CtrlAltElite — PvE Vet-Trial Focused guild is recruiting!

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    We are CtrlAltElite , a NA based guild, and are opening our doors for recruitment!

    About Us:
    If you are tired of feeling like a number in a guild and would rather actually get to know those you are playing with, then we may be the right fit for you! We are a smaller, tight knit group of players that have migrated to ESO from one game or another. We have players from Everquest, WoW, FFXIV, GW2, and a host of others, so our mmo experience as a guild is “well-traveled”. Many of us have played since beta and day one while some others have recently joined our ranks within the last year or so. We have players that play on a very casual basis as well as players that approach the game with a more “hardcore” mentality, we strive to be able to accommodate any kind of player.

    What we can offer YOU
    We are mainly a PvE Focused guild, with our goal being progression on new trials as they are released, as well as going back and going for competitive leader board scores. We also have a fully furnished Guild House , complete with Mundus Stones , Crafting Stations, etc! <b>Trials are run on Friday and Saturday evenings at 9 PM EST every week.</b> Further details on trials will be listed below or on our website.

    As a guild, we have completed the following:
    Sanctum Ophidia — Normal , Vet, and Hard Mode
    Hel Ra Citadel — Normal, Vet, and Hard Mode
    Aetherian Archive — Normal, Vet, and Hard Mode
    Maw of Lorkhaj — Normal, Vet
    Asylum Sanctorum — Normal, Vet

    Halls of Fabrication up next!

    Trials Info
    We currently have our trials split up into two “runs” depending on the day:

    These are our Progression team runs. This is the highest level of PvE content that CAE has to offer and there are strict requirements to be allowed into this run. We consider our progression nights a serious occasion and go into these with a very dedicated, “ready to work” mindset. If you prefer more relaxed, goofing off runs, these would not be for you :smile: . We are approaching a full roster in terms of our progression team at the present time but if you believe yourself to be exceptional, please still apply, and if you are as amazing as you believe, we will do our best to find a way to get you in!

    These are our Leaderboard runs. We call this “Dealer’s Choice” in that those who have signed up for this run via our website get to choose what the “target” is for this week. We then run whichever trial the majority of the group so chooses. While these are not on the level of our progression runs, we still do try to aim for high leaderboard scores for the week, at the VERY LEAST we aim to get a score that will stick throughout the week. Our requirements for these are a bit more lax than the progression runs, but you are still expected to be very proficient at your chosen role.

    Still Interested?
    You can contact me in game at @Paarthuurnaxx0207 if you have any particular questions. Additionally, you may apply via our website: http://ctrlaltelite.ddns.net/portal. If you apply here and just want to touch base with me, feel free to shoot me a mail/message in game as well.

    Hope to hear from some of you soon!

    — Paarth

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