Acquiring Skill Points – Overview and Breakdown

Aleawyn (AzraelAcid

Aleawyn – @AzraelAcid

Greetings Adventurers! My name is Azrael. My guilds are members of the Elder Scrolls Alliance. I am a Guildmaster of my own guild, Elder Scrolls Exchange Admin, PvP Dept. Lead for Dominion Imperial Guard, Council of Nirn Member, (a group of over 40 guild representatives that meet with ESO Developers), and general helper. I’ve been spotted having fun with my friends on PC, North American Server side. In this article I would like to talk about Skyshards and Skill Points.

As most of us know, there are several ways to gain skill points throughout the game. There are 366 skill points to be acquired to date. The most obvious  of course, Skyshards and the main storyline. Something that many of us forget are the subtle ways to gain skill points, such as the faction storyline quests. There are 3 skill points to be gained in each zone from these quests, and they are not to be forgotten while advancing your character. In this article, I’m going to give an outline of where to get Skyshards, Skill Points, and which Quests you must complete, as well as other missed opportunities for skill points. Move onward Adventurer!

This guide has been updated for the Dark Brotherhood DLC (patch 2.4) and can be considered current as of July, 2016.


Leveling Up

Each time you level up, you gain 1 Attribute point and 1 Skill Point. With the release of Dark Brotherhood, you will now gain an extra attribute and stat point every 5 levels, and two extra points every 10 levels. In addition to gaining skill points for advancing in character level, you are awarded a skill point for each alliance rank you earn in Cyrodiil. Similar to leveling up, you gain these upon ranking up. PvP anyone?



SkyshardThere are a number of Skyshards per zone, and you can find them in a multitude of ways. Some are obvious, others more subtle. Your Achievements Journal can give you hints to where they are located. For players who’d rather not waste time following clues, there is an add-on which marks uncollected Skyshards clearly on your map. Collect 3 Skyshards, and you gain a Skill Point.

Don’t forget; every zone has several delves per location that can be done solo. Each delve has a Skyshard located somewhere within.

There are also 46 skyshards to be found in Cyrodiil. Some of us are not PvP inclined; not to worry. Get with some friends and organize a Cyrodil Skyshard run! Keep your eye on the map though. Four of these Skyshards are located behind enemy gates and are only obtained when the gates are open. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to collect these shards while the gates are unlocked! The rest can be found in the world, near monsters, mobs, and in Delves. Just remember to watch your surroundings for enemy players.



Upon your first completion of the main quest in each normal difficulty group dungeon, you will be awarded a skill point. The same occurs with veteran group dungeons.

We might need a bigger can of Raid

There is also a public dungeon in each zone. In each of these dungeons there is a specific boss that gives you a skill point upon the death of that boss. Some of us can solo these, while others may need a couple friends. One specific example is the public dungeon in the Alik’r Desert. You’ll need at least two people to obtain the group boss skill point here. Either way, be sure not to miss these bosses!


Storyline Quests

Every time the Prophet appears, there is a main storyline quest that quickly follows after speaking to him. Each of these quest completions earns you some jewelry, gold, and Skill Point. So don’t neglect the Prophet!

Without introducing spoilers, there are 2 skill points to be obtained during the Mages’ Guild storyline by choosing one of the two outcomes in the final portion of this questline. Not all of us are so quick to make a dark decision though, so if you chose not to throw an important character under the bus, fear not! There are plenty of other ways to make up those points.

There is a Skill Point to be earned in completing the Faction Main Storyline quests. Three per zone in fact. The trouble is finding which quests these are. Here’s a hint: If the quest involves Queen Ayrenn (Aldmeri Dominion), King Emeric (Daggerfall Covenant), or High King Jorunn (Ebonheart Pact) you can rest assured that most likely this series of quests will follow through to the end with a Skill Point. They are not always that obvious though, and many are intertwined with other quests as prerequisites. Usually following the storyline leads you to a skill point.

The tables below provide a detailed outline of the quests you must follow in order to obtain all these skill points. For those that wish to skip unrelated quests, I’ll just mark the specific quest that rewards the Skill Point with a star. Do keep in mind, that some require you to have completed the prerequisite quest in order to advance. In some cases the quest stages must be followed for the next quest in the line to appear.  I’ve taken the liberty of linking the quests from The UESPWiki , in order for you to determine which quests have prerequisites. This list is for the Main questline from Cadwell’s Almanac: Cadwell’s Silver, and Cadwell’s Gold. I’m also including all DLC Skill Point quests to date. There is also a summary after this section.


Aldmeri Dominion

Zone Area Quest Name
Auridon Vulkhel Guard Ensuring Security
A Hostile Situation
Tanzelwil In the Name of the Queen
Rites of the Queen
Mathesiin Putting the Pieces Together
The Unveiling
Skywatch Lifting the Veil
Wearing the Veil
The Veil Falls
Firsthold Breaking the Barrier
Sever All Ties
Grahtwood Southpoint The Grip of Madness
Reliquary of the Stars Lost in Study
Heart of the Matter
Falinesti Winter Site A Lasting Winter
Elden Root The Honor of the Queen
Fit to Rule
The Orrery of Elden Root
Greenshade Bramblebreach Frighten the Fearsome
Audience with the Wilderking
Greenheart Throne of the Wilderking
The Staff of Magnus
Woodhearth Veil of Illusion
Double Jeopardy
Seaside Sanctuary A Storm Upon the Shore
Pelidil’s End
Dread Vullain Right of Theft
Verrant Morass The Blight of the Bosmer
Drilidan Pass Retaking the Pass
Hectahame Striking at the Heart
Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor House and Home
One Fell Swoop
The Drublog of Dra’bul
Dra’bul Reap What Is Sown
Jathsogur The Prisoner of Jathsogur
Vulkwasten Buyer Beware
Silvenar Restore the Silvenar
Reaper’s March Fort Grimwatch Grim Situation
Grimmer Still
Arenthia The Colovian Occupation
Stonefire Machinations
A Door Into Moonlight
Rawl’kha The First Step
Moonmont Motes in the Moonlight
Dune The Fires of Dune
Two Moons Path The Moonlit Path
The Den of Lorkhaj


Daggerfall Covenant

Zone Area Quest Name
Glenumbra Beldama Wyrd Tree Reclaiming the Elements
Purifying the Wyrd Tree
Camlorn Rally Cry
Hidden in Flames
The Fall of Faolchu
Lion Guard Redoubt The Lion Guard’s Stand
Mastering the Talisman
Cath Bedraud Mists of Corruption
The Labyrinth
Angof the Gravesinger
Stormhaven Alcaire Castle Army at the Gates
Two Sides to Every Coin
Life of the Duchess
The Safety of the Kingdom
Tracking Sir Hughes
Firebrand Keep The Flame of Dissent
Retaking Firebrand Keep
Sir Hughes’ Fate
Pariah Abbey Fire in the Fields
Injured Spirit Wardens
Azura’s Guardian
A Prison of Sleep
Pursuing the Shard
At-Tura Estate The Signet Ring
Evidence Against Adima
Saving Hosni
The Return of the Dream Shard
Another Omen
Shinji’s Scarp General Godrun’s Orders
Ending the Ogre Threat
Godrun’s Dream
Azura’s Aid
Vaermina’s Gambit
Rivenspire Shornhelm Shornhelm Divided
Ravenwatch Castle Dream-Walk Into Darkness
Camp Tamrith The Blood-Splattered Shield
Lokrata Hills The Concealing Veil
Northpoint Northpoint in Peril
The Liberation of Northpoint
The Doomcrag Puzzle of the Pass
The Lightless Remnant
Alik’r Desert Sentinel Rise of the Dead
The Impervious Vault
Tu’Whacca’s Throne Tu’whacca’s Breath
A Reckoning with Uwafa
Tava’s Blessing Alasan’s Plot
Motalion Necropolis Amputating the Hand
Bangkorai Evermore A City in Black
Imperial Infiltration
Jackdaw Cove Heart of Evil
The Parley
Bangkorai Garrison Storming the Garrison
Hall of Heroes Trials and Tribulations
To Walk on Far Shores


Ebonheart Pact

Zone Area Quest Name
Stonefalls Davon’s Watch Legacy of the Ancestors
Delaying the Daggers
City Under Siege
Othrenis Wake the Dead
Rending Flames
Ash Mountain Restoring the Guardians
The Death of Balreth
Vivec’s Antlers The Coral Heart
Fort Virak Breaking Fort Virak
Evening the Odds
The General’s Demise
Kragenmoor Aggressive Negotiations
Saving the Son
Tormented Spire Climbing the Spire
Opening the Portal
Sadal’s Final Defeat
Deshaan Obsidian Gorge Death Trap
Plague Bringer
Mournhold A Favor Returned
The Mournhold Underground
Tribunal Temple The Seal of Three
Shrine of Saint Veloth A Saint Asunder
The Wounds in the World
Eidolon’s Hollow Into the Mouth of Madness
Motive for Heresy
The Judgment of Veloth
Shadowfen Stormhold Three Tender Souls
Getting to the Truth
Ten-Maur-Wolk Trail of the Skin-Stealer
The Skin-Stealer’s Lair
Hatching Pools Outside Interference
Keepers of the Shell
Loriasel The Dominion’s Alchemist
The Dream of the Hist
Eastmarch Windhelm Shadows Over Windhelm
The Konunleikar
Windhelm’s Champion
One Victor, One King
Cradlecrush Strange Allies
The Siege of Cradlecrush
Fort Amol Sleeping on the Job
The Pride of a Prince
The War Council
Our Poor Town
Wittestadr A Right to Live
The Better of Two Evils
Mistwatch Eternal Slumber
Gods Save the King
Joruun’s Stand Making Amends
A Council of Thanes
Skuldafn Snow and Flame
Songs of Sovngarde
The Rift Vernim Woods Dangerous Union
Gift of the Worm
Through the Shroud
Taarengrav The Shackled Guardian
Pinepeak Cavern Tomb Beneath the Mountain
Honrich Tower Shattered Hopes
Trolhetta Securing the Pass
Worm Cult Summoner
Stomping Sinmur



Zone Area Quest Name
The Hollow City The Lightless Oubliette Light from the Darkness
Black Garrison The Black Forge Vanus Unleashed
Breaking the Shackle
Fist of Stone The Hollow City Crossing the Chasm
The Orchard The Harvest Heart
The Reaver Citadel The Citadel Must Fall
The Endless Stair The Final Assault


DLC Areas

Zone Area Quest Name
Imperial City Imperial City Sewers City on the Brink
Knowledge is Power
The Watcher in the Walls
The Lock and the Legion
Of Brands and Bones
The Imperial Standard
The Bleeding Temple
Dragonfire Cathedral The Sublime Brazier
Wrothgar (Orsinium) Auridon Invitation to Orsinium
Orsinium For King and Glory
A King-Sized Problem
In the Name of the King
To Save a Chief
The Anger of a King
The King’s Gambit
Blood on a King’s Hands
Long Live the King
Hew’s Bane (Thieves Guild) Outlaw’s Refuge Partners in Crime
Abah’s Landing Cleaning House
The Long Game
A Flawless Plan
Forever Hold Your Peace
No Shira Citadel Prison Break
Gold Coast (Dark Brotherhood) Outlaw’s Refuge Voices in the Dark
Anvil Signed in Blood
Welcome Home
A Lesson in Silence
Questions of Faith
A Special Request
Kvatch Dark Revelations
A Ghost from the Past
The Wrath of Sithis
Filling the Void


Miscellaneous Quests

In my research, I came across a few misclennaeous quests that give a skill point. Objectives or side quest prerequisites that lead to a series of quests and a skill point. For instance, once you’ve finished the quests on Betnikh Island (starter island for DC) you will receive a quest called: On to Glenumbra. It turns out that this starts a short series of two objectives that lead to the quest Bloodthorn Assassins; which also rewards a Skill Point. However, I have yet to come across such objectives on either Khenarthi’s Roost or Bleakrock and Bal Foyen. I’m quite sure this is due to balancing. Be sure to do the Starter Island quests as well, just in case.


Summary Breakdown

Here is a break-down of the total skill points which are possible to acquire through the various methods currently available in ESO.

Activity Skill Points
Reach character level 50 64
Reach Alliance Rank 50 50
Complete all main story quests 11
Complete alliance storyline quests 49
Complete Imperial City DLC 1
Complete Orsinium DLC 3
Complete Thieves Guild DLC 6
Complete Dark Brotherhood DLC 8
Read the Folium Discognitum in the Mages’ Guild storyline 2
Absorb all Skyshards 127
Slay group bosses in all public dungeons 18
Complete quests in normal difficulty group dungeons 16
Complete quests in veteran dungeons 8
Complete Imperial City DLC group dungeons 2
Complete Maelstom Arena in Orsinium 1
Total Available Skill Points 366

I hope this article is helpful to you and the progression of your character! There is a lot to do in Tamriel, so much that some of the most important things can be missed. Now you can adventure armed with abilities and the knowledge to use them. If you notice a mistake that I have made, something I have overlooked, or if you find other ways to get a Skill Point that are not mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to message or comment! I’ll be sure to check information and include it here. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in Tamriel!