A Long Guide to Nightblade PVE Healing in One Tamriel: The MadGod

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    Breton Nightblade

    Updated for Homestead Patch. Updated content has *.

    If you have already read the guide and just want to see the new stuff Hold CTRL+F key and search *


    To share an effective build that works in end game content. To share strategies and safeguards against downfalls of being a nightblade healer. To break traditional roles and create a build that is not only has effective group utility, but outshines (in all possible ways) that of the Templar healer.


    After getting into the 300-350 champ point range I realized that Templar healing had become something of a bore to me. In order to enjoy myself as a Templar healer I was forced to a: run vet trials or things like vet Dragonstar Arena, or b: join a group of newbs and power heal them through a dungeon. Thus I decided to create a BloodMage healer (as they’re often called).

    Now, keep in mind, I would not create this as a first character, and maybe not even a second. You need to have plenty of experience healing and at least a little experience DPSing to properly execute this build. Further, I recommend going in with 100 Champ points into Blessed at the start of creating this build so that you can go into Normal dungeons as a healer role and not totally screw your team. The quicker you can get into Normal dungeons and begin working on rotation, the easier it will be later on in Vet dungeons.


    1) Best part, of course, being able to DPS and heal at the same time! If you have ever read another bloodmage build before you know that this is what we go crazy about! There is an argument that you should just let the DPS do their jobs and heal them through whatever shit they get themselves into. While I do agree that a healer should…umm heal…the primary goal is to kill shit and move onto the next thing! The faster things drop, the less healing you have to do. My counterargument is: if you can DPS without sacrificing heals then you are doing a better job than other healers. I have had plenty of people start a dungeon with me on the first groups of adds and ask if the dungeon is set to vet. Shit drops that fast!

    2) Nightblades give stronger HOT heals and buffs than Templars.

    3) Single player content is not nearly as boring.

    4) You can normally que as both DPS and Healer. Just switch out your resto staff for destro staff, switch a few skills, and BAM! You are now a DPS.

    5) It is less boring than Templar healing because when everyone is at 100% health you can still do things other than Radiant Oppression or spamming Shards.


    1) No spammable burst heal (ie: Breath Of Life). While I do agree that this kind of sucks, it is not the end of the world. I hardly ever even use BOL anymore on my Templar anyway unless the content is really intense.

    2) No class skills to get rid of Negative Effects (ie: DOTs, poison, disease, fire, resistance drops, etc.). This is something that you really have to power heal through, but I will provide possible fixes for this later.

    3) No class skills to give back stamina (ie: Repentance and Shards). I will provide possible fixes for this later.

    So, let’s get into the build.

    Race: I run a Breton, but High Elf or Argonian could be good second choices.

    Bar 1: Dual Wield (Swords) (*some changes in reasoning here, but I would still DW)

    *Original Text:Why dual wield and not destro staff? The main, if not only, reason Templar healers run Destro staff on back bar is for the Elemental Susceptibility skill which reduces the spell resistance of whatever enemy you throw it on. The Nightblade has the Reaping Mark skill which is way better, more on that later.

    * New Text: Elemental Drain is the skill Templars run destro staff for (I was wrong), this gives Minor Magicka Steal and reduces the target’s magic defenses. I still use reaper’s mark, but this skill seems less important to me now, making the above point null.

    * Orginal Text: Secondly, it is super important that you go only swords on the Dual Wield, and the only thing you are putting skill points into in that tree is the very last passive, Twin Blade and Blunt, gives effectively will give you 5% extra damage done. Do not settle for daggers or anything else, they will not help you in this build.

    *New Text: With the homestead patch they nerfed this for magicka users. Now, DW swords yields the same magicka damage as wielding a Destro or Resto Staff without passives. This is a crap nerf, but I still find it more beneficial to DW because this gives you an additional armor slot. This way on your front bar you can run 5 piece/5 piece/2 piece giving you access to amazing 5th piece passives. Also, the destro staff passives to nothing for base magicka damage, only elemental damage, and the NB has only magicka damage. Thus, the destro staff benefits you no more than using DW.

    Thirdly, it is recommended that you spend some time leveling Destro Staff because sometimes it is still fun to DPS on this build when you aren’t required to heal. More on that later.)

    Ultimate: Soul Harvest (Morph of Death Stroke), *Soul Siphon (Morph of Soul Shred), or Aggressive War Horn (Morph of War Horn)
    Soul Harvest is there because it gives back Ult hella fast, it can nearly be spammed, it increases your DPS on target (which in turn increases your heals on your allies), and because with the Hemorrhage passive every time you crit you give your team Minor Savagery!

    Aggressive Warhorn is a secondary option and possibly a more popular one. It is pretty clear why you would have it especially in trials. * I prefer this on my Resto bar.

    1) Sap Essence (Morph of Drain Power)
    I use this on adds to just help take them down quickly. This is essentially your burst heal but it is only super effective when there are 3 or more enemies. I do hit this once and a while against single target enemies to give me Major Sorcery as well.

    2) Refreshing Path (Morph of Path of Darkness)
    Keep this up at all times and try to cast it right where your allies are standing! Not only does this give some pretty awesome heals, but it also gives you Major Expedition, Major Resolve, and Major Ward with the Shadow Barrier Passive. *This got a buff in Homestead patch making the heals hit harder, so it has never been more important to keep this up.

    3) Flex Spot, I use either: Dark Shades (Morph of Summon Shade), Cleanse (Morph of Purge), or Impale (Morph of Assassin’s Blade)
    Dark Shades: I use this the most often of the three because it debuffs the enemy with minor maim, causing them to do less damage. Less damage dealt means less you have to worry about healing. *Do keep in mind that they will steal your SPC buff so DO NOT use them in trials.
    Cleanse: Super important to have when you need it! Do some PVP and unlock this ASAP! This is the only skill nightblades can use to take away negative effects! I only put this on my bar if I am going up against a dot heavy boss or dungeon. A must have for both White Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison! This skill is fucking costly so do not waste it!
    Impale: I use this if I am in a relaxable dungeon and just want to have an execute. Having this on my bar has actually saved the team before just because everyone else died and I was able to execute quickly. Keep in mind that dpsing with this puts out no heals so use it only when you know the moment is right.

    4) Funnel Health (Morph of Strife)
    This is your main spammable ability. The higher you hit with this ability the more health you and your allies get back! This puts a HOT that ticks every 2 secs for 10 secs on only one person at a time, but you can increase that time by spamming it over and over. Normally my funnel health hits for at least 9K with 32% of that going toward heals, so my HOTs tick for about 3.2K every 2 secs!

    *I finally got this to hit up to 12K with all my buffs down and debuffs on the boss! HOTs tick for 3.8K :D Bad news, this got hit with an increased magicka cost nerf in Homestead. It used to only cost me about 850 Mag, now it is up to 1.2K mag. Even though this sucks since I spam this like hell, it hasn’t affected my game that much. As long as I pop a potion and do a heavy attack with Resto Staff I am generally in a good position.

    5) Inner Light (Morph of Mages Light)
    Everyone knows why we keep this skill. Increased Crit % and more magicka. Very important.

    Bar 2: Resto Staff

    (With this build your DW is going to hit harder than your resto staff so clearly your Funnel Health and Sap Essence are going to be stronger on your DW.)

    Ultimate: Either Soul Siphon (Morph of Soul Shred) or Aggressive War Horn (Morph of War Horn)
    Soul Siphon: This is your only real burst heal and it heals really fucking well! Costs very little Ultimate, gives everyone Major Vitality, and puts a HOT on everyone! If you put Soul Harvest on your other bar you can nearly spam Soul Siphon all the time!
    Aggressive War Horn: Same reasons as before.

    1) Flex Spot, I use either: Reaper’s Mark (Morph of Mark Target), Siphoning Attacks (Morph of Siphoning Strikes), or Impale (Morph of Assassin’s Blade).
    * Original Text: Reaper’s Mark: This is the one I use the most for boss fights. It is way more powerful than Elemental Susceptibility because it applies Major Fracture and Major Breach, If the enemy dies it gives you back health and applies Major Berserk to you, and procs your Assassin’s passives! Just make sure you are casting it every 20 secs or so.

    * New Text: As stated earlier, I have all but given up on this skill as Major Fracture and Major Breach are normally given by the tank. I only really use this when the tank isn’t applying these affects himself.

    Siphoning Attacks: I run really high Mag Recov so I very rarely use this, but if you find sustainability difficult go ahead. It will also proc your Siphoning passives giving you an extra 2% Healing done. *I prefer this one on my bar now since I gave up on Reaper’s Mark. Helps out a bunch!

    Impale: Same reasons as on bar 1. Don’t run this skill on both bars.

    2) Combat Prayer (Morph of Blessing of Protection)
    Not only does this burst heal (Not a strong burst heal so don’t rely on it) but it also gives Minor Berserk, Minor Resolve, and Minor Ward! The Berserk is especially important for you because it is going to cause your Funnel Health to hit harder, *but also affects your team’s dps to get the killing done faster.

    3) Mutagen (Morph of Regeneration)
    I have tried both morphs of this on this build, and for the Templar healer I like Rapid Regeneration more, but as a Nightblade it is just nice to have a failsafe. Mutagen is the perfect skill because it is a HOT on top of your Funnel Health HOT and if someone runs low on health the mutagen helps them out. With no BOL this is super helpful!

    4) Ward Ally (Morph of Steadfast Ward)
    I use this in DOT heavy fights mostly and this shield can normally protect an ally enough till their HOTS bring them up to full health. This is especially helpful is fights where you are really spread out. *This skill costs a lot so kinda try not to rely on it. This is like your BoL.

    5) Healing Springs (Morph of Grand Healing)
    Of course you have to have this skill as a healer, it is super important, and it stacks! On the NB healer I hardly ever throw down HS though because of all the HOTs that I have running, but if things get stressful have everyone stack up, pop 3 of these underneath everyone, and you will find a happy place.


    Pop Mutagen and Combat Prayer before every fight. Run in and hit at least one enemy with Sap Essence to give yourself Major Sorcery. If there are easy adds I just keep spamming Sap Essence until they are all dead because no one is going down as long as you do that. If there is one tough add or a boss be sure to cast all debuff skills on it, keep up your buffs and HOTs and start spamming Funnel Health. Pop your Ultimates whenever you get them (and you will have them a lot because you are a Nightblade.

    *Now, I also like to cast HS underneath wherever I think my allies are going to before fight just to add a little extra comfort. I also light attack now in between Funnel Health and Sap Essence. Yes, I do light attack with DW, and you’re thinking “you aren’t even doing any damage, what’s the point?” I’ll have you know that each light attack does 800 damage XP but I mostly light attck for 3 reasons. 1. because I use siphoning attacks more now than ever, 2. because I apply enchantment affects as well, and 3. because you can animation cancel these skills with light attacks sometimes allowing you to cast faster. Also, if you have an Infallible Aether sword you can throw a heavy attack in here instead to apply the Major Vulnerability debuff.

    Champion Points:

    Blue: Blessed: 100, *Elemental Expert: 1, Elfborn: The Rest. *Why? Blessed is a given, 1 into Ele Exp gives you 1% increased magic damage (and 1% is better than 0%) but this only affects damage not heals. A ton into Elfborn because heals can crit too. With this build you should be criting almost 3/4 times and both your damage and heals have the opportunity to crit. So, not only can your 3.2K HOT heal a lot, but that can crit for an even higher heal!

    Red: Quick Recovery: 30 (For passives in case you need to res someone), Split the rest between Hardy and Elemental Defender as you like.

    Green: Split between Arcanist and Magician. I prefer putting more in Magician, but that is really up to preference.


    * Original Text: I run The Shadow, but the Thief is another good choice.

    *New Text: I now run the thief since I switched some gear around, so my advice to this: If you have 60% crit or higher go with the Shadow, otherwise hit up the Thief. Never get higher than 70%. (If you don’t know why look up Crit % Diminishing Returns. I’m not about to go into a big explanation about it)

    I will list a few different gear setups just for diversity. The most important thing is that you have 5 piece Spell Power Cure. It would be best to get 3 piece jewelry for that, and maybe SPC weapons (1 resto staff, 1 sword). Also, go Divines on all 7 pieces if possible

    Monster Sets: I know that monster sets are not popular on healers but as of One Tamriel we have some choices. The sad thing is most people cannot see the potential of Monster sets for healers because they always think of them for Templars, but they never seem to try them on Nightblades. I have tried quite a few and I have found 3 that work well for me.
    1: The Troll King: This set seems ridiculous. Health recovery increase to ally if your heal does not put them over 60%. That really just sounds ridiculous on a Templar healer because of the amazing burst heals. But, because of all the HOTs I drop as a nightblade healer everyone’s health recovery pretty much stays at a constant ungodly rate! I may have 3 HOTs tick at the same time, but the set procs based on each individual heal. And the best part, there is absolutely no cooldown (as of yet)!

    * Nothing really new on this set, I just want to reinforce that I fucking love this set and will never substitute it for anything else in the current repertoire!

    2: Sentinel of Rhugamz: This set is helpful to the Nightblade healer because it gives back stamina to the people that stand around the dwarven spider. As nightblades can’t give back stamina this is a fix (but not necessarily a solution). The main downside to this is that you don’t know where it is going to drop and you can’t always stand near the tank waiting for your monster set to proc. I would only really use this in trials where you are in the middle of everyone pretty much all the time.
    3: Iceheart: I especially like this set for the spell critical on the first piece. If you are with a group that you are pretty sure aren’t going to have a problem this is a fun set to run. Damage the enemy, get a shield, damage more enemies. Couldn’t be more simple.

    Starting Out
    Weapon 1: Julianos Sword
    Off-Hand: Julianos Sword
    Weapon 2: Julianos Resto Staff (Destro staff if DPSing)
    Head: Monster Set
    Chest: Julianos/SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Shoulders: Monster Set
    Waist: Julianos/SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Hands: Julianos/SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Legs: Julianos/SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Feet: Julianos/SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Neck: SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Ring 1: SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow
    Ring 2: SPC/*Mother’s Sorrow

    Explanation: Just make sure you have 5 SPC at all times and 5 Julianos on the DW bar. When you switch to your staff you will lose a 5th passive from julianos. This is hardly the end of the world, but if you don’t want that to happen you could substitute a monster set piece for a julianos piece.

    *I also understand getting SPC isn’t super easy and because of this I highly advise Mother’s Sorrow as a temporary option. This set can be found in the overworld in Deshaan. Be aware that this set can be annoying to farm and sells for a shit ton of money! Whatever you do, make sure you shop around for it, don’t get ripped off.

    *Shit healing sets in my opinion:
    Combat Physician: The least shitty set in this shitty sets area of the guide. Yes, you give an ally a damage shield, but it isn’t that strong and you can’t give it to anyone else for 6 seconds. You are better off with another set.
    Prayer: This one gives a damage shield as well with no cooldown, but the shield is so week what’s the point. It looks good on paper, but after testing I can tell you it’s worthless.
    Lich: Amazing for templar healers, shit for NB healers. It is amazing for recovery, shit for DPS. If you were gonna just be a full time healer you may as well be a Templar. Don’t waste your time farming this set.

    Weapon 1: Torug’s Pact Sword/ Infallible Aether Sword
    Off-Hand: Torug’s Pact Sword/ Infallible Aether Sword
    Weapon 2: Master Resto Staff
    Head: Monster Set
    Chest: Infallible Aether/SPC
    Shoulders: Monster Set
    Waist: Infallible Aether /SPC
    Hands: Infallible Aether /SPC
    Legs: Infallible Aether /SPC
    Feet: Infallible Aether /SPC
    Neck: Infallible Aether /SPC
    Ring 1: Infallible Aether /SPC
    Ring 2: Infallible Aether /SPC

    Explanation: You want to have the 5 piece SPC running at all times! Make sure you have at least 3 piece Infallible Aether to gain bonus damage against monsters. You could go 5 piece Infallible Aether if you can get 2 good swords and weave in heavy attacks to give extra DPS, but getting 2 Infallible Aether swords may take a bit of time and energy. Again, substitute pieces as you see fit.
    The Master Resto Staff is the one that you get from completing Vet DSA (and is a fucking bitch to get I might add!) and this staff is desired by all healers. This is the best way for NBs to give stamina back to their teammates because every time you pop healing springs the first tick gives back stam. If you don’t have this staff don’t feel bad. Just tell your group to get better self-sustain.

    *I am currently running this as I don’t have a Master Resto Staff (Fucking bitch ass allusive piece of amazingness):

    Weapon 1: SPC Sword (took forever to find one)
    Off-Hand: Infallible Aether Sword (Also took forever)
    Weapon 2: SPC Resto Staff
    Head: Troll King
    Chest: Infallible Aether
    Shoulders: Troll King
    Waist: SPC
    Hands: Infallible Aether
    Legs: SPC
    Feet: SPC
    Neck: Infallible Aether (Gold :D)
    Ring 1: SPC
    Ring 2: Infallible Aether (Gold :D)

    * Infallible Aether jewelry can drop in gold so it feels pretty good being able to literally gold everything out. So far this setup gives me exactly what I need. I hit hard and heal harder. Sucks to not have the stam regen buff, but most of my groups have pretty great sustain, so not a huge deal. Throwing in a heavy attack now and again with the swords is super swift so the IA debuff applies pretty regularly. All in all this is my favorite setup I have ran so far.

    PVP (*still haven’t done much with this, probably won’t either)
    Unfortunately, this is something a bit lost on me because I am not much of a PVPer, but I did notice when I was grinding AP that the enemies didn’t target me as much as they do on my Templar. I believe this is because of my funnel health. Most people are watching for Templars casting big circles around them, runes, mutagen, etc. But no one is really watching for a nightblade casting funnel health. It was kinda fun to hang back and watch enemies try to take out a dragonknight while I was stealthily healing him from afar. If someone wanted to create a good PVP loadout for this build I would be happy to add it to this section later.

    Overcoming challenges:
    Master Resto Staff and Sentinel of Rhugamz
    Negative Effects: Cleanse is clearly the best option we have, but if you don’t have SPC yet you could get the Sendar’s Mercy set which has a chance to remove up to 5 negative effects on heal. I would not pair this with SPC though as you will lose a LOT of DPS. This set is super easy to farm in the overworld and sells for almost nothing in traders.

    *Fuck Stendar’s Mercy, I withdraw that advice. Diminishing returns and almost totally pointless.

    Group Communication:
    When going into an easy dungeon I may not say anything to my teammates, but when getting into more difficult content I always tell my teammates that I am a Nightblade Healer. I tell them how I heal and for them just to watch for problematic situations. The closer the group stays together the more likely we are to survive (In most situations). Communicate. For example: tell them to stack up on boss for heals and blast your healing springs. When facing Molag Kena I ask my team to say the work ‘hit’ when they get a DOT on them that way I know when to use Cleanse.

    Trials Healing:
    Healing trials on an NB is going to be quite a bit different to dungeon healing. The reason for this is numbers (clearly). You are going to end up being on your Resto Staff bar more often than DW (which sucks, but is important) because of the need to overcast Healing Springs and Combat Prayer (These skills are a must for trials!)
    There is an even bigger reason why we stay on Resto staff more than DW and that is because healing the group takes precedence over doing DPS. Your Mutagen only hits 2 people at a time (sometimes just 1 other person) and your Funnel Health ALWAYS only goes toward 1 other person at random! In a dungeon this is fine because you only have 3 other people, but in a trial you have 11 other people to put HOTs on, which means you will have to cast this skill 3x more than you do in dungeons! So, not only do you have to worry about keeping Healing Springs and Combat Prayer up 100% of the time, but you also have to cast Funnel Health 3x more often (Holy Fuck)!
    How To Take Some Pressure Off:
    This is the only situation in which I would advise putting Funnel Health on your Resto Staff bar. Yes, you are going to lose damage output and your Funnel Health heals won’t be as strong, but that is better than being ungodly overwhelmed having to switch bars every 5 seconds (literally). Replace Reaper’s Mark and put that on you DW bar.
    Also, because Funnel Health is now on your Resto Staff (which has essentially become your main bar) your damage output is going to be shot anyway. For this reason you can switch your DW to a Destro Staff for Elemental Susceptibility *Elemental Drain. This will lower your damage output on your (now) back bar, but you won’t really be on this bar as much.
    Why Elemental Susceptibility instead of Reaper’s Mark for trials? Because you can put ES on multiple targets and it refreshes on damage, and in Trials we often have a shit ton more to worry about than refreshing Reaper’s Mark on a single target every 20 seconds! Cast ES once and it is essentially there until the mob or boss is dead.
    *This was shit advice. As I said above, I have all but let go of reaper’s mark.

    Replacing your DW for Destro Staff is more preference than anything so feel free to play with this to figure out which way you like more.

    No matter what you decide to do with your back bar you need to have Energy Orb (Undaunted Skill, morph of Necrotic Orb) on it and you need to shoot out like 5 orbs whenever you get a chance to switch bars. It helps a lot that people can just heal themselves when needed, and the benefits of activating that synergy are just incredible *especially if your teammates are wearing Moondancer!

    *So, I still agree that it maybe beneficial to swap for a Destro staff for Elemental Drain, but may not be totally necessary anymore. Elemental Drain now gives Minor Magicka Steal to enemies and enemies can only have this debuff once at a time. Templars can now give this to all enemies in a 10 meter radius using Radiant Aura, so if there is a Templar healer in your group (or even just a magplar dps) they should be applying this. In fact, I don’t really see much of a reason to use Ele Drain now that this is an option.

    *When healing a vet trial (or even a normal) I suggest you volunteer to follow the magicka DPS around and let the Templar go with the tank. Know your strengths and weaknesses and play to them. You can support a group of mages as well as any Templar, but don’t pretend like you are better than one or you will definitely start a fight :D

    Put Soul Siphon on your Resto Staff Bar because this will give you an additional 2% healing done.
    Put Aggressive Warhorn on your back bar (DW or Destro Staff).
    When to use ultimates: If Aggressive War Horn is already up (because a lot of people will be running it in a trial group) pop your Soul Siphon as soon as possible, then save your ultimate. Communicate with your group and if no one has a War Horn then it is your turn to use it. Keep popping Soul Siphon as much as you can. Use good judgement and DO NOT stack multiple War Horns! You need to Pop Soul Siphon directly in the middle of your group so that everyone gets the full benefit and so that everyone can use the synergy.

    This build is super fun to play and after getting into it Templar healing becomes somewhat boring. There are plenty of situations in which I would still run a Templar healer (Vet DSA, Trials Leader Boards, etc.), but for all other content I love playing my Nightblade! The ability to DPS and heal at the same time just adds a level of excitement to the game that I have yet to experience on any of my other characters, and this one has easily become my main.

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    Argonian Nightblade

    I just reactivated my account to say thank you.

    I returned to ESO and I will reach CP160 with my nightblade this afternoon and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    I feel very sorry for you, that this thread doesn´t get the reputation it deserves.

    Are there any other “beginner” NB Healer Tips you could share with me?

    What about the DPS bar?

    Best regards (and sorry for my bad english)

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    Breton Nightblade

    As I said before, I would not advise making this build as a first character because of the difficulty of NB healing at the start. I highly advise getting 100 cp into Blessed first. If you need to grind cp and gear you can spec your NB as a magicka DPS (they are beast) and then respec him later for healing. I also advise that you get some Templar healing under your belt first because of the rotation experience and “easy mode” healing.
    However, if you want to keep your NB as a healer and just grind him that way I advise putting 1 cp into Elfborn and 1 cp into Elemental Expert, then put the rest into Blessed until you hit 100. After that, you can split your points as you want between Elfborn and Elemental Expert (just keep in mind that you will get a bit more out of Elfborn as you can Crit Damage and Crit Heal).
    As for DPS bar, this is your DW bar and NB healers have the benefit of being able to heal and DPS at the same time. These skills are Funnel Health, Sap Essence, and Refreshing Path. It is important to keep these up at all times as these are the skills that separate NB healers from others. It is really the whole point of being an NB healer, because if you are going to stay on your resto staff the whole time then you may as well be a Templar.

    Being a low level, it is very likely that you are going to get called trash or a shit healer because many people believe that only Templars can be healers. Don’t let this discourage you, they really don’t know what they are talking about. Just keep grinding gear and cp, because end game healing is where NBs outshine Templars.

    If you play on Xbox One NA Server you can hit me up. GT BloodOfAWiseMan

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    Argonian Nightblade

    Thank you for the fast reply.

    I have been leveling as a Magicka NB so far and I think I will wait untin I can spend 100 CP into blessed.

    Thanks again for this Guide and keep the good work up.

    Unfortunately I´m playing on PS4.


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    Breton Nightblade

    No worries man, thanks for checking it out. Magicka NB DPS ius super fun to play! You should really enjoy it! If you want to quickly level Resto Staff you can go into cyradil and just start healing people with mutagen, healing springs, etc. You will get a ton of AP, CP, and it will level your Resto Staff super easy. You will also need the AP to unlock and morph the Purify skill in the support tree and War Horn in the assault tree so there are a ton of benefits to spending some time in PVP!

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    The only problem I see with this build is the use of Reaper’s mark over ele drain. Reaper’s mark gives the same debuffs as puncture which the tank will be using to debuff the boss. Also elemental drain isn’t really run for major breach but rather for the magika return. Also remember that dark shades has a habit of stealing spc procs from your group mates. Other than that it sounds like a solid build.

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    Breton Nightblade

    Thank you for reading the guide and for your constructive criticism. I just recently added the trials part to the guide which involves changing things around to put ele drain in the rotation, but I didn’t even think about the magicka return. I also just recently learned about the use of mystic orbs for magicka return as well. I need to update the build to put those into the rotation.

    However, I don’t find people running out of resources too much in dungeons, and this is where I would not want to use ele drain. Ele drain is only in trials for the night blade healer because you just lose too much damage dealing switching from DW to Destroyed Staff.

    As for the shades, I forgot to mention not using them in trials which I will update soon. I kinda like that they get the spc buff in dungeons, but I would never use them in trials.

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    Breton Nightblade

    Thanks a lot for this guide !

    I’d like to see more NB healers. As a french player, I’ve almost never seen another one playing NB as a main healer.


    A little advice, You should take a look at Bogdan Nightflame set. With all the HoTs running on allies, the totem is actually reliable (far more than the Rkugamz spider imho). For example, in Trials, it’s often my second source of heals.

    My english is quite poor, so if you could undertand French, I’d love to share more tips. ^^



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    Hi, im running almost the same build.

    Just more tips for PVP ,   Mass Hysteria ( Fear ) and a Piercing Mark is a must have skill in PVP.  Lost count on how many times cheeky NB coudnt escape using his invisibility because i have used a mark on him.

    Also in PVP i swap my SPC for Transmutation set.   We lose the important buff for our teammates, but transmutation gives around 1.5 crit resistance , and this is a game changer in pvp. the damage reduction because of that is insane.

    And due to high amount of people running meta burst builds . I would highly recommend using swordnboard in PVP.   You will lose lots of DPS because of that , but it increases your survivability , which means you can heal and support your group more, which means your group will live longer , and i think for a healer, this is the most important :)

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    Breton Nightblade

    I actually do live in France, but I play on the NA server because I come from the US. I have looked at Bogdan’s and I much prefer the Troll King just because I prefer the HOT that it gives rather than the AOE heal that Bogdan’s gives. Troll King isn’t technically a HOT, but increasing someone’s Health Recovery by that much makes it feel like a massive HOT and there is currently no cooldown, nor is there any limit on the number of people it can effect at one time. Thanks for checking out the guide. I would have gotten to you sooner but I didn’t receive an email about your comment.

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    Breton Nightblade

    Thank you for checking out the guide and giving the PVP advice. It is something I don’t really have any experience with for any class. I will definitely ploay around with this. Transmutation is super cheap on the market so I’ll look into getting some. Also, have you not thought about going 5 piece SPC, 5 piece Transmutation, 2 piece monster helm? Also, what traits do you like on your armor (All divines? 5 Impen? etc.) and do you go 5 light, 1 med, 1 heavy?

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    this was a amazing build thank you so much for the explanation being very understandable

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    Breton Nightblade

    Thanks for checking out the guide and I’m glad you like it! I hate it when people write builds and give no reason why they use skills, sets, etc. If you can’t tell me why this is the best option then why would I use it? That’s why I am as detailed as possible.

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    Thanks for the guide and more so for the detailed explanations on why you chose what you did. For a new player like myself who is new to ESO’s system, but not MMORPGs  in general, this is super helpful.

    I know you say you wouldn’t recommend this for a first or second character, but this will be main as I don’t have the free time to play one or more toons just to shelf them later. Besides, I learn and adapt quick. Also I enjoy a good challenge of running a non-meta build that gets the job done at lower levels and shines at higher levels.


    Two questions:

    1. How much will I gimp myself if I roll Khajiit for my race?

    • I’m not worried about topping charts or being competitive in PvP.
    • I’d like to run a Khajiit vampire that actually heals others for roleplay reasons, but I don’t want to make it impossible to run endgame content by the time I feel like running it.  As long as I can get the job done through intelligent, skillful gameplay I’m good. Haters be damned.
    • I don’t mind running as DPS until I have access to healing abilities to effectively take on the role though.


    2.  How would suggest allocating attribute points?

    • I’m guessing most into Magicka and rest into Health?
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    Breton Nightblade

    Thanks for checking it out and I’m glad you like it! Like I said, first timing this build is going to be difficult, but is doable. You are probably going to get called trash quite a bit, but don’t let it get to you, just keep grinding away.

    1. I totally understand! My first character was an nb woodhelf healer with bow on backbar. Wanted to play a sabateur/synergist hybrid role. Totally fucked myself. I have never been able to get this character fixed, even after turning it stam, getting the correct gear, etc. You do NOT wanna go khajit with this build as they are one of the best stam races in the game. You will lose so much max mag, recov, mag bonuses, etc. I would also avoid going vamp. Vamps get a great mag bonus along with some great self sustain healing skills, but they are not good for group utility. Also, vamps get this ungodly weekness to fire and healers need to be able to stay alive. You could go dark elf to mitigate this week ness as they have high resistance to fire.

    2. Personally, i put all 64 into magicka and have no problem hitting 20k health at end game. You will need to get your undaunted up to 9 to maximize your resources. Use health glyphs on armor for extra health.

    Do you play on Xbox One? If so, you can add me: BloodOfAWiseMan

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    Hey, Blood,

    Thanks so much for writing this guide! I’ve been running this build for a few (happy) weeks. I happen to have a dedicated group consisting of a MagSorc DD (who can do back up heals with her pets) and StamDK tank (along with an occasional StamNB 4th), and we’ve been able to run Group Dungeons and surface bosses pretty easily – none of us are very high level – the MagSorc is CP 268 and the other two are not even in CP yet! The healing on this build is quite good (even early on – I’ve been using it since I was pre-CP and am just now at 210 or so) and it is really the most fun I’ve had playing ESO so far.

    I wanted to suggest, for people who are just starting out (pre-champ 300, like me!) to use the Mother’s Sorrow set in place of Julianos. It’s easily obtained in Deshaan. I run five MS and five Stendarr, and have been pretty content so far. Thoughts on a negative to running MS in place of Julianos? Will it be worth me investing the crafting time to make my own Julianos when I can to replace the MS?

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    Breton Nightblade

    Do you play on Xbox One NA server? If so, I can invite you to an awesome pve social guild. Otherwise, don’t stress yourself with becoming a crafter unless you really want it. There are plenty of people who will craft gear for a fee, but most will do it reasonably as long as you have the mats.

    Julianos vs MS: I have personally just started experimenting with MS but at this point here is my conclusion. Julianos gives enough crit bonus with pieces 3&4. It is more beneficial to have the extra spell damage from piece 5 than the intense crit boost from MS 5.

    As for stendar, get rid of that shit, you are hurting yourself. You NEED Spell Power Cure! Farm White Gold Tower on normal if you can’t do it on vet. You want it all in divines. Until then, go MS and Julianos with Julianos being your constant.

    You really want to aim for Infallible Aether 5 and Spell Power Cure 5. Monster helm is optional.

    That said, those are all my opinions. Experiment and find what is best for you. Make the build your own with taking advice into careful consideration.

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    I’ll be playing on PS4 once I pick up the game.  I’m currently in research mode trying to make sure I understand most of the basics so I don’t screw up my character too badly at the outset.


    Thanks for the tips Blood’, Guess my vampcat idea will have to be relegated to crafting and fishing duty on a different character.

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    Breton Nightblade

    You could go stam templar on him. Then you could provide off heels with breathe of life. It won’t heal for very much but if you are dpsing you shouldn’t have to do much healing anyway. Also, Repentance on the Stamplar will provide you and the group with a really strong heal and stam regen whenever there are like 3 or 4 bodies on the ground. Running with a Stamplar in the group is really really fun and actually takes a bit of pressure off the healer, especially if they run Vigor.

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    I’m on PS4, but thanks for the invite!

    Yeah, I’ve got White-Gold Tower on my Pledges list – it’s been sitting there for a while, as I try to raise my courage enough to go try it! LOL.

    I wondered if that final spell power boost was the goal for Julianos – makes sense. Thanks for the reply (and again, thanks for the build!).

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