Aussie's double pet build

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    It was suggested I post my double pet build here for another sorc friend. Ive been running this with Australian latency for a while now and am pretty happy with it. It doesnt use the conventional morph for wall but as I was testing for a way to get around the stun pulse with my scamp reliably and this 6 second rotation is what I came up with. Many thanks to Octavio and Jay from A SALT Squad for the many hours of help gathering data and filling in spreadsheets.

    The skills are
    Back bar: LL, unstable wall, aegis, scamp, matriarch
    Front bar: curse, scamp, aegis, matriarch, and last place is elemental susceptibility/magelight/shield
    This is a 6 second rotation rather than an 8 second rotation.
    LL. Wall – swap
    curse, pet – swap
    HA on back then into LL and Wall again.

    This parse was done with my newbie 2nd sorc using apprentice and  30 in spell erosion. My main (Aussie) has parsed higher but she’s not currently set up for a pet build.
    40k parse

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    Breton Sorcerer

    Much love to the Aussie ping builds. Always sparks the most efficient rotations!

    What gear are you using? Necropotence and other Max magicka?

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    Ive been playing with both juli and necro and find necro is still parsing slightly higher however in trials Im finding juli more practical if I need to change to a no pet build on the fly for a speed run. Also running  ia and and illambris or vk – double infused staves.

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