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Name: Edwyn Hawksly
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 2E 802, First Seed 25th
Race: Breton
Gender: Male
Class: Templar

Languages: Tamerlic, and small amounts of Aldmeri, Daedric, Dragon, and Falmer, from his travels and studies as a young man

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

Personality: Proud, entitled, arrogant, and headstrong. Born under the sign of The Lord he feels superior when it comes to his strengths and talents (which, while above average, have yet to be put to any real test). Also, coming from a wealthy family he has garnered quite the reputation as a playboy.

Likes: Elven culture, history, beautiful women, fine wines, meeting beautiful women, searching for artifacts, helping beautiful women, seeking the lineage of his elven ancestry, saving beautiful women in distress, shaggy dogs.

Dislikes: uneducated people, not getting what he wants (wether deserved or not), being out shined or out performed, failure

Appearance: 6’ tall medium build. Not bulky or over weight but not skinny and malnourished. He has a toned physique. Like you would expect from someone who has been trained in the art of physical combat since he was old enough to hold a sword. Long flowing brown hair with piercing emerald green eyes. A slight bit of stubble that he grows to hide the scar on his left cheek his father gave him.

Strengths: intelligence, the best training a young lord could receive in martial combat. Good problem solver and critical thinker. Jack of many trades. Stealth, magica, weaponry.

Weaknesses: pride, women, acting upon impulse or without thinking of the consequences. Good at many things but not a master of anything.

History: Edwyn comes from a rich merchant family in the south of High Rock along the Iliac Bay. As a young man he traveled through the northern provinces of Tamriel with his father, Theodyn. Hammerfell, Skyrim, Cyrodill, Morrowind, and Vvardenfell, were no stranger to his families’ trading caravans. His father, also a proud man, never cared much to spend time with Edwyn for any reason other than to groom him as the successor to the family’s trade empire. At first Edwyn was enamored by the idea of following in his fathers footsteps, but as time passed, he grew to see his father for what he was. An emotionally distant, cold, old man, who cared more about the value of a Septim than for that of his kin.

Upon return to High Rock, from a particularly unprofitable and unenjoyable endeavor, Edwyn informed Theodyn that his path in life did not lay parallel to that of his fathers’. Many harsh words were said and in his anger with his father Edwyn lashed out and struck Theodyn. Not to be put in his place by a mere boy, Theodyn set upon his son like a wild animal. Swiping with his dagger at any part of Edwyn he could reach, finally catching the boy across the cheek. Dazed from the pain Edwyn toppled over. In no time he felt the full weight of his father come crashing down on him and before he knew it Theodyn’s hands were around his throat. As the world began to fade to black he felt a tingle in his finger tips. Then a whooshing sensation in his murky brain. He felt the power of one thousand ancestors coursing through him saying, ”get up, it is not yet your time to join us.” Without warning there was a blinding white flash of light. The force of the blast shook the very foundation of the castle. Edwyn gathered himself for a moment, drinking in the air that so recently had been deprived from him.

In the corner of the room lay a smoldering mass of robes. Fearful of what he had done Edwyn slid over to his fathers body. He rolled Theodyn over to reveal singed hair, melted jewelry, burnt skin and clothing. The Lord of the castle was dead. Dead, by his hand.

Voices started to echo in the halls and Edwyn knew that no one would believe this was an act of self defense. If he were to escape with his life, now would be his only time. He quickly retreated to his quarters, gathered all he could pack in his rucksack and set out, north, under the light of the two moons, Secunda and Masser.

He now is fleeing for his life as a criminal. Once a nobleman now he is relegated to an obscure anonymity amongst the beggars and scum of the underworld. Sneaking in the shadows and stealing what he can to survive.


1. What is your name?

Edwyn Hawksly

2. Do you have a nickname? Where did you get it?

My mother used to call me Eddy, but that was many yeas ago.

3. How would you describe yourself, as if you were talking about someone else?

I’ve heard pompous ass thrown around from time to time, but since fleeing from my family’s holdings, I mainly hear words like beggar, thief, wretch, refuse.

4. What is your favourite food?

Anything I can find to fill my stomach. It’s been so long since I’ve had a warm meal.

5. What is your favourite drink?

I used to be a connoisseur of fine wines but as with my previous answer, anything I can find to quench my palette, I will imbibe.

6. What’s the worst thing a family member ever did to you?

My father tried to kill me with a dagger and his bare hands.

7. What’s the worst thing you ever did to a family member?

I unknowingly unleashed a deep magical power within me and killed my father. Then fled like a coward leaving my mother to deal with the tragedy of losing her husband and only son, alone.

8. In what ways do you resemble the rest of your family?

I was prideful like my father, but now, I fail to show any signs of the nobility that flows through my veins.

9. What is your most prized possession and why do you value it so much?

Every earthly possession that I fled with, I have had to sell or trade to survive. I have nothing but the rags on my back.

10. What draws you to people, socially?

A warm fire and the possibility of food and drink. Other than that I have no use for social interaction aside from begging on the street.

11. When did you last see a member of your family?

Almost ten years ago. After I killed my father I fled without a goodbye to anyone in the castle.

12. Who was your role-model, growing up?

Antonius Palenix. He was a former Imperial legionnaire who happened upon my father and I as we were being beset by bandits in the Colovian Highlands. He helped us fight the bandits off and as thanks my father invited him to make camp with us and shared his food and drink. When we awoke my father asked him if he would travel with us as added protection for the rest of our journey. He agreed, and when we arrived back in High Rock he stayed on as my fathers personal guard and my favorite teacher. Antonius taught me everything he knew. How to wield a sword and shield like a legionnaire, how to camp in the wilds without attracting attention of bandits and wild beasts, how to make healing potions from local herbs, and most importantly how to survive.

13. Do you tend to save or spend money?

The little coin I do come by from begging or stealing I use immediately to put food in my belly.

14. You have something to confess: who would you confide in?

I am alone. I have no friends and that is my fault.

15. Do you collect anything?

I used to have a wonderful wine cellar.

16. What would be an ideal gift to give you?

A loaf of bread and a flank of meat. Maybe a warm bed in an inn.

17. What was the last beautiful thing you saw? What about it was so beautiful?

The morning of the day that killed my father I watched the sun rise over the Iliac Bay. The sight of the suns rays bouncing off the waters of the bay and dancing on the Adamantine Tower is still a place I go in my dreams.

18. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Any thing that can fly. I’d love to just soar away and forget all of my troubles.

19. What’s your favourite time of day?

Any time of day that I have a meal in my stomach.

20. What’s your favourite time of year?

Summer. It is the best time of year for one living out doors.

21. Have you ever had to learn something you hated?

When I was young my father tried to teach me economics and the ways of a merchant. I wished more to follow the way of my mentor Antonius.

22. Would you like to have children?

Given my current lot in life I find that an absurd question.

23. What do you do to feel brave: to drive off fear?

I am not a brave man. I will run and save my life before I stand and risk it foolishly.

24. Are you religious? If so, in what way?

I was raised with The Eights but I feel they have abandoned me.

25. What is your current short-term goal?

To survive one more day.

26. Do you have any bad habits? Do you plan to get rid of them?

I am a beggar and a thief. They are both bad ”habits” but I do not see them changing any time soon.

27. Do you have any phobias?

I fear being found by men hunting me for the murder of my father. If they still are hunting me.

28. Is there anything you would die for?

I am a survivor. I will put my own life ahead of anything in Tamriel.

29. Is there anything you would betray a friend for?

I would like to think no, but every man or mer has his price. Also, as I said earlier, I am alone, without friends.

30. Where would you ideally live?

Back in my family’s castle on the souther coast of the Iliac Bay, with my mother, father, and Antonius.