Compilation of Bugged Abilities Affecting Nightblades

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to add this to make sure that the sole intention of this post is not to rant or rave, but to capture information so that we can better arm ourselves with the abilities that are currently working as we understand them to work. We could be writing down a heap of abilities as “broken” or “bugged” and its just that the tool tip is incorrect, or we misunderstood its original intention. Lets make sure we keep being constructive like we have been. I’ve noticed that over on Reddit it’s just become a troll of people complaining that the Nightblade should be called the “Bugblade'”this was not my intent.

    I have recently respeced so that I could distribute my points into abilities that I am actually using now that I have unlocked them. This left me with a large amount of skill points that I could utilise on my passives finally but everywhere I look I stumble across passives or abilities that are bugged and not worth wasting your skill points on at the moment. I think it would be useful if we could make a compilation of all of these bugged abilities as a community. This is inclusive of all skill lines that are affecting us as Nightblades to do our job! The way I would explain what I am after is all skills, passives, buffs and bonuses that we have available to us as Nightblades. 

    It is my intent to try and pull together all the bugged abilities listed across Reddit, ESO Official Forums and of course Tamriel Foundry Forums. However what I request from you guys is your support in keeping this updated with new found bugs and any undocumented fixes that Zenimax implements.

    If it’s bugged lets capture it in this thread!

    Key: Workarounds, Questions/Concerns, Removed.

    Class Abilities and Passives:


    • Death Stroke <Incapacitating Strike> and <Soul Harvest> – On occasion the animation will happen however the ability is not actually triggered.
    • Death Stroke <Incapacitating Strike> and <Soul Harvest> – If utilised to kill the target it does not give you ultimate resource back as it should.
    • Assassin’s Blade <Killer’s Blade> and <Impale> – On occasion the animation will happen however the ability is not actually triggered.
    • Assassin’s Blade <Killer’s Blade> and  <Impale> – Is not able to cause a critical strike.
    • Teleport Strike <Ambush> – On occasion the animation will happen however the ability is not actually triggered.
    • Haste <Focused Attacks> and <Incapacitate> – The attack speed increase of 30% doesn’t affect any weapons.
    • Haste <Focused Attacks> and <Incapacitate> – The attack speed increase of 30% doesn’t affect bows.
    • Mark Target <Piercing Mark> and <Reaper’s Mark> – The ignore 75% of target’s Armour and Spell Resistance doesn’t appear to work.
    • Mark Target <Reaper’s Mark> – The gain damage bonus effect does not appear to work.
    • Mark Target <Piercing Mark> –  Allows you to see and attack targets who are sneaking however not targets that are invisible currently.
    • Pressure Points <Passive> – It currently gives .3% instead of 3% crit at level 2 for each Assassination ability slotted.
    • Pressure Points <Passive> – it is incorrectly giving 2% crit no matter how many assassin abilities are slotted. (Anyone have extra to add to this, noting the one previously changed?).
    • Pressure Points <Passive> – Works as intended however the character pane does not display the bonuses.


    • Shadow Cloak <Shadowy Disguise> – Approximately 25% of the time this ability does not trigger any of its effects.
    • Shadow Cloak <Shadowy Disguise> and <Dark Cloak> – On occasion you wont visually be invisible but you are to the mobs.
    • Shadow Cloak <Shadowy Disguise> –  When utilising this ability with low resources you will instantly be removed from stealth. (Can anyone confirm its not the same as above?)
    • Shadow Cloak <Shadowy Disguise> and <Dark Cloak> – Your character becomes invisible however enemy players can see particle effects and thus be able to locate your player.
    • Shadow Cloak <Dark Cloak> – Does not remove bleed debuffs from npc or player sourced specific ones mentioned are Axe, Twin Slashes, Cleave. (Any more to add to this, or confirm/deny?)
    • Teleport Strike <Lotus Fan> and <Ambush> – Often when using Teleport strike it will have adverse effects to your FPS. (I have an Nvidia Graphics card, can anyone confirm on ATI,? I know this is broad)
    • Teleport Strike <Ambush> – On occasion the animation will happen however the ability is not actually triggered.
    • Veiled Strike <Concealed Weapon> – The 22% movement speed in stealth while slotted effect appears to suffer the dreaded “Once you’ve died you need to re-log or zone to rectify the issue”. Workaround: If you re-log or change zones it will force the passive effect to work again.
    • Veiled Strike <Concealed Weapon> – Movement speed bonus is removed upon Shadow Cloaking until you re-stealth.
    • Veiled Strike <Surprise Attack> and <Concealed Weapon> – Often the animation and stun effect will occur but no damage is done to the enemy.
    • Path of Darkness <Twisting Path> and <Refreshing Path> – This ability appears to be affected by terrain, the magicka cost is spent however the ability does not trigger.
    • Path of Darkness <Twisting Path> and <Refreshing Path> – Does not allow Siphoning Attacks to trigger.
    • Path of Darkness <Refreshing Path> – Sometimes heals more than once per second, it has been document to happen anywhere up to 5 times per second on occasion.
    • Aspect of Terror <Mass Hysteria> and <Manifestation of Terror> –  The base fear effect of 2 nearby enemies  doesn’t appear to last the suggested 4 seconds all the time. It is often between 1.5 – 4 seconds.
    • Summon Shade <Dark Shades> and <Shadow Image> – The Shadow Image often stops attacking once the initial target it was cast on dies. Works as intended, this is an ability not a pet.
    • Shadow Barrier <Passive> – Doesn’t properly increase your Armor when coming out of Stealth or Invisibility for 4 seconds. This ability is affected by overcharging of stats, hence the confusion. 


    • Strife <Funnel Health> – On occasion can heal more than the suggested 2 ally players and sometimes it doesn’t apply to anyone including the player.
    • Strife <Funnel Health> – Doesn’t appear to be healing allies for the actual amount it should be, inconsistent heal effects.
    • Strife <Funnel Health> and <Swallow Soul> – Due to the ranged nature of this spell the projectile often takes several seconds to land on the intended target (even if in melee range).
    • Strife <Funnel Health> and <Swallow Soul> – Often once cast if the player was to turn away from the enemy target this ability will not do any damage to the intended enemy. (Nearly like it should be a channel from previous games)
    • Strife <Funnel Health> and <Swallow Soul> – Takes a snapshot of the initial damage caused rather than cause variable damage throughout the debuff duration. (Can anyone confirm if this is intended or a bug?)
    • Cripple <Debilitate> and <Crippling Grasp> – The dot effect of this ability does not work on mobs that are immune to snare effects.
    • Cripple <Debilitate> and <Crippling Grasp> – Does not apply the snare effect.
    • Agony <Prolonged Suffering> – The added effect of this morph is meant to deal extra damage and this doesn’t work.
    • Siphoning Strikes <Leeching Strike> – Only gives an extra 2.4% health instead of the expected 4%.
    • Siphoning Strikes <Siphoning Attacks> – Tool tip incorrectly lists that it also returns 4% health, when it gives no health and should not give health.
    • Drain Power <Sap Essence> – The healing attribute of this morph is only increased by a maximum of 20% currently which is equal to one mob.
    • Drain Power <Sap Essence> – Is unable to perform a critical strike for both the damage and healing component of this ability.
    • Drain Power <Sap Essence> – Will not cast the heal effect unless the enemy is being damaged.
    • Magicka Flood <Passive> – Gives 8% max magicka at level 2 per siphoning ability that is slotted. This passive doesn’t detect Strife or Soul Shred  but does detect <Funnel Health> a morph to Strife.

    Weapon Abilities and passives:

    Two Handed:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    One Hand and Shield:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Dual Wield:

    • Flurry <Rapid Strikes> and <Blinding Flurry> – Occasionally has an issue where the animation is trigger and you are locked in combat however the ability performs no damage. Workaround: To force Flurry to cancel its animation you should open your character info screen, the default key for this “c”.
    • Flurry < Rapid Strikes> – Does not appear to increase your attack speed. (Similar bug to haste maybe, all attack speed increase abilities are broken?)
    • Twin Blade and Blunt <Passive> – When you have daggers equipped you should gain an extra 5% crit at level 2 however this is not reflected in the character info sheet.
    • Twin Blade and Blunt <Passive> – This ability 100% confirmed does work. Character Pane does not update accordingly. (Can anyone confirm how this actually works, can you wear 2x Daggers for double the crit bonus?, or one of each weapon to get both bonuses?)


    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Destruction Staff:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Restoration Staff:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Armour ABILITIES and passives:

    Light Armour:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Medium Armour:

    • Agility <Passive> – Is incorrectly giving the player 20% attack speed at level 2 instead of 10%.

    Heavy Armour:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    World Abilities and passives:

    Soul Magic:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -


    • Vampirism Stage Bonuses <Buff> – “Your Vampirims abilities cost 60% less to cast” does not currently work for abilities using your Ultimate resource. It does work, but zoning bugs it. You can fix it by feeding and then progressing a stage.
    • Mist Form <Poison Mist> – Appears to only be dealing damage between 1-1.5 seconds instead of the documented 0.5 seconds.
    • Undeath <Passive> – It is meant to provide damage mitigation when a play with is below 30% health, this is currently bugged and isn’t working.
    • Unnatural Resistance <Passive> – It is meant to provide health recovery in Vampirism stages 2-4, this is currently bugged and isn’t working.
    • Dark Stalker <Passive> – Suffers from the dreaded once you die you will need to relog and/or zone to gain the perk back.


    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Guild Abilities and passives:

    Fighters Guild:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Mages Guild:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -


    • Formatting <Formatting> -


    Imperial Skills:

    • Formatting <Formatting> -

    Buffs, Armour Bonuses, Effects:

    Mundus Stones:

    • Thief <Buff> – Does not correctly add critical hit chance to the character sheet, expected 5% crit chance.

    Official Developer Post on Mundus Stones: Developer Response Here

    ZOS_GinaBruno Administrator, Moderator admin
    April 21 Staff Post
    Hey everyone, we’re aware that there’s an issue with mundus stones, and it should be fixed in a future patch. Thanks for the reports!

    Obviously this is a work in progress, but I wanted to get this post out there to start bringing the community together and provide the post in-which for us to correlate all of our currently bugged abilities. I will take it upon myself to update this original post with all of your bugs that you bring to my attention. I will continue to update and adjust the formatting once more information is captured.

    Update Log: Currently Updated as of Patch v1.0.6

    1. Formatting and initial content.
    2. Extra formatting and added extra bugs.
    3. Adjusted terminology for the work arounds, Vampirism stage effects, and added Path of Darkness <Refreshing Path> bug.
    4. Added the change log, removed the Agony <Prolonged Suffering> bug, added Thief mundus stone bug, added Unnatural Resistance and Undeath to Vampire bugs, added Assassin’s Blade and Death Stroke bugs to the assassination area, added Funnel health bug, added Shadow cloak bug, added teleport strike performance bug, shadowy disguise low magicka bug,
    5. Added a key, the latest patch notes, and a developer response on Mundus stones.
    6. Adjusted the Pressure Points passive, added the dark cloak morph bug not removing bleeds, adjusted the Magicka Flood passive (These changes are from the responses to the post over on Reddit) Find the post here.
    7. Added Vampire Poison Mist and Dark Stalker bugs, piercing mark invisibility bug, shadow cloak visible particle effects bug, strife projectile/ranged bugs, twin blade and blunt passive, rapid strikes passive, sap essence critical strike bug, sap essence damage bug, medium armour agility passive, veiled strike animation bug, removed unnatural resistance bug (Thank you Fielding), removed funnel health adding to the magicka flood passive.
    8. Corrected the Mark Target <Reaper’s Mark> as no longer bugged for damage, adjusted Haste as only not working for bows, added the link to the latest patch notes, impale unable to crit, corrected shadow barrier,  removed all Mark Target bugs, added combination of cloak + veiled strike stealth bonus issue, adjusted pressure point bugs, Twin Strikes and Blunt <Passive> updated, Path of Darkness and Siphoning Attacks combination bug, and added twin blade question.
    9. Added the Strife snapshot question, confirmation of the fact that haste is not bugged for all of the weapon skill lines here, Death Stroke resource issue, removed summon shade issue, vampirism stage bonuses adjusted,  cripple snare issue added, siphoning attacks tool tip error added.
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    Imperial Nightblade

    Reserved for later.

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    Some bugs people have found:


    Focused attacks, the haste morph doesn’t work for any weapon. Grab a stop watch and record your attacks.Haste doesn’t even work for Bows.

    The pressure points passive gives 0.3 crit instead of 3%.

    Leeching strikes is incorrectly giving 2.4% health instead of 4%.

    Mark target is not correctly reducing targets armour.

    Shadowy disguise doesn’t work about 25% of the time and that’s huge for such an important ability.

    Cripple’s dot doesn’t work on mobs immune to snares (not sure if intended) but basically if anyone that is either temporarily immune or not affected by snares is dealt 0 damage from the dot (it just bounces off them)

    The Magicka Flood passive is suppose to give 8% magicka if you have a siphoning ability slotted: it does not detect that Swallow Soul or the SIPHONING ULTIMATE as a siphoning ability.

    Prolonged suffering does not add damage

    Sap Essence does not multiply by the amount of targets hit. It only increases the healing by 20% which is one target.

    Aspect of Terror and Mass Hysteria often don’t work. The duration is also very random lasting from 1 to 4.5 seconds with passives.

    Shadow Image often stops attacking, mostly when the first target it was cast on dies.

    Mark Target NO damage increase on it or any of it’s morphs. All other functions seem to work fine for it and both morphs.


    Also bare in mind this is about Nightblades, so adding guilds and world talent trees to the equation is not really needed. Just leave it to the 3 Nightblade trees.

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    Imperial Nightblade


    Thank you for the reply this is precisely what I was after. In regards to the guild and world abilities I think it’s important to capture all abilities and skills that are affecting night blade builds. I will continue to track them for now. Possibly on the second post if others feel the same. I will go ahead and update the original post.

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    Another bug I have is the Shadow skill line passive “Shadow Barrier” it’s granting me increased spell resistance but no increased armor.

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    Imperial Nightblade


    Thank you for your post I have updated my original post to include your bug.

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    Redguard Nightblade

    Depending on what kind of ground you’re standing on (usually, if there’s a slope in front of you), Path of Darkness or its morphs might not appear at all, even though you spent the magicka to use it.

    Apparently, for some people (I’m not one of them), Refreshing Path’s heal can tick 3 times per sec or more (instead of 1/sec).

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    Redguard Nightblade

    I can verify that almost all of these exist, and its frustrating as hell. Had an issue last night with Concealed Weapon not increasing my stealth speed…Then I used a wayshrine and hit a small loading screen….and it started working again. ZOS needs to get their shit together…I beta tested this game for some time and a lot of these issues were well known within the community back then. Sadly, I’m starting to have second thoughts about keeping my sub…

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    I know this isn’t NB or world, but it has killed me a couple times. DW Flurry and both morphs will sometimes fire the animation, deal no damage, and lock you out of any other ability or basic attack. Longest I survived in this state was 20 some seconds so it doesn’t time out. Solution is to bring up character screen and drop it back down quick, that will unlock you but it can cost you dearly.

    Sorry if you don’t want this here but DW is popular among a lot of NB’s so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

    I cast flare!

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    Altmer Templar

    It may not be NB specific, but I can confirm that DW Flurry seems to have an issue where it likes to lock you out of being able to do anything. The last time I respecced, I didn’t even pick it up.

    On the subject of NB specific abilities,  Path of Darkness is unreliable as all hell. Sometimes the path appears at your feet, other times behind the enemies you’re fighting, and many times not at all. If there is any kind of obstruction at all on the ground, it turns the ability into a total crap shoot. Maybe I was just bad at using it, but it seemed totally not worth it.

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Hey everyone,

    Let me go ahead and adjust some of the naming to support my actual intent. I want to hear all of the abilities/passives/effects/buffs that are effecting use as Nightblades from playing the game  to the best of our ability. This post may grow into something that helps everyone, not just Nightblades.


    – Updated the original post, hopefully the new wording gets my intent across.

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    I’ve noticed that HASTE is completely WORTHLESS.


    Sooo many bugs with Nightblade, they better get this fixed.

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    Imperial Nightblade

    @Aedh, @Fatalyis, @Aerathnor, and @Lahkesis

    Thank you for your input, I have updated the original post to reflect your bugs and suggestions.

    Loyalty above all else… Except Honour.

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    I’d throw in Teleport Strike <Lotus Fan> damage being quite low as of a few patches ago.  Never saw anything in any patch notes regarding changes to its damage, so at this point I’m assuming it’s a bug and not WAI.


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    Altmer Nightblade

    Haste isn’t working at all? With NO weapons right now? It’s a crucial ability for one of my builds with the destruction staff…

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    Imperial Nightblade

    I’ve heard that the healing from Refreshing Path (Path of Darkness Morph) sometimes heals more than once per second.

    However, this bug is actually helpful for Nightblades, so I’m not sure if you want to list it, but it’s still a bug.



    I am the Night that stalks your every step… For the Queen!  -  PS4 NA Server

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    Argonian Nightblade

    Hi, consolidating all NB bugs on a thread looks like a good idea so thanks a lot. If you had the time to make a similar thread on the official forums, it could also help I believe.

    It seems a few of these bugs were picked in the thread below and a few from my post which is nice, but I would like to make a correction. With further testing today, I noticed that the damage from Prolonged Suffering is fine, the rest is confirmed tough.

    Also, someone mentioned Shadow Barrier and I believe it works, it just doesn’t work in AvA until you reach 50 as everyone is stuck at 700 armor.



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    Redguard Nightblade

    Thought I would put another link here :

    This guy started a thread on the official boards to list the bugged NB skills, maybe you can work with him :)

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Arger said on April 21, 2014 :


    Vampirism Stage Bonuses <Buff/Effect> – ”Your Vampirims abilities cost 60% less to cast” does not currently work.

    Just want to say that this *does* work if you actually look at how much Magicka the ability costs when you use it. It does not show on the tooltip.

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    Kotaro Atani


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    Khajiit Nightblade

    Queen’s Hand


    the “Thief” mundus stone does not add the critical strike amount, someone said it is 5%.




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