Basic Clothier Question

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    I’m so sorry, but I’ve googled  and read thru several online  posts, and I just don’t understand the basics of how to level my clothier.

    when I get to a table, I see the jute cloth I refined, but below it is a red screen with nothing I can hilight, and below that is a “x”in white.

    When I select a pattern, like boots, all I can do is choose my jute cloth, I get no option to add or craft or make the boots.

    i feel like I’m missing something very basic.

    help, please.

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    You can gain Inspiration Point in the skill either through deconstructing looted or crafted light or medium armour, from crafting light or medium armour, or from completing clothier crafting writs. The first method, i.e. deconstructing light or medium armour, is the quickest, though depending on your character level and typical activity, it can take a while to acquire enough to max the skill.

    But progressively, as you level clothier, you will find that you can craft higher levelled gear. At certain level intervals, you can also allocate an additional skill point into the Tailoring passive under the Clothier skill tree; this passive enables you to work with materials of higher tiers and thus levels.

    Where it shows an item or stone in red can either indicate that you lack the required number of refined materials, motif material or trait material to make an item, or that you lack the knowledge to create an item of a particular trait, motif or level. Traits can be learnt from selecting to Research an item rather than deconstructing it; it takes upwards of 6 hours to research a trait of an item, but afterwards, you can create the corresponding trait in the researched trait. Motif can be learnt through reading motif chapters/books; you can loot/steal these from bookshelves, treasure chests and containers, or buy them from other players.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond, Latin. It turns out I made the most basic of mistakes. i had the Crown Stone checked, so I could not see the components to use. I unchecked it, the components appeared, and all is on track. I feel so stupid.

    Thanks for your guidance.

    And note to anyone else who encountered what I did: check to see what is (or is not) checked!

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