grinder

    CP points priorities:


    mighty, precise strikes, thaumaturge

    doesnt matter much

    Race: im using redguard right now, but best choice, if you havent sustain problems, is orc, for sprint speed

    Food: Orsorga’s Triple Triffle Pocket

    Potions:  stamina+speed+immovability (best for Skyreach)

    Poisons: minor brutality+minor savagery+minor fracture

    Gear: any stamina gear you like, its not very hard content its just grind, im often using just NON-SET training purple gear. Hunding Rage + NMG from craft is goos too or Leviathan from dungeons, with agility jewelry. Parts – 7 medium + 4x 1h-swords. Sustain problems – use of the Air jewelry for example

    Vampire: recommended for extra stamina recovery

    Mundus: Thief


    There is small variations in skills, related to location of grind

    i.e simple locations vs hard locations like Skyreach Catacombs

    Main Bar (DPS):

    1) Steel Tornado (main skill)

    2) Rearming Trap

    3) Silver Shards (also to aggro bugged mobs, i know few places when single target attack to 1 mob remain others mobs nearby in peace, thats why few tagrets by one skill is a must)

    4) Expert Hunter (dont even need to morph it)

    5) Bound Armamanets

    6) Flawless Dawnbreaker

    in total +17% weapon DMG from FG passive+Ultimate

    Secondary (Buffs): 

    1) Streak

    2) Critical surge (important for nonstop heal)

    3) Flying Blade (main skill to pull mobs, low cost and big range)

    4) Hurricane

    5) Bound Armamants

    6) Flawless Dawnbreaker


    1) if you have survivability problems – use Thrive in Chaos DW ult

    2) For skyreach highly recommended to use Shuffle, immunity to snares is important there

    3) you can replace Silver Shards with Circle of Protection for extra survivability

    4) if you grinding in group of 2, skills also can be changed related to who your partner is and what skills he has


    P.S. this is my first guide, i will expand it and upgrade



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