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"Your lack of cooperation has been noted."

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Firstborn Son of Quoceiln Larethian, thusly heir to the seat of Echesel, the Kinhouse of the Larethian Dynasty. Xietar is a spoiled and entitled noble of Alinor, with a somewhat estranged relationship with his Father, their family is on the brink of falling apart.


Race: Altmer
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Origin: Auridon
Sign: The Lady

IC -References

”Another Larethian it would seem. Just how exactly do these lot breed so many children? It matters not, but to say Xietar – the self proclaimed ’Prodigal Son’ is capable of being bravados and pompous would be a gross understatement. So in that regard he’s a typical Altmer. I advise you to disregard words in place of actions, this Highborn has much to prove and brings a belief that he is ’destined for greatness’. Rumoured to be a product of incest, Xietar seems to cling to a requisit that demands he prove his superiority over others, Alas it is unlikely he would have attained Thalmor status were it not the string-pulling of his Father.”

- Remoryn of Woodhearth, Eye Of The Queen

Psychological Analysis: ”Xietar is quite possibly the most arrogant, delluded and condescending boy I have ever had the displeasure of spending an extended period of time with. He seems to have no remorse when it comes to speaking his mind, perhaps a quality, but there is a time and place for it, he did not seem to care for. I found myself treated with that quintessential impossibly hard to entertain altmer mannerism; a ’sense of humour’ not far from that of a stone wall. He holds the lives of Non-Altmer in little regard, although that probably goes wthout saying. Despite the tantrums and the petulance, his is a heart full of will and, one that is willing to stop beating before subjecting and surrendering the honor, and the legitimacy of the ’Blessed Isles’ and their ’Blessed Mer.’ what this means for the Dominion in extent however is another matter entirely, one that will be surveyed.”


Physical Description: ”The Larethian dons a lean and very slender frame in the black and gold, if the illustration above does not provide sufficient identifying, he is quaint enough to parade around in a cape bearing the same colors; it too bares the sigil of the Larethian Kinship. But to my eyes; even for an Altmer, Xietar is notably dainty and gangly for a guardian of the shield and sword. His balanced stride measured and ever merya, Phynesterian I believe is what they call it. He maintains what you could be pardoned for describing as a typical Altmeri demeanor. A smug look usually on his face and a facading stare. His complexion is a warm gold and his medium length hair a few shades brighter, pushed back with a band. I sighted him fussing with his hair far too many times than I would deem professional. When I was actually graced with his undivided attention, the family slant became obvious, he most likely plumps those lips out on purpose, this is a mer who enjoys watching a mirror; A truly vain mer.”


OOC – Character Traits:

Xietar has earned little for himself, his claims to title, employ and wealth have all been provided by his Father, Kinlord Quoceilin. His arrogance could come from a sense of ego or even insecurity, buried far at the back of his mind. He spent very little time bonding with his Family in general, and has an over-bearing need to assert a sense of superiority over others as a way of proving himself, not only to them, but himself.

Raised in the heart of the city of Alinor and spending his childhood at a private boarding academy, he has the traditional view of the Altmeri people, and has an installed obligation to defend them. His passion for his own culture eventually transfers into hatred of others, especialy if they contradict his beliefs, beit the word of Praxis, the purity of Aldmeri Bloodlines or religeous zealotry. He dislikes other races and cultures, even more so when they mix with his own.

Perhaps some would say a symptom of youth and naiveity, however Xietar’s dellusions of grandeur are genuine. His ’Prodigal Son’ complex can sometimes boarder on the brink of lunacy. Some do wonder about the wiring of his brain at times, no line is too far when it comes to bettering himself, and he is not beyond comitting extremely cruel actions if he must. At any moment he may simply snap in a tantrum if something offends him or questions his ’legitmacy’.

A more typical Altmer characteristic, he is not friendly for the sake of it. He speaks his mind at all times for better or for worse, Xietar is completely un-tuned to the sensitivities of other creeds and is often just as confusing to them with his almost alien mannerisms. He’s only really understood by fellow natives of the Summursets, his is a moral compass that makes little sense to ’mongrel’ races; their lives mean little to him. Xietar is condescending to some of his kin, and sucks-up to others.

History and Documentation:

Born on the first of Hearthfire, 2E 565 – The newest member of the Larethian lineage was gifted with the fortunes and privilege of being elected worthy to heir the Larethian Dynasty itself. His father had ’removed’ several of his former kin shortly after birth, the reasons are somewhat unclear, gossip speculated that he was unsatisfied with the foreword of Praxis and Starsign over the previous Births, or whether they were actually born of incest. Whatever the truth behind the rather private arrival ceromony, Xietar Larethian is the eldest of Quocielin’s two offspring, the youngest being Lady Xinelwyn.Any further records on the matter of Birth are missing.Lavished with the connections, kinship and opportunity all available to him, Xietar could have had almost any life he wanted, it was simply a matter of could -he- possess the skills necessary. At first in his infancy it was suggested that he would eventually join the Alinorian banking society, and ply a trade therein economical infrastructure. Quocilein Larethian is said to have spent little time bonding with his son, at all. Xietar spent the majority of his childhood at the ’Twyll Varlaisil’ boarding lodge and academy offering the studies of The Arts/Culture, Religious Doctrine, Economics, Languages, Praxis Lore, Practical Varline technology, numerology, astronomy and General Arcane Theory and Practice, and Metaphysical Theology. The boy was a stubborn and cocky rogue amongst his peers, stepping on those below and sucking up to those above him in the petty game of social monopoly youths host.

Upon coming of age, Xietar was initiated into a brotherhood at the Starlight House, a fraternity of Highborn Altmeri, who’s purposes are known quite little about. The society hosts a lodge in Alinor and Auridon for members and honoured guests to meet for private ’trade’ and ’commune’. The Lodge is privately backed and funded but it’s lay-members range from all walks of life are known to be quite charitable to their kin.

The Larethian Disgrace: – A More ’Prodigal’ Son

Before initiation to the Starlight House, Xietar’s Father had originally decided to replace his son with an heir better suited, a more prodigal son who he’d spend more time devleloping as a warrior. Quocieln had scarely spent time with his Son during his childhood. However the company of his daughter Xinelwyn was adored in his stead, she had the blue eyes of his Wife and was ever so graceful and proper, even from a young age. Quocielin relied on reports from the academy for updates of his son. The reason for such distance to Xietar is unknown, and it only further perpetuates the rumours of incest leading to Xietar’s birth. Xietar was pale of hair, slender of frame and despite his progress at the academy, he was already gaining a reputation for being a brat.

Before Quoceiln would make his decision regarding a replacement, news came from Grahtwood on the dishonourable discharge of his Kalinor Larethian, nephew who had committed adultry and broken the vows to Mara. If such a sin wasn’t already so outrageous, the news of his relations with a bosmer and concequent mongrel offspring was a horrifying tragedy.

Bloodline purity was everything to the Altmer nobility. Their claim to direct desendence from the divines determined their value on the Mortal Plane. The Larethian name was disgraced amongst society and Quoceiln would have no way of finding a suitable Highborn to bear his Prodigal Son. He was left with Xietar. Who would one day rule and take everything he had, Praxis had ordained it.

Dominion/Thalmor History

The return of the Unforeseen Queen and formation of the Aldmeri Dominion was an oppourtunity that would be seized by Kinlord Quoceiln. Stocks at Echesal tumbled down, exports and imports dropped en masse. Pureblood nobility dared not to associate with the Larethian name anymore, it was a mockery to even mention the name now. It is unknown exactly how the Kinlord managed to pull the strings to have Xietar trained by a battlereeve, it is likely this was a Starlight House member.

Training over his years of adolescence was intense, but Xietar made progress in what little time he had. On the verge of his nineteenth year, the makeshift ’Prodigal Son’ was then placed under the charge of the Kinlord of Solstice, Sarinteal of the Ralleidril to serve in the Thalmor Bureau of heritage conversation and cultural reformation. Otherwise known as ’The Merethic Eye’.

In the final week of the First Seed. He was accepted quickly into the Agenda, and would progress through the ranks at a fair pace, eventually declaring a crystalline Oath. His performance was satisfactory and served to expectations. However the Larethian’s integration into the Dominion outside of his homeland was marred by a number of rather all-too-public incidents and what were even deemed controversies by the creeds co-existing in Her Majesty’s Dominion. While duty sees the ’Prodigal Son of Alinor’ reside away from his cherished home; Alinor: it’s culture, it’s spirit and it’s principles, never have, nor ever will leave Xietar. They follow him wherever he and there will be, and they will be represented there whether accepted by whomever may… or may not.