(DK Tank) The Lusty Argonian Tank (End game trial – Morrowind)

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    Argonian Dragonknight

    Recently I have been getting a lot of flak higher up in the raiding world, because of this build. It always starts the same way: “you’re running what? Its so bad! wait you warhorned twice before our healer.. How are you not dead?!” This tank build, despite what people will tell you is honestly what a true tank should use. I defy everyone else, and have a “non meta” build but I can tank everything in this game, with no healer support, maintain WH uptime and do my job just fine.

    Race: Argonian, the buff to their potion passive is insane. I have tanked every trial and most of the hardmodes since morrowind, and I have yet to buy or use Tri pots outside of vHoF. Imperial is the only other acceptable race I’d play.

    I’m currently using the lady in preparation for the 14-8-2017 patch, to see how it will work. Otherwise use the atro.

    Monster Helm: Might Chudan’s (Infused Helm, tri stats, sturdy shoulder)

    Main body: Ebon for group, Plague for HMs/solo tanking (Infused pants, Reinforced chest, sturdy small piece.)

    Weps/Jewelry: Alkosh main tank, PA for off, Lunar Bastion/Green pact for vHoF. If you want to be fancy Sanctuary isn’t a bad option. Defending weapons, infused shields.

    I currently sit at 32k physical resist, 34k spell (I know I’m overcapped on spell but considering you get a free 3300 from passives it doesn’t really matter)

    Other than the front bar this is all up to how you play:

    Front bar: Inner Rage, Pierce Armor, Heroic Slash, Igneous Shield, Absorb Magic, Aggressive Horn

    Back bar: Choking Talons, Unrelenting Chains, Green Dragon Blood, Resolving Vigor, Absorb Magic, Magma Shell

    Lemme break this down before I get a ton of replies saying “wheres evasion why you no bloodspawns omgwtf:

    Chudan’s is beyond amazing. Little known fact volatile armor is crap. Its an annoying buff that you only use for half of the skill anyway. Taking it off your bar allows me to front bar heroic slash, and I have out ulti regen-ed tanks with bloodspawns this way. Bloodspawns is garbage as well, the proc is so low, the extra resistances are useless and the stam regen does nothing because when you block your stam regen doesnt kick in. Why would I bother when there’s a set specific to tanks?

    Evasion + tava’s USED to be a good thing, but they nerfed major evasion so now it’s just a waste of stamina. I only see it now as the only thing that can make up for the fact you don’t sit at 50% mitigation. My build, doesn’t have that problem.

    Ebon’s for the group, Plague is for when, say, you’re off tanking ozara mobs and the serpent adds or you’re tanking axes etc. Ebon’s strictly for group, and I run it as an off tank with PA so my main tank can run whatever he wants to survive. Granted, you can run ebon pretty much anywhere and be fine, I feel like it’s just easier to make a loadout to where I can make mistakes all day and not die. Maximum laziness.

    Here’s where everyone fights me. Alkosh weps/jewelry is acceptable and is needed for a main tank, but like plague when you just build to survive, lunar bastion is underrated. Yes I understand the 5 piece effect isn’t that useful. Yes I understand the 5% minor aegis doesn’t do a whole lot, but at the end of the day I can tank 6 axes and 2 storm atros on vAA HM without a healer, and I can tank the warrior for 25 minutes while the group wipes over and over to shehai storm, so I will run it when I’m on my own. I even run it in vHoF with no problem. Never will I say it’s overpowered; I think its underrated.

    Sturdy is the only acceptable small piece, due to everything else is crap. You only get 201 more armor from gold reinforced small pieces, 70 more HP from gold infused small pieces. Sturdy, like divines, is a flat 4% on all body pieces. You use infused head pants with tristats for sustain and I use a reinforced chest for safety. Despite the fact I disagree with most of Woeler’s builds, his shadow ward calculator is correct. I only use 49 into shadow ward, because front loaded CP is your friend. Balance is key, remember you get 16% more block reduction from sturdy AFTER you calculate shadow ward. For example lets say you get 15% from shadow ward, sturdy kicks in after you do 15% of 2160. Figure out what you want. Anything over 56 in shadow ward is a complete waste, let sturdy fill in the gaps.

    The whole “evasion/bloodspawns max ult regen help the team” tank builds trigger the ever living piss out of me, because I used to run it and thought it was crap. There was a time when you didn’t need the vast majority of the mitigation/resources that I’m using now, but due to the changes to heavy armor, how blocking works, and overall sustain I have adapted to the patch without giving up most of the group utility tanks should have. I can still provide ebon as needed I can give alkosh and PA and even bring lunar bastion to the table, all without losing any utility. I’m also pretty much un-killable as well.

    For a more condensed version of this and my CP set up, here’s my skill factory set up: https://www.eso-skillfactory.com/en/build/dragonknight/lusty-argonian-tank/24584/

    GM – Wizards With Attitude

    Atmus – Stamblade // Biting-Jabs – Stamplar // Kai Soreem – StamSorc // Aggro Maximus – Stam DK // Hoards-The-Gold-Jewelry – Magsorc // Adara Blaze – Magplar // Lusty Argonian Tank – DK tank // Generic Healer Name – Templar Healer 

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    Yup, glad you figured it out too.

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    Khajiit Dragonknight

    I’m not confident in groups enough to try and farm Chudan – Until it drops at the golden vendor, what other monster set should I be using with this build? I currently have BloodSpawn and Lord Warden at my disposal.

    PC/NA · Kazhiana, DK Tank · Clan Mother Kitta-ko, Templar Healer

    vSO HM · vAA · vHRC

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    lunar bastion is a joke. right?

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    Any chance of a proper breakdown of you’re cp allocation? So I can see which skills in each tree were utilised please

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