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    Please be advised that Lodge of Sorceresses is open to all classes, races and genders and isn’t restricted in any fashion, especially in respect to players’ genders. The name of our guild is strictly RP originated and only!

    In brief …

    Lodge of Sorceresses is generally a casual, soft-core guild who value dedication. We all have a life to live, mostly working-class, who don’t want to waste their time in MMOs we play, but benefit from it instead. Meaning, we prefer steady (even if it is slow) progression, to no progression at all, or to a rushed one. We are endgame-oriented, with RP-origins (just to make it more fun, than usual PvE/PvP guilds out there). If you are this type of player, who wants results and spend fun few hours in company of friends and do something that matters at the end of the day, Lodge definitely is the guild you are looking for.

    Who are we looking for?

    We are looking for people like-minded to us, who in general know the value of team-work and who realize what the ends (fun, accomplishments) and means (gear and riches) are, and which is more important. We need players from all classes, and all roles, to fill our ranks for a very long term. We don’t want people coming and going – so no “guild hoppers” please; we need caring members, for a caring guild, who value, love and cherish their guild and guild-mates.

    Why Lodge?

    • We aim to create a guild with great focus on in-game activities: we generally recruit on Project-basis – for our PvX initiatives. We want steady, existing progress regarding the content we play. We are against pointless grinding day after day, with illusion of “we are having fun time”. To that end, Lodge runs parallel PvE and PvP projects, where we gather skilled veterans who share our vision. We train and advise with our experienced members in a regular basis, to excel during our limited game-time. We value patience and perseverance, the attitude of player always comes before his/her skills. And we hate elitism.
    • From time to time, we open certain limited number of slots in our Roster for Social Casual players. By “social”, we mean it literally: i.e. players who participate in day-to-day guild activities, such as dungeons, questing, crafting etc and are vibrantly active in guild-chat and our Discord channel. Lodge never recruits for the sake of recruiting, we never want players who join us either just to be part of some guild, or just for the name of the guild, or just to seek some help, never contributing anything back to our community. If you are joining us as a Social Casual, your guild-mates must become your “buddy-list” with whom you’ll do the daily content: we hate the concept of “guilds within guild”.
    • To assist with our goals, our guild comes with Strong Organization, proven to work in other MMOs in past 5-6 years. We have an Officer team who ceaselessly work on new projects in a daily basis.

    What now?

    Like the idea? As I mentioned above, we recruit for limited slots, either in project-basis, or social-casuals. To join us in these slots, please register at our forums, completing your profile fully. We will get to you as soon as possible.

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    PvE Raid Core

    Our experienced Raid Core still needs 1-2 DDs to join, with following requirements:

    • Minimum 30k DPS on robust skelly and good knowledge of your role/spec,
    • Being able to raid 3 days a week – Tue, Wed, Thu – and 2-2.5 hours a day. Raids start at 20:30 CET,
    • Having all DLCs/Xpacs which come with Trials: Thieves’ Guild DLC, Morrowind Xpac (and CWC DLC soon),
    • Having all the basic gear set required for your role IS NOT mandatory (we will help you to farm dungeons),
    • Being minimum CP 300

    PvP Core
    We need 2x seasoned PvP vets to join us as Raid Leaders. With that accomplished, we will start forming our PvP Alliance Core [AD side].

    We need RP enthusiasts to kick-start our RP project within guild. Please contact me in-game: @Glevissig


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