BarcodeLegion PvP Recruitment

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    Breton Nightblade

    We are The BarcodeLegion

    A small guild looking to expand. Without trying to mislead, We’re looking to expand in an increasing difficult Guild Recruitment environment. We’ve had interest PvP (cryodil) lately and are looking for people who share the same interest.

    Your Guildmaster is:
    – toffe-dodger

    As we get more members, we plan to get involved in:
    – Vet Dungeon Training/Runs.
    – Daily Undaunted Runs.
    – Daily PVP (Cyrodiil, Sewers, Imperial City). We’ll either be Scourge or Haderus for our main Campaign. It hasn’t been decided, but we will work hard to coordinate with other guilds. No running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We want to see DC do well.


    Be respectful.
    Be Active; I’m lenient on this ’cause we all have lives. We won’t just kick you.
    Be willing to be in guild chat.
    Have a mic; If you don’t, we’ll seldom rely on you for harder content.
    Be Dagerfall Covenant; Lenient on this, too, considering everyone will be able to play together when One Tamriel is released.

    If interested in this guild send a message to toffe-dodger or leave a comment.

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    Breton Nightblade

    You guys still recruiting? I’m looking for a small-group PVP guild. I live in the EU, so my play times are a bit off at times, but I usually make all my other US guild trial and DSA times and I’m sure I can make scheduled PVP events with this guild as well.

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