ByTheBeardofZeus – Stamplar DPS Guide – Morrowind and HoTR Edition

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    Note: I am editing this guide daily for new finds on how to improve this build, therefore if you’re kind enough to bookmark this guide you can come back and refer to it every so often and hopefully gain some more new tips that I add. Thanks.

    EDIT: 18/06/2017 – added 2 new rotations for those struggling to sustain in trial environments and long fights.

    EDIT: 18/07/2017 – Added whole new chapter for Horns of The Reach DLC

    Introduction and Thoughts / Comparison to other Class DPS.

    Hello and welcome to By The Beard of Zeus, the ruler of Olympus’ guide to Stamina Templar damage in the new harsh sustained horizon of Morrowind. This guide will completely replace the old Homestead one I made as pretty much nothing is the same anymore. The build, rotation and CP is all so very different a new edition was needed. I have had a lot of help from members of my raiding guild with this build so I would like to credit them all along the way as needed.

    As of 30/05/2017 I am seeing so many people and guides out there putting out “dummy humpers”, and by that I mean builds specifically designed to hit high on a test dummy so they can circle jerk and measure themselves by linking higher numbers. This is not the aim of Zeus. I am primarily a raider and everything I do is with group content in mind. Therefore don’t leave comments saying “this is higher DPS gear” yes I know, Kragh is better solo, but not in a group etc and the rotation is simpler to allow for greater reactions in trials environments. The new raid is very harsh in terms of incoming damage and therefore strolling in with a dummy humper will see you absolutely destroyed. Dead DPS = No DPS.

    From recent tests and hanging around by dummies with guild mates, it seems Stamina is a lot better at attaining single target DPS than magicka this patch at the cost of AoE and potential survivability. The parses linked in this guide are attained with extremely little buffs when other classes have little bonus’ e.g. Minor Brutality DK, Minor Savagery NB and Magicka shock damage proc’ing minor vulnerability and potentially off-balance. I would also like to say that even if you take away all the DPS number humping and crunching, this character is extremely fun to play, which at the end of the day is all this game is really about. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

    On a final note, this guide is just as much for beginners as it is end game veterans so please do not be offended if I’m saying some really obvious things, just skim read and ignore. This also applies to anything you may think is beyond your current level of playing, don’t worry, ignore it or leave a comment and build on it at a later date, the game is not a rush and many people advance at different paces, many thanks.

    The Basics

    The food we are using is either a choice of Dubious Camoran Throne drink for sustain but less damage or the old HP and Stamina food for damage, but less sustain. We are using the Warrior Mundus stone and all passives are bought for the 3 class skill lines and DW/Bow lines too. Don’t forget to buy the fighters guild passives as well. Also don’t forget to read the whole guide in case you missed something important, usually questions I get asked are displayed in the guide somewhere.


    The race is even less of a concern with the release of Morrowind than it has ever been before. I am a Redguard in this build because it is what my character has always been. However you can now go for whatever you want. The Redguard passive Adrenaline Rush is now only 792 Stamina every 5 seconds which is nearly half what it used to be in my Agility set up Homestead. Therefore choose what you want, Redguard, Khajiit, Orc, it doesn’t matter as long as their passives generally relate to stamina orientated things. (Obviously don’t be Plebbicus and be a Stamina High Elf or something, pls.)

    The benefits of each viable class are as follows; In my opinion the best. (Just my opinion)

    1.) Redguard

    - 792 Stamina back every 5 seconds = 158 Stamina Recovery in essence.

    - 9% Stamina Recovery

    - 10% Maximum Stamina

    Notes: My favourite for looks and a good mixture of sustain and damage, even if it’s not as good as it used to be it still boasts the most viable class option to play.

    2.) Orc

    - Max Health and Stamina by 6%

    - Healing Received by 5% and Health Recovery 20%

    - 4% Melee attack damage, reduced sprint cost by 12% and increased sprint speed by 10%

    Notes: These can also look really badass with the Spiderkith skin from vCoS and boast a healthy pool to health and stamina. This is very important if you choose to use sustain food as you will have to enchant your armour to buff your HP up. This will lessen the need for those glyphs and will increase the amount of stamina you can put back on. The 4% melee attack damage will affect your light and heavy attacks as well as rending Slashes, Re-arming Trap and Biting Jabs.

    3.) Wood Elf

    - 21% Stamina Recovery

    - Max Stamina by 6% and poison and disease resistance by 1465.

    - Reduces Stealth detection radius by 3m and Stealth damage by 10%

    Notes: I decided to put this controversially as 3rd ahead of the Khajiit for a reason. In my DPS tests I found myself thinking the whole time “Man if I had the sustain from last patch I’d hit like such a truck” and that’s why the Wood Elf jumps up places in this patch for me. The 21% recovery is insane, couple that with the new sustain food and you’ll be laughing, maybe so much so you will barely need to heavy.

    Fashion Scrolls notes: They have the potential to look like shit so be careful, gotta look like swag out on the battlefield.

    4.) Khajiit

    - Healthy Recovery 20% and Stamina Recovery 10%

    - Reduce Stealth detection radius by 3m and Stealth damage by 10%

    - 8% Weapon Critical rating.

    Notes: Just because this is 4th doesn’t mean it’s not as good, I just prioritised different things. This race is your Omega Daddy of damage, 8% weapon critical is absolutely monstrous however leaves you wanting in terms of max resource pools and mediocre recovery. If you can sustain this bad boy though it hits amazing. The problem is, you can’t.

    Fashion Scrolls notes: These can look fucking cool with the Dro M’athra skin and the face slider all the way maxed out on Heroic.

    Champion Points

    Blue Constellation:

    61 – Thaumaturge                      

    64 – Mighty                                

    37 – Precise Strikes

    35 – Piercing

    23 – Master at Arms

    Green Constellation:

    20 – Warlord

    75 – Mooncalf

    75 – Tenacity

    20 – Shadow Ward

    20 – Tumbling

    Red Constellation:

    52 – Ironclad

    49 – Hardy

    49 – Elemental Defender

    48 – Thick Skinned

    12 – Medium Armour Focus

    If you’re not maximum champion points take your current champion points and divide it by 630. Then multiple the value by each of the values I described above to get how much you should put into each tree. Adjust values in the trees to make your number as close to .00 as possible as anything decimal above an integer is rounded down. So for example I have 356 Champion points, divide by 630 = 0.565 and I want to put points into elemental defender which is 50. Times the 2 together to make 28.25 points into ED which gives you 7.28% in the tree. I would round down to 27 points to get 7.07% and save the extra point to round other trees up to balance it out. It will take a lot of tweaking but is the only real option I have to altering the set up for non CP630 builds.

    Gear and Item Set ups

    Ok so we are using 5x Twice Fanged Serpent, 2x Velidreth and 5x Night Mother’s Gaze with 1x Maelstrom Bow. The real beauty of this build is that you can use player crafted daggers, which as we all by now know it is pure agony to farm content for months to get weapons to a set. It also means you can choose your own style on most of the armour and weapons so you don’t look like a pleb while roaming Tamriel. The critical strike rate from Night Mother’s is just raw power as well it is lovely.

    The reason we use Night Mother’s Gaze instead of Hunding’s now is for 2 reasons. 1.) is that the loss of penetration from sharpened actually makes NMG out perform Hunding’s now even in solo content and 2.) The overwhelming stamina meta that has rode the wave since Morrowind now means you’re buffing your group with this set. Even if you are the only stamina user in the group, still use this as will beat Hunding’s. If someone else runs it in your group then thank them and switch back to Hunding’s rage.

    Alternatives: I understand not everyone has access to all this gear so here are some viable alternatives;

    -5x Spriggans, 1k penetration lower than TFS but is cheap as fuck to buy.

    -5x Vicious Ophidian, For extra sustain and minor slayer.

    -5x Alkosh, terrible DPS since it can’t crit but is nice group buff if your tanks don’t wanna wear it.

    -5x Night Mother’s Gaze

    -5x Strength of The Automaton

    -2x Kragh (Careful not to overpenetrate in group content)

    -2x Selene’s, Good dps and looks really cool when a bear proc’s. (fashion scrolls #1 choice)

    Don’t use vMA DW this patch, before they were better but now since you need to heavy in your rotation to sustain you can’t keep up the Rapid Strikes – DoT combo enough. You also break a 5 piece by using them and lose out on 2 enchantments on your DW. When combining sets together try keep to the 5-5-2 combo. By that I mean 2x 5-piece sets and a 2-Piece Monster Set. The more sets you mix in the lower your dps will be.

    If you don’t have a vMA bow please use a masters, failing that a sharpened player crafted Hundings, this will mean that you make your bow bar 4 piece Hundings and not 3, dampening the DPS loss blow from not using a vMA bow. I cannot stress enough how important the MA bow is, if you don’t have it, get it before anything else on this entire guide, the DPS is so damn high it’s great. The traits for Masters/MA bows are as follows.

    Nirnhoned > Sharpened > Precise > Infused > Any vMA bow > Master Bows > Use Hundings Sharpened.

    With the release of Morrowind and the increased power of the vMA bow you can actually use any trait vMA over a sharpened masters, it’s better dps.

    Enchant all Jewellery with Weapon Damage, if you need sustain use the food not glyphs. If you still can’t sustain, heavy some more. ZoS Approved.

    Now when calculating which monster set and traits to use you really have to ask questions of your tanks and other members debuffs. The general resistance for most trial monsters and bosses, including the dummy, is 18,200. This number will make you able to add all the debuffs up. The thing’s that give resistances debuffs are as follows.

    - Major Fracture, 5280

    - Crusher / Infused / Infused + Torug’s Pact, 1622, 1946, 2740.

    - Minor Fracture, 1320

    - Alkosh, 3010

    - Night Mother’s Gaze, 2580

    - Sunderflame, 3240

    - Sharpened Weapons, 1370 or 2740 for 2H / DW.

    - Kr’agh Monster Set, 1435

    - Twice Fanged Snake – 4300

    Total = 26,645. This is why it’s important to add stuff up and not over penetrate, however don’t worry realistically you won’t ever have Sunderflame or Torugs enhanced Crusher. Therefore I recommend the only thing you need to not do in group content is wear Kr’agh. Yes your dummy parse will be worse but this is about the greater good. Also if you are lucky enough to have someone running Night Mother’s Gaze, then switch to one Precise Dagger, however be prepared for unavoidable over penetration on your bow bar.

    A big question a lot of inexperienced players might be thinking is “Why is it so important to not over penetrate?”. Because simply you’re wasting damage. Don’t make something that’s purposefully not optimal, it’s a waste of the already large amount of time needed to build your character up. If you have excess penetration swap to precise weapons or sets with more raw power such as Hunding’s Rage or Twice Born Star.

    Make your armour types 6-1-0. 6 Medium, 1 Heavy with your heavy piece being your chest for maximum resistances. Why heavy? because we get 2% max health and stamina from the Undaunted Mettle passive as well as an additional 2% HP from Heavy Armour passives making one piece 4% more HP over the 1.5% critical you’d get from a piece of medium, tit for tat, choose what works best for you, but this is what I prefer to make myself more survivable. If you choose to run TBS for various reasons you can go 7 medium as the set comes with an inherent HP passive.

    Abilities and bar order

    Bar one – Duel Wield (Put these in any order on your bar it doesn’t matter)(Icons are on the SuperStar photo above)

    1.) Re-Arming Trap

    2.) Blade Cloak

    3.) Biting Jabs

    4.) Rending Slashes

    5.) Power of the light

    Ultimate: Flawless Dawnbreaker

    Bar Two – Bow back bar

    1.) Restoring Focus

    2.) Endless Hail

    3.) Poison Injection

    4.) Razor Caltrops

    5.) Repentance

    Ultimate: Crescent Sweep (why War Machine will be best in slot, 72 cost Ultimate)

    For Raids: MAKE SURE TO KEEP CLOAK UP 100% AND YOUR RUNE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. During trials these need to be up 100% so fit them into your rotation even if it means a DPS loss. The cloaks 25% AoE damage reduction is ludicrously powerful as well as the runes 8% damage reduction (not stackable with circle of protection). These got a buff with Morrowind to the point I feel safer on this Stamina character in trials than my shield spamming Sorc and healer.

    Rotation, Parses and Damage

    Rotation Video:

    EDIT 19/06/2017: The rotation video is horrendously out of date and is far from optimal.

    You have two options with rotations, the “I don’t care about my stamina, burst pls” and the “infinite sustain”.

    If you’re looking at a one minute fight and you wanna rip a juicy parse or for example you enter a bosses execute phase with full resources and need to nuke then you would use this rotation:

    LA / Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Ulti / BS / LA / RS / LA / PotL / LA / Trap / LA / Jabs / LA / Jabs / LA / Jabs / LA / PotL / BS / Repeat

    Use Poison inject below 50% and as the last skill you cast on your bow bar.

    You’ll also hit like a train for the duration

    The key to getting high numbers in parses with this however relies on your ability to weave correctly. You also NEED to light attack on your bow bar to proc the Hawk Eye passive increasing the damage of your bow abilities by 5% for each light or heavy attack stacking up to 5 times.

    Below 50% add Poison Injection after Caltrops and after Ultimate if ready, this is to make sure all poison injection ticks are on your DW bar.

    This will mean you can proc Hawk Eye 4 times without destroying your rotation. Light attacks also deal massive damage so light weave as much as possible anyway. I also see people doing 2 light attacks in a row to increase the uptime on Hawk Eye, do not do this, it is a DPS loss.

    Morrowind Bubble Wrap infinite sustain rotations:

    Duel Wield: LA / Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Ulti / BS / HA / RendSla / HA / PoTL / HA / Trap / HA / Jabs / LA / Jabs / LA / PoTL / BS / Begin from start.

    2H: LA / Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Ulti / BS / HA / Brawler / HA / Trap / HA / Jabs / HA / PoTL / BS / Begin from start

    Below 50% add Poison Injection after Caltrops and after Ultimate if ready, this is to make sure all poison injection ticks are on your DW bar.

    HA = Heavy Attack      BS = Bar Swap

    LA = Light Attack        PoTL = Power of the Light

    RendSla = Rending Slashes (captain obvious)

    Blade Cloak Rotation:

    Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Ulti / Inject (if below 50) / BS / LA / RS / HA / PoTL / HA / Trap / LA / Blade cloak / HA / Jabs / LA / PoTL / Repeat

    If using these rotations you can literally play any race, the sustain from Redguard isn’t needed so be a High Elf for all I care, this is your chance to roleplay as anything without worrying about performance. However to fully take advantage of the extra sustain be a Khajiit or Orc for maximum damage.

    To prove this works I killed the 52,000,000 Target Centurion on my own with no extra help or buffs to prove a point.

    Next person to give me the excuse that they’re hitting too low because of sustain or Morrowind nerfs gets a slap on the wrist ;)

    Parses for 3m and 6m Dummys are as follows for the burst / stamina dump rotation. The only buff I got was Major Fracture since Stam DKs get it from Noxious Breath and it makes it easier to compare. For a list of specific buffs each class gets look below, this will make it easier to compare. Also don’t be discouraged when you see another class hit higher than you, it’s probably because they have different buffs which is so often the case with Stamplar.


    Dragonknights: Noxious Breath (Major Fracture 5280 Physical Penetration) Earthen Heart (Minor Brutality 5% Weapon damage).

    Nightblade: Surprise Attack (Major Fracture 5280 Physical Penetration) NB Passives (Minor Savagery 3.1% Weapon Critical) and Minor Berserk (8% Damage Done). This is why you’ll see Nightblades hitting 45-46k dummys. Don’t be discouraged, minor berserk is given by combat prayer from healers in raids so you’ll get it too.

    Templar: Minor Fracture (1320 Physical Penetration)

    Sorcerer: Nothing.

    Magickas will get off-balance if their elemental blockade is lightning. This is important because 75 points into the ritual tree gives a 10% damage boost to enemies that are off-balance. Shock damage also Proc’s the lightning status effect “Minor Vulnerability” which is a further 8% damage done.

    With all this is mind it is essential that you try to equal up the buffs if you want to know how well you’re doing against other players and take their parses with a pinch of salt when you know what buffs they are getting.

    On an average mix between the 2 rotations you can expect to hit roughly

    When comparing with magDks and Sorcs with shock and off balance I feel like this parse was necessary. This is with Fracture and off balance [Needs updating]

    I’m still working on Trial parses however since our guild is working tirelessly to improve our Halls of Fabrication score we are not able to park a boss and link a good parse. It’s mechanics > DPS for now and I will update it as soon as I get the chance. However if you hit this high on a dummy then in a raid with Minor Vulnerability, Combat Prayer, Major Force, Horn resources, Minor Brutality and Savagery you should easily hit 50k+ Single Target if you don’t die and don’t fuck up your rotation, easier said than done, but aim for the stars.

    Remember since Stamplars don’t have a form of Major Brutality you need weapon power potions or a DK with igneous weapons. However weapon power pots are 45 each on the EU Megaserver, so no excuses for those cheap shit potions you find on the ground in pledges.

    Horns of The Reach Chapter:

    Ok so coming sometime in Fall this year, Horns of The Reach is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, bringing with it a whole host of new changes that will invariably mean changes for our stamplar guide, be it big or small. The most notable changes brought with this update are the changes to the way Mundus Stones work and the way weapon traits work, and below I will detail what all of these mean in action for the ruler of Olympus.

    -Note: When Horns of The Reach goes live I will be editing the CP, Stones and relevant information on the original guide.

    So the changes made are as follows, taken directly from the patch notes:

    This means since we used the Thief stone and Sharpened weapons this could prove problematic. So I decided with Precise weapons now buffed and Sharpened nerfed, to compare them against each other. On the 1st day of the PTS I kept one infused dagger, my CP and TFS with Selenes the same and compared Traits and Mundus stones.

    The left table is me wearing Hunding’s Rage.

    The right table is me wearing Night Mother’s Gaze.

    As you can see with all the changes Sharpened is still usable and in some scenarios still BiS. I found personally that if the target is not fully debuffed you can’t use precise weapons, so nothing has changed there. However if you’re not lucky enough to find Sharpened weapons you can use precise with negligible difference. I can also conclude since the stones now have different benefits to different situations that the Shadow will be BiS for PvE content.

    Nirnhoned is bad. Full stop. For it to work effectively it has to be in your main hand, which it can’t be because infused is there. And infused is non debatable when it comes to DPS, it has to be there and in your main hand with a poison enchantment due to it empowering your endless Hail.

    I still choose Sharpened bow since it produces the best results for me however a precise is definitely usable this patch and provides very little 200-300~ DPS difference.

    Gear wise with crit passives boosted by 55% it is now better than ever to run Hunding’s since it has 2 of them.

    Now 35 Piercing is a little excessive in group content, therefore the beauty of this is that you can ask your raid group what buffs are going to be provided and then calculate it yourself from 18,200 – 100 (your base penetration). If you find your CP is making your over penetrate simply add it to Precise Strikes and hey presto, you’re Gucci.

    The reason I do 37 Precise Strikes is because when a CP tree max % is 25% at 100 points, 61 is the optimal at 21% bonus. Since Precise Strikes falls into this category of CP we get our critical strike % chance with the Shadow which is 71.4% with Hunding’s Rage and then times 0.714 x 21 % = 14.994% which is rounded up to 15% at 37 Precise Strikes.

    In regards to Master At Arms, we don’t have enough direct damage to ever justify going over 23. So always if you’re over penetrating because of 35 Piercing, always add to Precise Strikes. Piercing also adds flat values so it makes a lot easier to get your correct penetration to ~100 as they will never have the dis advantage of jump points.

    Monster Sets

    So since sharpened got nerfed many of you might be thinking that it’s time to dig out Kragh’s since it’s 1 piece if used on a non fully debuffed target is the best. Wrong. With HoTR Kragh’s 1 piece got nerfed to 1487 Penetration at Legendary making it pretty bad now given that the 2 piece bonus is crap. So the options are as follows and I will explain why I’m not going to be using any of them and sticking with Velidreth.

    1. Selene’s

    Selene’s is a very nice set actually and when humping the dummy you will produce better numbers with it. I’m using it on the PTS since they don’t give us Velidreth and Kragh is bad. The reason why I won’t use Selene’s in group content is the conditions of it’s proc. It will maul the closest enemy in front you meaning that even if you have a boss tab targeted if there is an add closer then it will proc on the add instead making it very annoying as you should be focusing on killing a boss over an add. Most Notable this will be annoying at Rakkhat hitting the hulk, vHoF 1st boss hitting the shalks, vHoF 2nd boss hitting the Centurion and so on.

    2. Domihaus

    The new monster set dropping with HoTR Domihaus boasts a reasonable damage proc, a generous circle in which to stand in and an even more generous 200 weapon damage for easily standing is this circle. However something just feels wrong with it and I don’t like the damage it produces and even more so the imagined difficulty it’s going to take to get the right traits on this thing. In my tests I was pulling between 70-72% uptime when I was standing still meaning if I had to move outside of it for any reason it would drop. 70-72% indicates that you’ll on average receive a 140-144 weapon damage bonus. The proc will always be scaled to your build and will only damage enemies that are on the edge of the giant circle it produces making it nearly impossible to actually get the proc to hit any damage. It’s hard to judge the benefit of the extra 142 weapon damage however it’s not detrimental and I found that it hits lower than the other monster sets available and I wouldn’t recommend time farming this set unless you want it for AOE.

    3. Stormfist

    I’ve seen certain builds from profound Youtubers now put out guides that say you should use Stormfist. While I agree with them that it is viable I just can’t get my inner elitist to relinquish the 1x piece Stamina recovery bonus. In terms of actual set performance it pulls around 1.3/1.4k DPS which is very close to Velidreth and Selene’s. However the recovery bonus is simply not needed. If you are this far into Morrowind and are still using burst rotations and rely on that 129 recovery then you are already doomed. In raids and sustained fights you should be using a HA rotation and I have one detailed further up the guide. Adding 129 recovery instead of 129 weapon damage is just waste in my opinion. However this set works and you can use it at your own discretion.

    The reason I’m sticking with Velidreth is because of it’s DPS as well as it’s nice weapon damage passive from the 1 piece. It also fires 3 balls out and can hit all adds and the boss making it the best overall DPS for alot of situations.

    So to summarise all of this up, unless they change other things in the coming weeks before launch which I doubt they will, my setup will be the CP allocated above with adjustments for group penetration and my gear will be as follows.

    2x Velidreth

    5x NightMother’s Gaze (1x Infused dagger, 1x Precise dagger)

    5x Twice Fanged Snake.

    1x Maelstrom Bow Sharpened.

    Many thanks to @Kieranwoods93 for his work helping me on the PTS and the much appreciated help on CP allocations and set/trait and stone comparisons.

    -2nd Best Stamplar EU.

    -Thanks for Reading, any questions @ConnorWoods and enjoy :)

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Stamplar looking good if used in the right hands, WTB that 100% power of the light in raids, nice guide Connor!

    Dragon’s Crest MagDK

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    Haha, thanks Boone ! PoTL won’t realistically be up more than 70-80% but I can try ;) forgot to mention in the guide too on your 3rd rotation cycle Cloak will run out the same time as Power of the Light so you gotta prioritise differently depending on scenario, cloak first on trials for 100% uptime and safety but for easy craglorns and pledges prioritise higher PoTL uptime for DPS.

    Looking forward to hammering HoF with this thing a bit more after months of healing and tanking it :DD

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    Great build, looks like it will perform very well. Excited to start piecing together a war machine set, though looking at another grind fest scares me. Took me long enough for sharpened vMA weapons, VO weapons and alkosh weapons…


    My one quick question, what style is your hundings rage set?? Love the fashion scrolls!

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    Heya, thanks, my Head and Shoulders is Velidreth, Chest is Minotaur Heavy, Boots and Legs are TFS Celestial and gloves /belt are mercenary :)

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    Redguard Templar

    This is one hell of an in depth guide.  I’ve read it twice and still don’t get some of it lol.  I’ve been a Redguard Stamplar since I started playing, never been any good at it though, my DPS is barely 11k haha.  Hopefully this will help me massively.


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    Wow! What an excellent guide! Reading this has made me really keen to roll a stamplar, I am fairly new and got a MagSorc to level 50 before I realised their play style isn’t for me, might give the Stamplar a go now :D

    With the Race choices, how does Imperial hold up with the high max stamina and extra health? Also could Nord be a good choice?

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    heya, Imperial wouldn’t be a terrible option, however with the extra health I would consider running the sustain food, Dubious Camoran Throne since with the 12% max health from Imperials you’d barely need to enchant your armour to buff your HP back up.

    Consider running that food, and then altering your attributes to make it so you have 16,500 hp before any other buff. Once this is achieved you’ll be Gucci.


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    Redguard Nightblade

    Thx for this guide ! I want to play Stamplar now  .

    Also your character looks really badass

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    Member of Vindicte/Late Night Dungoneers

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    Thanks a lot for this great guide!

    some question
    *why not switching rearming trap and repentence? does the extra sustain in your main bar not enough compared to the DPS loss? maybe less heavy = more DPS , so maybe it might worth it?

    *without self shield is blade coak enough in the new trial? did you add vigor in some fight? if yes what will be the first skill to remove?

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    In honesty I’ve never really tried, the 10% didn’t seem that appealing, it’d be like pissing on a bonfire in terms of sustain. Blade Cloak is enough of a defence if you have relatively good healers, although vigor doesn’t hurt I guess. I would only use vigor if absolutely necessary as with all the sustain changes and modifications Vigor is 47% more expensive per cast than it was last patch. If you were to run vigor you would take off restoring rune on your bow bar.

    For overall DPS I need to modify this guide as with changes you can actually hit alot harder than I posted. The two big things to change would be one infused poison dagger on your mainhand and switching to Selenes instead of Velidreth.

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    Hi, first of all thank you for this amazing guide !

    I was wondering if becoming a vampire or a werewolf would be a good idea ?

    I started back to play a little while ago and your guide really helped me to get back on feet with my templar.

    Thank you in advance for you answer :)

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    Heya, I haven’t opted to become a vampire or werewolf because I personally don’t like the extra fire / poison damage you would take, however you could do so if you wished it would help a little with recovery.

    Glad you enjoy the guide :)

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Great guide, i’m leveling up a templar to play this build! Rip your pictures.

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    lmfao, thanks for the update man, I’ll re upload them to imgur


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    Also would heavily recommend playing this character, the only grind you need is fighters guild which you’ll get from farming skyreach for xp, this is perhaps one of the easiest DDs to play and is one of the highest hitting, good choice!

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    Hey Connor I’ve been following your guide for already a week as I’m slowly building my templar (we’ve been discussing on YT about the gap between DW and 2H :)).

    I have two major technical questions and would really appreciate any advice :

    – first of all I’m farming a lot of casual content (mostly vet dungeons) and I find myself a lot of time in cleave situations (2-4 targets). My WoW experience on dot classes makes me instantly put a dot on everything and try to keep it as close as possible to 100 % uptime which is a pain in the neck with the eso UI and dot durations and seems to totally suck. I do something like endless hail poison injection and rending slash on every target then spam jabs, which barely does any damage. Am I just not designed for spread aoe ans should focus on single target and stacked aoe only ? Is there any kind of possibilty to not feel mysel totally useless on those scenarios ?

    I would called my second point “rearming trap versus reality”. I feel myself constantly trolled with 50% of the dungeon bosses mechanics. First because while spending 50% of the time avoiding aoe the sorcerer behind me solo the boss and barely has to make a single step ; second because every 2 second the boss is moving or the tank is moving him for some unbelievable reasons. Then I find myself reapplying the trap every single bar swap wich kills my stamina, kills my potl effectiveness, my uptime on my bow skills etc.

    You clearly see that I’m struggling really hard on my stamplar not only because stamina build but also because I start eso and theres a lot to learn.

    I’m not a fotm player and want to keep going on my stamplar and the stamsorc I’m leveling. What should I do first ? My first objective would be having 20k+ ST damage so I can spam vet dungeons whith my guild without feeling carried. I’m around 15-18k most of the time but I also understand that part of the problem is my low cp (170) and gear (hundings 5/5 nightmother 4/5 double gold sharpened dagger (hundings) epic bow (hundings sharpened) and jewelery 3/5 from the alikr dolmens (yeah its terrible..). I followed every single advice on enchants and traits.

    Sorry for this long message mate but you’re the only templar helping around and I can’t find any relevant content except from alcast maybe.



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    Heya mate good chunk of question there; for starters I would choose one character for now and absolutely knuckle down and make that the best it can be before you make more.

    I know the pain of pledges with bad tanks however it’s something that doesn’t ever get fixed and best thing to do is to try make some friends in community guilds.

    Your gear and cp definitely play a huge part in this and is something you can also work on a lot by getting some psijic ambrosias and go farm the hell out of skyreach for a while. Once you start to reach cp 300+ consider trying to get into a vet sanctum ophidia group for the twice fanged snake, however you can purchase spriggans from the traders in craglorn relatively cheaply and will do almost the same job so I would recommend that, and then partner that up with night mothers for solo content and hundings for group.

    In terms of skills you need to also apply power of the light as much as you can as that is also a very powerful dps skill. In regards to tank pulling the boss out of the trap you have a lot of leeway with it. Once the trap is triggered you’ve got the dot applying to the boss and minor force active, the boss can be repositioned however you will of course need to re cast your trap after 7.5 seconds of the boss isn’t there when it re arms.

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    Great writeup!

    where you say 2 sharp War Machine daggers should be used, I assume the War Machine replaces the Hundings and not the TFS?



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    Hi Connor, what about using axe/dagger instead of dagger/dagger?

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