DeathBlade (Morrowind PVE MagBlade Build)

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    DeathBlade is a Destro/DW MagBlade build for PVE. It is designed for solo play/world bosses as well as normal/vet dungeons. I’ve run normal trials with this setup, but I would not suggest veteran trials. This build is especially nice for those learning new content. I’ve tested this build extensively to get skills on the correct bars for passives and weapon combos that maximize damage. Set it up as specified or you may not get my results.

    The great thing about this build is versatility. You can go Lit Destro for trash mob AOE, then immediately go into single target, high damage DW for bosses. All the while, high health (>20K) and shields keep you alive through challenging content. This is a difficult build to master; but once you’ve got it, it’s deadly.





    Best in Slot

    2x Valkyn Skoria (Light) – Best DPS.

    5x Rattlecage (3x Jewelry, Chest, Lightening Staff and 1x Sword): I know; this set is a can o’ wormies. The fact is it has the most unconditional spell damage of any set (+358); Major Sorcery is a bonus. In addition, I like the extra health for survivability when soloing world bosses.

    5x War Maiden (4x body and 1x Sword): This set provides a ton of spell power for magic damage abilities. Since all of the magic damage abilities are on the DW bar, this is where it will be active. War Maiden does nothing for shock damage (or any elemental for that matter) which is why we drop the 5th piece from the Lit Staff bar.

    Divines on all gear is best for maximizing spell critical.

    Weapon traits depend on your critical percentage. If you have >50%, use sharp weapons; if you have <50%, use precise weapons.


    Easier to Obtain Gear

    1x Molag Kena (Light)

    1x Infernal Guardian (Light)

    5x Rattlecage (3x Jewelry, 2x body): Iskra the Omen’s unique drop is a sharp sword. Grothdarr has a unique lightening staff drop.

    5x Julianos (3x body, Lightening Staff and 2x Sword): Your Lightening Staff bar will drop Julianos. Rattlecage has more weapon damage so we drop Julianos here.

    Divines on all gear is best for maximizing spell critical.

    Weapon traits depend on your critical percentage. If you have >50%, use sharp weapons; if you have <50%, use precise weapons.


    Race: High Elf

    Enchants: Max Magicka on body, Weapon Damage on Jewelry. You can run Magicka Recovery on the necklace if you need it.

    Attributes: 64 into Magicka

    Mundus: Thief for Crit. You could go Atronach if you have sustain issues, but I would suggest Drain Magicka Poison or a Magicka Recovery glyph instead.

    Champion Points: Values are adjusted according to Morrowind CP jump points.

    The Ritual: 75 Thaumaturge – For Exploiter passive
    The Atronach: 23 Master at Arms
    The Apprentice: 56 Elemental Expert, 31 Elfborn, 25 Spell Erosion

    The Shadow: 2 Tumbling
    The Lover: 100 Arcanist, 49 Tenacity
    The Tower: 11 Siphoner, 48 Warlord

    The Lord: 11 Bastion
    The Lady: 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 3 Light Armor, 37 Thick Skinned
    The Steed: 61 Ironclad

    Potions/Poisons: I prefer Immovable potions that restore Magicka and Health (Bugloss + Columbine + Namira’s Rot/Wormwood). If you are struggling with magicka sustain, you can also run Drain Magicka poisons (Bugloss + Corn Flower; Corn Flower/Lady’s Smock + Columbine) on your staff.



    Bar 1: Lightening Staff Sharp/Precise with Crushing Enchant (drops 5th War Maiden/Julianos)

    Inner Light

    Elemental Blockade

    Twisted Path (Buffed in Morrowind)

    Destructive Clench (Interrupt when needed); use Malefic Wreath if you slot Shooting Star ultimate so you get the Siphoning passives.

    Harness Magicka

    Ult: Soul Tether/Shooting Star


    Bar 2: DW Sharp/Precise Swords with Spell Damage and Crushing Enchant

    Inner Light


    Concealed Weapon


    Sap Essence

    Ult: Shooting Star



    -Assumes Light Attacks between each skill.

    Single Target/Bosses: Blockade, Twisted Path, Bar Swap, Debilitate, (Concealed Weapon 2-3x); Switch parenthesis to Impale during execute phase (<25% health)

    Mobs: Blockade, Twisted Path, Bar Swap, Debilitate (if melee add is present), Sap Essence 2-3x

    Alt. Mobs/Heavy Attack Magicka Recovery: Blockade, Twisted Path, Heavy Attack

    -Keep DoTs (Blockade and Twisted Path) up at all times; Pop Harness Magicka shield when shit gets real.

    -Lit Staff does AOE damage for trash mobs.


    Logic (aka Where is the damage coming from?)

    -Spell damage: Stacks the highest spell damage sets available; Permanent Major Sorcery. Gold spell damage enchants on jewelry.

    -Penetration: Gold Crushing enchants, 4884 from Light Armors Passive, and ~3000 from CP in Morrowind. As long as your critical rating is above 50% Sharpened weapons will further increase your penetration.

    -Magicka Pool: Gold Magicka Enchants on all armor. Magicka Flood Siphoning Passive(+8%), Inner Light + Shooting Star+ Magicka Controller (+9%).

    -Spell Critical: Thief + Precise weapons



    -Most players can get the gear for this build (no trials needed).

    -Versatile and high damage with minimal effort.

    -Shield and extra health give great survivability.




    -Difficult to master.

    -Not min/maxed for vet trials.

    -You have to farm gear, but this is most every build.


    Updates: I am constantly improving this build and will continue to do so. I thank all of you for your constructive criticisms.


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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Twice now I’ve lost everything I’ve typed in response to this build. Not typing it again.


    Long story short you need to add more details. You need to add a cp setup and a screenshot of your stats/character sheet. This build could be great but I honestly cant tell because I don’t have nearly enough information about it. More than a few things give me pause though.

    Precise weapons, the use of rattlecage (so so) and overwhelming surge (lackluster at best, imo) item sets and putting 50-70 some points in spell erosion (more importantly taking them out of EE, elfborn or thaumaturge) to compensate for precise weapons, etc.

    Not trying to sound like a dick. Constructive criticism. You need to add a few more key details and some hard stat numbers to prove this build’s effectiveness.


    You’ve written all this up. Why not finish it for a proper build page?

    Gamertag: Lexifer452

    XBOX NA Server

    Magicka DPS on multiple tons.


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    First and but not the least, you can not sustain with this build.



    For trial, NO ! This is why :

    5x Rattlecage => useless, ’cause already same bonus with potions

    Reapers Mark => useless, ’cause already debuff from tank and healer

    cancealed weap. => very good spammable for melee DW MagBlade, but before morrowind and with some gear.

    Lotus fan => What for ?

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    Thanks for the build. I am always anxious to see something “non-meta” for my beloved MagBlade. Are there any updates to this?


    Also, it seems a usual rotation with the exception being CW. Isn’t there an argument for Trap or another single target damage enhancer?

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    Outdated reply

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