DPS Output / Magic DK Issues

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Was going for Deltia’s End Game PVE DK / Laceration build. Speccing into same CPs, same skills on my bars, same rotations, practiced with video, easy enough. Same mundus stone, using suggested pots, etc. Dunmer race. Unlocked all skills. I am CP lvl 200+ and all attributes points are magicka. I’m a stage four vamp.

    As far as gear, I’m wearing 5 x legendary Julianos for chest/legs/feet/hands/waist and 2 x epic Torug’s Pact for helm/shoulders, and 3 x epic Willpower jewelery, and 2 x legendary Julianos inferno staves, and Divines on gear + a combination of either max health or magicka for enchants.

    I’ve got a small house w/ a training dummy I’ve been doing some parses with the Recount addon, which I assume is ok to use still. Even trying different versions of Deltia’s rotation and changing things up has zero affect on my DPS output. I can’t quite seem to get much higher than 8-10K DPS sustained. I tried swapping out Trap Beast w/ Scalding rune, and even Scalding Rune and Trap Beast with FoO, Eruption, and Inner Light, completely removing Harness Magicka from the back bar. Trap Beast is the only skill left to be morphed, simply because I haven’t done a lot of Fighrters Guild activities.

    Of course my front bar is your usual Blockade, Engulfing, Embers, Whip, and Inner Light, and I’m applying my dots as shown, of course my Light attack weaving probably needs a little work, but still… I have tried removing Whip and using Molten Armaments on my front bar and I was actually getting more dps output from my heavy attacks than Blockade in the Recount breakdown. But yeah 8.5-10.5K DPS.

    With pots, I have about 31,000 magicka / 18,500 health / 64% crit / 1,945 spell dmg.

    I know I’m doing something wrong, but what is it? I’ve been having to use a Resto staff on my back bar in dungeons lately so haven’t done  much testing there.

    Any help is sure appreciated.


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    If there is a problem with a particular build, you should bring it up directly to the build creator; for s/he will no doubt be able to pinpoint where the discrepancies are.

    Generally speaking, you will find that damage can be improved with higher champion points (optimised, see below), use of undaunted monster set (Grothdarr, Ilambris or Valkyn for mag DK) and the use of Maelstrom staff. Restoration staff will not really help your damage. If you struggle for sustain, try experimenting with cost reduction or recovery glyphs, or incorporate lightning or inferno staff heavy attacks.

    The champion point setup should actually be tailored to your own results from using a certain rotation, rather than unaltered from a build webpage. Since your trap is unmorphed, you will have to activate it twice as often, and this can affect the timing of your other skills. Possible discrepancy in actual rotation (e.g. missed weapon weaves, movement in an actual combat event, lag), group support and champion points may lead to difference in damage composition. You could consider using the Combat Metrics addon to analyse several dummy and actual combat parses of yours, to work out your average damage composition, then use Asayre’s calculator to determine the best distribution for your mage champion points.

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    Redguard Templar

    Hi, you are missing about 400cp so that definitely does play a factor. However you should still easily be able to hit 15k-20k dps. Having done many tests on a magdk myself, I’m curious as to how many heavy attacks you had to use to sustain with 31k magic? I’d imagine having to heavy attack a lot cut your damage significantly. Trying having someone run elemental drain for you (or running it yourself) as if will debuff the dummy with a debuff that will remain 100% consistent through any PvE content. Also, make sure to go slow and light attack between every ability, that ads a significant amount of damage.

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    I appreciate the info, but something is still wrong. I’m not using a resto staff. As I mentioned, I have two inferno Julianos legendary staves.

    I just don’t understand why my damage is so low. With my gear and rotation, I should still be pulling off way more.

    Are my stats ok? You mentioned that I had to heavy attack a lot, is that because you feel that my max magicka is too low still?

    It just seems like after mentioning my gear and stats in detail, something would stand out.

    I even got pretty fast at weaving in the light attacks. I just don’t get it.

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    Redguard Templar

    You’re saying you’re hitting all your weaves and your rotation is good, can you post a video? From what you’re saying your damage should be higher, but it’s obviously not. I’m thinking you are struggling with sustain and are having to heavy attack a lot.

    Assuming you’re using the most updated version of Deltia’s build, his first bar looks good other than his whip morph, make sure to take flame lash this patch for sustain but his second bar is weird, you don’t need talons. His tertiary bar looks good for your back bar though, so use that one. A super simple rotation for magdk can be as follows:

    Trap -> Flames of Oblivion -> Eruption -> Blockade -> Engulfing Flames -> Burning Embers -> Whipx5 -> Blockade -> Whipx2 -> Engulfing Flames -> Burning Embers -> Repeat Light weaving between every ability of course.

    Another suggestion is to duo a 6m dummy with a sorc friend so you have constant off balance procs to help with sustain. Yes you’ll get the 18% damage buff from concussion/minor vulnerability but you’ll get a decent idea of where you’re at plus get a sustained test where you can just practice your rotation. People hate on dummy tests for “cheesing” and other bull shit but dummy tests are about learning your rotation flawlessly so as long as you accomplish that, it’s all cool.

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    Khajiit Nightblade

    Most mag builds are running closer to 40k magicka simply as a result of having max cp.  blue cp are adding chunks of magicka that stack with any buffs like racials, etc. to increase magicka attribute… being lower than 500 cp puts you at a pretty significant disadvantage dps wise.  I would still think 15k dps is possible at 200cp, but that could be a couple things… what traits are your two staves?  If you say anything other than sharpened, i am going to chalk up a 5k dps loss right there on top of something like 5-10k for every 100cp you are under cap.

    you cant truly expect to pull high endgame dps numbers like 30-40k dps being lower level.  You could have the perfect rotation and still not break 15-20k.  Stats are stats, but that is also why there is a floor threshhold of “acceptable for completion” purposes of around 15-20k dps.  With that you can pretty much clear every vet dungeon and all normal trials, some vet trials with a good group.

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    The Noore

    I usually don’t do this but i’m in process of fine tuning my DPS characters and saw this and so i’m gonna chime in. A Combat Metrics parse REALLY helps out. It shows lots of things that you wouldn’t otherwise know to adjust. I’m not too famililar with DK, but if you do your rotation on a 3mil or 6mil target dummy and post a combat metrics parse along with a screenshot of your build using the below addons, I or someone else could give you solid information that you can bank on.


    Combat Metrics Addon



    My Build addon


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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Thanks!!! I will work on that. Thanks all!!

    ”It’s not about numbers, it’s about skill. Top Build vs. Top Brain. Brain wins… nuff said.”

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