Deceivers Of The Void vampire guild [XBOX] [NA]

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     ~Spread the dark gift of Lamae Bal~

    Welcome all to the deceivers of the void guild recruitment thread!

    Deceivers of the void is a vampire orientated guild, however our main mission statement is to accept all members and spread the gift of vampirism, free of charge. Feel free to join whether you are a human, vampire or werewolf.

    We are a social bunch who enjoy PvE, Questing, PvP, group bossing, trials & arenas, alliance war & imperial city, custom events and just basically hanging out. All people are welcome, regardless of experience, skill level, race or alliance. If you are looking for a friendly guild that offers support and camaraderie, then look no further!

    Guild Events

    We do not hold any mandatory events, however numerous fun guild events and team PvE/PvP will be held regularly.

    Requirements to join

    While no actual requirements on skill, experience or game completion apply, we ask you to follow these guidelines if you are to join.

    -Be an active member of ESO (Disappearing for months at a time is a no no.)

    -Be mature. It is not a question of age but your manner and language as well. Respect one another.

    Guild Rules

    -Be friendly, polite and helpful

    -Be respectful of others and their opinions

    -No begging

    -No Advertising

    -No cheating

    -Follow all normal game rules


    So why should you join this guild and not a different one?

    Mainly, if you’re looking for a friendly, laid back guild that gets along very well, then this is definitely the one for you. Not just that, but all our members enjoy a wide range of ESO, so whether you want to train crafting skills, go dungeon crawling, do dailies or just hang, then there will be someone to do it with! Finally, we are a mix of people from all around the world, with many different interests, so whatever you want to chat about its all good. Like sports, video games or politics? Play Yu-Gi-Oh or own the worlds largest collection of rubber bands? Feel free to talk to us about it!

    Feel free to whisper/message me in game or pm me here on the forums. My gamertag is ChangedLater227

    For more information about the guild visit our official guild site: Here

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    Breton Templar

    What alliance is the guild?

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