DeathBlade (Morrowind PVE MagBlade Build)

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    DeathBlade is a DW MagBlade build for PVE. I’ve had no trouble with solo play/world bosses, normal/vet dungeons, and normal trials. I’ve tested this build extensively to get skills on the correct bars for passives and weapon combos that maximize damage. Set it up exactly or you may not get my results.

    The great thing about this build is versatility. You can go Lit Destro for trash mob AOE, then immediately go into single target, high damage DW for bosses. This is a difficult build to master; but once you’ve got it, it’s deadly.



    1x Molag Kena (Light)

    1x Infernal Guardian (Light) (I like the helmet here)

    5x Rattlecage (3x Jewelry & 2 body/weapons): I know; this set is a can o’ wormies. The fact is it has the most unconditional spell damage of any set (+358); Major Sorcery is a bonus. In addition, I like the extra health for survivability when soloing world bosses.

    5x Julianos (or 5x Overwhelming Surge): I find precise swords do the most damage for DW; The crit and 5% damage increase is nice. If you have the patience to farm surge, it gives more Spell damage on your destro bar and a nice proc when you go melee.

    -I really like Infused for increased resource and overall damage. Divines works as well.


    Attributes: 64 into Magicka


    Mundus: Thief or Apprentice. Perhaps Atronach in Morrowind for resource management, but I doubt it will be necessary.


    Race: High Elf


    CP: Standard Setup. I’ll update after Morrowind drops. I’ll definitely put a lot of points into spell penetration. Adding this to the light armor penetration passive and high spell damage of the build, and you will do serious damage.


    Bar 1: Lit Staff Precise with Crushing Enchant (drops 5th Julianos/Surge)

    Inner Light

    Elemental Blockade

    Twisted Path (Buffed in Morrowind)

    Reapers Mark

    Harness Magicka

    Ult: Shooting Star


    Bar 2: DW Precise Swords with Spell Damage and Crushing Enchant

    Inner Light

    Lotus Fan

    Concealed Weapon


    Sap Essence

    Ult: Shooting Star/Soul Tether/Veil of Blades



    Single Target: Reapers Mark, Blockade, Twisted Path, BarSwap, (Lotus Fan, Concealed Weapon)2-3x; Switch parenthesis to Impale during execute phase (<25% health)

    Mobs: Reapers Mark, Blockade, Twisted Path, BarSwap, Lotus Fan, Sap Essence 2-3x

    Low Magicka: Reapers Mark, Blockade, Twisted Path, Heavy Attack

    -Assumes Light Attacks between each skill.

    -Keep DoTs (Blockade and Twisted Path) up at all times; Pop Harness Magicka shield when shit gets real.

    -Reapply Reapers Mark periodically on adds that die fast; Major Berserk (+25% DAMAGE!) uptime really makes this viable.

    -Lit Staff also does AOE damage for trash mobs.


    Logic (aka Where is the damage coming from?)

    -Spell damage: Stacks the highest spell damage sets available; Permanent Major Sorcery. Gold spell damage enchants on jewelry.

    -Penetration: Gold Crushing enchants, 4884 from Light Armors Passive, and 3000-4000 from CP in Morrowind. You could go Sharpened on weapons, but I find the extra critical from precise does more damage on target skeletons.

    -Magicka Pool: Gold Magicka Enchants on all armor. Magicka Flood Siphoning Passive(+8%), Inner Light +Shooting Star+Magicka Controller (+9%).

    -Spell Critical: Thief + Precise weapons



    -Most players can get the gear for this build (no trials needed).

    -Versatile and high damage.

    -Shield and extra health give great survivability.



    -Difficult to master.

    -Not min/maxed for vet trials.

    -You have to farm gear, but this is most every build.



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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Twice now I’ve lost everything I’ve typed in response to this build. Not typing it again.


    Long story short you need to add more details. You need to add a cp setup and a screenshot of your stats/character sheet. This build could be great but I honestly cant tell because I don’t have nearly enough information about it. More than a few things give me pause though.

    Precise weapons, the use of rattlecage (so so) and overwhelming surge (lackluster at best, imo) item sets and putting 50-70 some points in spell erosion (more importantly taking them out of EE, elfborn or thaumaturge) to compensate for precise weapons, etc.

    Not trying to sound like a dick. Constructive criticism. You need to add a few more key details and some hard stat numbers to prove this build’s effectiveness.


    You’ve written all this up. Why not finish it for a proper build page?

    Gamertag: Lexifer452

    XBOX NA Server

    Magicka DPS on multiple tons.


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    First and but not the least, you can not sustain with this build.



    For trial, NO ! This is why :

    5x Rattlecage => useless, ’cause already same bonus with potions

    Reapers Mark => useless, ’cause already debuff from tank and healer

    cancealed weap. => very good spammable for melee DW MagBlade, but before morrowind and with some gear.

    Lotus fan => What for ?

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