ByTheBeardofZeus – Stamplar DPS Guide – Morrowind and HoTR Edition

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    And im not sure, this is my highest hitting rotation I made ages ago and I assume old me thought it through so I’ll trust myself


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    Oooooooh right, okay I get it. You start with Trap > Hail > Caltrops and then you refresh Trap after the PotL :D

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    Awesome build, and responsiveness to keeping it updated, thanks so much.

    I’ve always wanted to get my stamplar to do well, so I’m excited about this build. Just need to get caltrops and I should be good to go. Super happy to hear I don’t need to farm another Maelstrom bow in a different trait for Hotr patch!

    Quick question on survivabilty,.. would you say that cloak and focus are enough even if your healer isn’t the best? Or would you swap in vigor or something else if you’re working with a below average healer?

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    Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Sharpened is definitely still usable :D

    Cloak is an absolute must have for trials, and I don’t really run the rune anymore, I find I move too much and that it doesn’t stack with circle of protection meaning it’s a little meh now that you don’t get major mending from it.

    I usually take off the rune now and put vigor on, however be prepared for massive sustain issues if you keep hitting it. I just keep it as an emergency “oh shit” button or if someone’s taking damage while ressing a healer or something.

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