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I’m at work making improvments to my charcater builds in my head.

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  • Server:PC North America
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I am 37 years of age, a computer nerd, communications specialist, web developer, musician, media producer, family guy, MMO gamer since 1999, raid officer and raider in past raiding guilds. I played EQ 1 and 2, DAoC, Warhammer, DDO, LOTRO, Wow since beta, Rift, SWTOR, GW2, Neverwinter, and many others. I tried Wildstar, didn’t take. I plan to try EQN. I’m also a huge fan of the TESL franchise and have played every game. I also enjoyed Dark Souls.

I am an oldschool MMO gamer and enjoy traditional MMO mechanics as well as newer dynamic / adaptive mechanics and skill based action combat. I am a very goal and objective oriented gamer. I enjoy PvE over PvP. I enjoy group and guild content over solo. I always play a strictly DPS character as I enjoy this role most. Theorycrafting is definitely my favorite gaming past time.

If you need any help, have any questions, need a friend, or just someone to discuss the game with, hit me up. My door is always open. I am actively seeking a decent guild to call home as well.