Eruption – Stamina DK PvE DD & vMA Build (HoTR, vHoF Approved)

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    So how many cp should I invest into piercing if I have one sharpened weapon on my front bar? Thanks for the replies by the way

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    Masel92 said on November 1, 2017 :

    wesmont said on November 1, 2017 :

    Very interesting build, I’ll definitely give it a try, I am using Sunder anyway and I think I have stored a Sunder bow and an axe. On the other hand, I don’t have any RM pieces so I should start farming.

    Question though, I don’t have the vMA bow yet so till I get one what should I put on my back bar considering that on your back bar both sets are at 4 pieces. So 5 pieces of Sunder or RM on the bow bar?

    without a vMA bow definitely go for red mountain
    You don’t get a benefit from double barring sunderflame.

    You can still get the sunder debuff at range, just bar swap cancel a fully charged heavy bow attack

    Feel free to post me the results you get without a vMA bow.

    Ok, a small update, I’ve started using the build, I still don’t have a Sunder axe or dagger but I have an Infused mace so i am using that on main hand and a precise RM dagger on the off hand. Back bar is a RM Infused bow and one Veli one Kra’gh for monster set till i get my second Veli.

    Regarding blue cp distribution, I was wondering if it’s worth it to put a few points into Elemental Expert to enhanced the flame damage of RM or they are better spend under the usuall 4 other passives?


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    I don’t know if you have already but change traits of your weapons to Nirnhoned (main hand-Poison) and Infused (off hand- berserker). I’m getting better results on my DK with running 5Hunding+5VO+2Veli (my setup on that day :D).

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