Crafting Heavy armor whats best in PVP?

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    Love my Veiled Heritance armor but I’m so temped to make a heavy Clever Alchemist set. I can’t get my mind off of the 653 jump in WD. VH gives a 400 additional WD; its nice but compared to Clever A’s plus 253 more WD leaves no comparison to be made. Leaves to the question whats your favorite armor set as a player and why?




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    I am just on my way to finish my Veiled Heritance set and was also thinking about the Clever Alchemist set, but what made me step away from this idea is the need to drink potions to activate the WD buff. I must say that I play on console (PS4) and here I either need to waist expensive potions to activate the additional WD or to switch to a cheap potion, activate the 5-piece bonus and switch back to a good potion. Don´t even like the idea of this effort and I think this is more helpful for Gank builds, but not for ones that like to stay in combat.

    Long story short – I will try Black Rose with Ravager first and see how often I can proc the Ravager 5-piece with my DW/2H-Setup or change Ravager to Veiled Heritance.

    Veiled Heritance and 7th Legion Brute could also be an interesting combination – depending on the Stam Regen handling without Black Rose.


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    Well, imo alchemist is a really good option. Almost as strong as Ravager and more reliable (less overall uptime tho). Use corrosive armor, immo pots + crit + alchimist => rekt people for the next 10sec. If you want good overall damage set, fury is nice. The more you fight, the stronger you become… If the whole effect is proc, you have 700+ bonus weapon damage. So a good combo for reliable high damage is fury + alchemist (both of them are really easy to get).

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    @Massacor I agree the fury set has a very strong 5th passive. I putting a set together for BattleGround dueling… CA 15 secs super-DPS is fleeting but so addidcitive bc its and instant proc.

    For dueling and o I am smh betweeen Dreugh King Slayer (constant 20% DPS buff), Clever Alchemist (Major DPS buff 15 secs.), Fury Extra DPS after being crit attacked), and Archers Mind (extra stealth damage).

    Decisions, decisions…lol



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