DK tank and dps pvp set combos

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    I was toying with some ideas for a balanced build that can take a decent beating and still have a shit at killing something. Obviously this will be a heavy armor SnB build. As far as sets go, I have tried black rose, knight errant, and agility in various combos, usually with a monster set (engine guardian or tremorscale). My question is: how do you think Warrior’s Fury set would work with Reactive Armor. The reactive set gives a really nice defensive bonus and the fury set would give a huge DPS boost once it’s got enough stacks.

    The reactive set’s survivability would let me live long enough to get tons of stacks from the fury set. I’m talking Zerg v Zerg, not dueling where the fury stacks are no issue. I like to tank but I want to do some damage. With reactive helping me live maybe fury stacks and wrath passives could get my damage pretty high?

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