Getting killed way to easy in Cyrodiil , Advice welcome

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    Trying to build a pvp magicka build.  I want to take advantage of the free ESO plus offer currently going on.  If I can get started in in Alliance wars I will most likely buy the DLC.

    I want to participate in Alliance wars, 4 person Dungeons are getting a tad boring.


    Total CP 358

    Tower: Siphoner 5

    Lover: Arcanist 89   Tenacity 25

    Apprentance: Elemental Expert 47   Spell Erosion 1

    Attronach: Staff Expert 48

    Ritual: Thaumaturce 23

    Steed: Spell Sheild 34

    Lady: Thick Skinned 16    Elemental Defender 28    Light Armor Focus 1

    Lord:  Expert Defender 41


    Bar 1  Crystal Fragments IV, Flame Clench IV, Radient Magelight IV, Crushing Shock IV, Liquid Lightning IV,

    Ultimate: Firey Rage IV


    Bar 2   Hardend Ward IV, Entropy III, Siphon Spirit III, Dark Conversion IV, Radient Magelight IV,

    Ultimate: Power Overload   (suggestions welcome for 3rd bar)


    Weapons / Armor  Everything is epic level

    Destructo: Prismatic Flamestaff

    Resto Staff of Willpower +1366 Magic +spell damage   (Blue, will upgrade to Epic asap)


    Hat of Santcuary

    Witch Hunters Habit of Magicka Furnace

    Epaulets of Magicka Furnace

    Sash of Magicka Furnace

    Gloves of Magicka Furnace

    Greaves of Medusa

    Ice Furnace Sabatons

    Necklace of Willpower

    2 rings of Willpower


    I am working on getting a complete set of Magicka Furnace.


    Suggestions welcome, I realize I need to start upgrading to Legendary.

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    As someone who is also looking to build up a Magicka Sorc, I would also like it if anyone could answer the OPwith advice on how to not get squished.

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    Argonian Templar

    Francis Crawford is an experimented Sorcerer (he also maked a guide of this class) ,PM him and ask for help.

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