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  1. ESO Vvardenfell Meteor

    ESO Morrowind Expansion Announced!

    The Elder Scrolls Online’s first expansion has been announced. We’re going to Vvardenfell!

  2. dailies-kvatch

    The Dailies of ESO

    Get ready for ESO’s upcoming anniversary event with our latest guide to every daily and repeatable quest in the game.
  3. teso-new-life-in-alikr

    Conversations from the New Life Festival II

    An in character interview on the comings and goings during Tamriel’s New Life festival.

  4. Trade Signs

    Selling and the ESO Economy

    Our resident market expert shares some tips on earning gold in Tamriel’s competitive trade scene.


Welcome to Tamriel Foundry

Welcome to Tamriel Foundry
Welcome to Tamriel Foundry, a new Elder Scrolls Online community site dedicated to theory-crafting, mechanics, guides, and discussion. The coming months are certain to be full of exciting announcements concerning the MMO, and we hope to be a valuable source of game coverage for the […]