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"We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment... and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."

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I am a passionate player of both MMO and the Elder Scrolls franchise, which is why I was particularly elated to hear of the construction of TESO. The first Elder Scrolls game I played was Morrowind, since then I have been hooked through Oblivion and Skyrim; as well as the background lore behind the games and in the books. I have experience with a number of MMO games too, such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, The Lord of the Rings Online and more. 

Within MMOs I am more of a PvP player than PvE, but also enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of war and prefer simple sideline slaughter. I am a moderate gamer and prefer larger PvP battles, such as armies as opposed to smaller skirmishes. I’m not particularly interested in wandering around by myself, so when I do play, it’s preferably with a group of friends (it makes for a more interesting journey, and you can chat).

In the Elder Scrolls games I have always been old-fashioned. I will never fast-travel except to cities, and if I see something interesting I will immediately head off regardless of my current quest unless it is extremely important. I always turn the HUD off, making games much harder but more thrilling and enjoyable.

Whilst I enjoyed Morrowind and Oblivion greatly, and still do; Skyrim has become the disappointment of the lot. I’m not a fan of the game any more… at all. I’ll play it from time to time, but it is heavily modded, and I rarely ever even touch vanilla content anymore.

On to characters. I prefer to sway more in the direction of, kill before you get touched kinda thing. Most commonly within the Elder Scrolls games, I was almost always a Dunmer. Skilled in Destruction and Swordsmanship, I could deal massive amounts of ranged damage and quickly finish off those strong enough to reach you, especially in Morrowind, where it is difficult to successfully hit something unless you had a high agility, whereas Magic had a 100% success rate of damaging, unless they resisted it. However, after a couple of years of playing Oblivion, and also while playing Skyrim; I began to swerve towards stealth. While still favouring ranged combat, I also enjoyed the ability to stay hidden. And so for a while I began favouring the Bosmer, a quick shot with a bow, and rapid with a knife; sneak attacks are deadly almost all the time, so the game began to get too easy; even on Master difficulty (or on Oblivion and Morrowind having the bar at the furthest point). I began playing around at this point, and going away from Tactical advantage and towards my preferable character. A master of Destruction, Swordsmanship, and Stealth; an almost unstoppable force, almost no enemies could reach me before laying dead on the ground burning in flames (Elemental attacks being my favourite branch in the Destruction School).

Since then I’ve been playing around with the magic schools even more. I’m actually more interested in doing interesting things which Illusion, Mysticism and Alteration; trying to find newer and more inventive ways to kill enemies. Of course, magic is still quite limited in these games, as you can really only cast on enemies and allies etc. but barely anything to affect the environment… but it’s still interesting.

You’re probably thinking, ”Why is he going to be an Altmer then?”; this is simply because:

1. I wish to try something different, I’ll not just focus on Destruction magic, but branch out into others; perhaps even Restoration. (2016 – Turns out destruction is really all there is to use in ESO… GG Zenimax, you can’t make an ES MMO when you take out most things ES).

2. Altmer are the most gifted of all the races in magic (despite their weakness to it) and gives me an immediate tactical advantage above other mages. As well as powerful defense and attack against other classes, as their armour won’t do much against it (that’s wrong).

3. The massive advantage in PvP, Khajiit on the front lines; a hardy warrior race (not the best warriors), but they will be receiving massive buffs from the mages at the rear increasing defense and damage; making them very dangerous. The Altmer, mostly mages but perhaps some warriors to back up the Khajiit, deal massive magic damage, and provide strong buffs for Khajiit and Bosmer. The Bosmer, mostly archers, perhaps some Guerrila fighters. Archers would deal large area damage with arrow volleys, and receive damage buffs from the Altmer; increasing the damage of their attacks. Altogether, although the army would be tightly packed, there is a large tactical advantage, especially against melee fighters who would receive massive damage from all three attacks. (That also was wrong… PvP is pretty much about having the right skills, and having lots of people – having a co-ordinated team gives a good advantage… but that’s not common).

Anyway, this is all about me to do with The Elder Scrolls Online, and related subjects. 


Here is the back story to Taure Tavari ::

Prologue – 

On the South-Western Coast of the Summerset Isles does our story begin, in Silverwood. The year was 2E 256, and a young Master Taurë Tavári was born into a respected family from the town. His name meant ”Forest Spirit”, as at the time of his mother’s conception it was believed that the child within was not well; it was dying. Whilst healers could abate the mother’s own pain from the ordeal, physical pain at least, the child inside seemed unresponsive to their magicks. The mother, seeking solitude to weep one a day, hid deep in the wood. It is said that the Spirit of the forest heard her cries and took pity on her, and so gave the child it’s life for his own, but this is just a tale perhaps exaggerated by many folk. Whether a spirit indeed even resided within the wood is a topic for dispute, but something certainly did something – some believed the mother’s tale the ramblings of madness, others believed perhaps the Pantheon had granted her a kindness. Whatever the reason, the child was born; its skin fair, and eyes glowing the same beautiful gold as the leaves in early Last Seed.

As he grew, Taurë became well versed in Linguistics and Symbolism, and at the young age of 6 was the village’s Lore-master apprentice; as well as one of the local Librarians. Both titles misrepresented the child’s abilities, for he was certainly no Lore-master, and was too young to be an avid reader; but it was a basis from which he could grow. The Altmer’s early life was dedicated to study, the learning of the world, and such a yearning for knowledge remained with him his entire life. However, he was ever curious; and never satisfied. He had read stories of great adventurers, and great battles. He especially enjoyed the story of Grahkrindrog being slain. But always he felt jealous, he wanted his own adventure; to become – A Hero. Childish desire would dictate that he seek his own danger, despite how ridiculous that would seem to an adult mind; and was cause for some regret when he aged himself.

As he was but a child, his imagination was wild, and he believed the villagers to secretly be adventurers and ancient warriors; but no the butcher did not slay trolls in the morning – he simply went out back to sneak the rats he’d caught overnight into his shop, and sell the cheap meat. And no the librarian wasn’t hoarding Ancient Tomes of Magic. Taurë was disappointed, for he wanted to experience something beyond the world he was confined to; to have his own story.

Many more years passed, of dreadful boredom; and painful jealousy – though he slowly became accustomed, and appreciative of a peaceful life. Eventually, his contentedness overshadowed that of his curiosity… so he thought. An educated individual, Taure’s studies became less and less useful. Books and tomes with contradictions, bias, uncertainty, and merely lacking the information he desired or already knew. The Altmer knew that he could not remain in Silverwood, and merely be an advocate of recycling others’ words and work.

And so, with a short farewell to the few he knew, and his family, the Altmer set out. At first it was for the capitol of Alinor, he would begin by first gaining access to a greater library. Alinor was nothing short of breathtaking, and impressive and imposing sight to any whom had not yet seen it. Taure became distracted by the city and its wonders, and his initial goal of travelling Tamriel became lost in the many years he spent in Alinor’s great libraries, courts and guilds. Whilst his knowledge of the world was ever expanding in the bustling city, as he met many whom had travelled greatly, there was a singular downfall. Taure only ever met other Altmer; never once did he encounter other races in all his years there.

Over time, Taure realised his intent once more, and set out from Alinor; though in attempt to ensure he was not once more distracted, he departed the Summerset Isles entirely.

Taure visited many regions, he traveled to Cyrodiil, Morrowind, High Rock; and beyond them all. Experiencing many cultures, environments, studying theirs histories, their habitation and the world as well as he could; the Altmer became a mer of no small renown in time. His travels were not without their perils, however. In Cyrodiil there was continuous strife to avoid and contend with. The sacking of Orsinium forced the Altmer to avoid the region for a very long period of time, and didn’t find himself returning until the third era. In time, Taure found himself contacted by the Guild of Mages, some of his books having been read and even included in more recent curriculum. The Altmer joined at their behest, though continued his journeying for a short while.

In the year 2E 555, when the King’s daughter was born, Princess Ayrenn; Taure returned to the Summerset Isles. At first, he attended to duties within the guild, spending some years in Alinor with them; but was contracted by King Hidellith in the year 559, requesting that he stay at the Alinor Palace and tutor his daughter. Whilst the payment would’ve been encouragement enough for most, Taure accepted simply for the chance to teach someone; that being Princess Ayrenn was an even better motivator. The Altmer spent most of his time in the Palace, though still attended his duties within the Guild over a period of many years, up until the day in which Ayrenn was sent to study further at the College of Aldmeri Propriety; at which time Taure’s services were ceased, with the promise that they would continue upon her return. The disappearance of the Princess was a matter of great consternation, and Taure witnessed Hidellith’s own anguish at the disappearance of his daughter; which served as a bitter reminder of how he had all but abandoned his own family to worry and uncertainty so many years ago.

The Altmer had to spend much of his time in Alinor, with the Guild, but was eventually given leave to make for Silverwood. It was a long overdue return home, and he relished the thought of seeing his parents once more. Taure instead returned to the news of their deaths, and was directed to the burial site. With what knowledge he could garner, they’d been murdered some years ago; along with many, during an assault on the town by corsairs from Cyrodiil. Were he in a more mature state of mind, the Altmer would have done his best to merely accept the matter, and leave it at that. Instead he pursued what information he uncovered, and within the year found himself yet once more in the great stone walls of the Imperial City.

Taure found one of the remaining of those responsible, though the situation was far from ideal. The man had a wife and daughter, and had clearly turned his life around from whatever he once was. Something the Altmer regretted for the rest of his life took place that night, as his anger overshadowed all reason; and he slew the man that had been involved in his parents murders. It wasn’t intentional, but naturally his wife attempted to intervene, and was killed as well – only the wails of a unknowing child, disturbed by the chaos, was left.

To leave the child would’ve driven Taure passed a point from which he could never return, nor could he bear his own existence were he to do so. The Altmer adopted the child – Ysolde – as his own, and never did he mention whom it was that killed her parents, lest she could not forgive him. He raised Ysolde, watched the girl grow into a young woman, his disciple, his student… his daughter. Whether she desired to have known her true parents (for she had been too young to remember them), Ysolde rarely brought them up… but rather it was Taure that asked her about them, and whether she wished to have known them – she would always respond with a smile, and to tell him that he was her father, no matter what. To most, that would have been the finest compliment; to Taure it was a knife to the heart… He had taken Ysolde’s parents from her, but vastly more important was that he had deprived them of such a jewel.

Raising Ysolde was not simple, but Taure tried to enjoy it immensely, despite his guilt. How horrid, that the best thing in his life should be born from his worst moment. The Altmer would have like to have travelled with Ysolde, to show her much of the good he had seen, though much stood in the way of that. The future was not so bright; the Knahaten Flu broke out in Stormhold in 2E 560. In 2E 572 news of Ada’Soom Dir-Kamal rose again, Taurë knew of the power he wielded and feared that Morrowind may be lost; however, word reached Taurë of the success at Morrowind, due to an unlikely alliance between Jorunn the Skald-King, the Dunmer, and the Argonian Shellbacks. It was good news at least. 

In the year of 580, with the death of King Hidellith, Taure was obliged to return to Alinor with Ysolde, whom was now in that intermediate period between being a child and becoming a woman; a state which actually frightened the Altmer. Ayrenn’s return was a matter for celebration however, as she was coronated Queen of the Isles, and welcomed her old tutor once more; though now Taure was the subject, and she his superior. Of course, their personal relationship remained private, for it would have been impudent for them to appear friendly in public.

With Ysolde to divert his attention, and his duty within the Guild needing attention, Taure found himself with little room to relax; as Ayrenn increasingly requested his aid and opinions on certain matters that required her own attention. Eventually, a new idea was suggested, as Ayrenn appointed the Altmer her official advisor; as Taure and Ysolde were moved to the Palace to live.

Taure juggled his responsibilities for some time until the beginning of the war. Ysolde was a young woman by this point, undeniably, and much to Taure’s own dismay, felt it right that she join the forces of the Aldmeri Dominion. Whilst he could not stop her, the Altmer conferred with Ayrenn to ensure Ysolde was never posted anywhere away from him. For some time that meant she remained safely in Alinor, growing increasingly frustrated; but in time even Taure found himself being forced into the fray in Cyrodiil.

He mostly acted as a delegate of sorts, an Ambassador, which would swiftly become his official title, as he made attempts to abate the situation between the factions whilst they might focus on the Daedric invasion. His duties within the guild, as with many, were temporarily postponed, as his responsibility as a prevalent member of the Dominion took precedence. However, during the war, duties became somewhat twisted and uncertain, as he found himself taking on the role of Ambassador, agent, and soldier alike. 

It was some years before the war that he met Maenriel Oakveil, a Bosmerknight of admirable quality, in the northern forests of Valenwood. Whilst Taure had met a great deal of people, many whom remained his friends and acquaintances, it was Maenriel, and his partner Veira Duteris, that became two of the Altmer’s closest friends.

Many were lost during the war, and Taure was no exception to those suffering. Ysolde was killed in the assault on the Imperial City, a battle that claimed the lives of thousands, in their attempt to slay Mannimarco and drive away the Daedra. Whilst the battle had been a success, there was no place for celebration from Taure. He hadn’t the time, nor the mind for it. It wasn’t for quite some time until Taure managed to return to Alinor; matters concerning the factions, politics and other unspoken matters kept him travelling the continent for a few years.

Eventually Taure returned to the Isles, though his duties continued. The war, Ysolde’s death, and his responsibilities in both the Council and the Guild had aged the Altmer terribly; in undoubtedly it would have been his own time to pass through the dreamsleeve and be recycled. Both fortunately, and unfortunately, Taure did not die. Instead, due to his profound capabilities as a scholar, and his advocacy for balance, he was approached by the Psijic Order – whom had disappeared from Tamriel some time ago. Something within the Altmer encouraged him to accept their offer, despite his overwhelming desire to be done with the world he’d been raised in.

Immortality was one of their many ’gifts’, something which Taure burdened himself with reluctantly, but saw it as a chance to improve the world for those that would be born and raised within it. He was given time, and he would do what he could with it.


I’ve also taken the liberty of constructing a backstory for a couple other characters, the Montclair Sisters ::


Amelie and Annalise Montclair, heralded as the famous (or infamous) Montclair Sisters. Now the eldest surviving members of the Montclair line, the two belong to the Lamae bloodline of Vampire Scions; one of the most powerful – and the first – vampire bloodlines to have come into existence (at least, Annalise is rumoured to belong to this bloodline, as her sister does). Sharing their progenitors hatred for both Molag Bal and Arkay, those of House Montclair belong to no religion – though they accept the presence of both Aedra and Daedra, do not deign to refer to them as gods.

Annalise Montclair, the eldest of the two, was born in the First Era, 2290; to the noble house of the Montclairs. Her father, Christien Montclair, named the newborn Annalisa; though she later adopted the Imperialised name Annalise, believing her former to be too feminine. Annalise held a strong bond with her father, and spent her early years by his side almost religiously, resulting in what some would deem more masculine interests. Christien Montclair, while a noble, was a knight; and at her behest attempted to teach Annalisa the knightly virtues of his order – Dignity, strength, determination, compassion, and above all, honesty. 

Before adulthood, Annalisa was gifted a sibling, a baby sister. The year was 2303. As the eldest, and sole sibling of young Amelie, Annalisa tasked herself with the protection of her sister, and vowed to always keep her safe; though it would seem fate was determined to set them on separate paths.

Unlike Annalisa, Amelie had little interest in knights, or swords, though don’t be mistaken in thinking she did not harbour the same love for her father and mother, for indeed she did – instead, Amelie found her solace in books. Books of history, magic, of prevalent individuals, and the other provinces; anything that interested her she was intent on studying. Thus it was that Amelie spent much of her sheltered childhood at home, in the presence of her mother and various tutors.

Annalise, as she entered womanhood, joined her father’s order of knights in his shadow; and what time she had spent at home with Amelie lessened more so. She trained away from the home, and though Amelie was engrossed in studies, she was not oblivious to Annalise’s absence.

When the War of Righteousness began, both Annalise and her father were sent to fight, to the dismay of Amelie and her mother whom feared they shouldn’t return. Amelie, on the brink of womanhood found herself confused, and though a mother’s advice was unlike any other, she knew Annalise understood her more, and yearned for her presence.

Their father returned at the end of the war, ten years later, though no sign of Annalise was to be found. After months of absence, they began to accept their fears of Annalise’s death; though would not abandon hope. In truth, Annalise had survived the war, though towards its end had been set upon by a clan of Lyrezi vampires. Though her time amongst them was short, it was brutal. The vampires, in an attempt to earn their lord’s favour, and bargain for strength, offered Annalise to Molag Bal; in sacrifice. The Daedric Prince set his will upon her in his grotesque fashion, and turned the Breton into a Daughter of Coldharbour – though it was no gift in her eyes.

Annalise’s bloodlust frightened her, as she feasted upon the blood of the forest creatures for many nights; and in her mania feared to return home lest she endanger her family. It was thus that she remained in solitude for a time, until she could control herself. Eventually, the Breton returned to Shornhelm, and into the welcoming arms of her family; at least for so long as they did not know the creature she had become. Annalise did not resent it though, in fact she embraced it. Her ordeal had opened her eyes to the weakness of humanity, and its vulnerability; and true to her vow she would not allow Amelie to be under such threat – and so it is that Annalise turned her sister into a creature of the night, to grant her the strength she lacked.

However, having lived such a sheltered life as she had, Amelie was overwhelmed by being thrust so suddenly into a world she had no understanding of, and that supposed strength gave her no comfort, for she felt more vulnerable than ever. Annalise attempted to encourage her, to make her realise that as a human she was vulnerable, and this was the best way for her to be protected. And thus, with coercion, it was that Amelie began her hesitant pursuit of more impacting schools of magic.

As time passed, naturally their parents grew old, and they had long since realised their children’s afflictions; though had managed to accept it. When, eventually, the passed away, Amelie kept to herself during her period of grieving. Left alone to deal with matters such as their burial, as well as her own grief, Annalise succumbed to a moment of weakness, one she would learn to regret – she fell in love. In what any would deem a difficult time, the comfort of another had a peculiar effect, and it was something she had not experienced in the past.

Amelie, having emerged from her confinement, was bitter about Annalise’s lover; for it seemed she was always away from Amelie in the times she needed her most, despite her vow. In her bitterness, Amelie declared her sister a hypocrite, and weak; and in her attempt to prove that she had strayed from their goal, pursued the Rite of Scions – a ritual she had studied when researching her vampiric roots. Amelie wished to consolidate power, to protect herself, to protect their house, and to protect those she wished to care for. Weakness was not an option.

Annalise birthed a child in Amelie’s absence, though as a half-vampire its skin was pale, and eyes red. Realising that she was a vampire, and believing to have sired an abomination, Annalise’s lover, in his fit of insanity, burned their child alive and attempted to kill Annalise. Distraught, she murdered him, and damned mankind for their misunderstanding of her affliction.

Having become aware of her sister’s loss, Amelie returned to Shornhelm a Scion, and remained with Annalise. For a time Amelie managed House Montclair, dealing with its rivals and ensuring it flourished. She even took it upon herself to turn some other members of the family, strengthening the house. Annalise was a fighter, however, and overcame her grief sooner than expected – though it was a loss she would not forget, nor forgive so easily.

The end of the Direnni reign gave House Montclair more freedom to expand their influence, and after the death of King Ranser, and their appointment to rule over Shornhelm, House Montclair regained their determination that had been somewhat lost. During the Interregnum, Amelie’s grandson (by association, not birth), Baron Wylon Montclair was corrupted by the Lightless Remnant, and his assault on Northpoint cost House Montclair much of their reputation – though Amelie, having been working ’behind the curtain’ and using Lleraya as somewhat of a puppet, managed to oust both House Dorell and House Tamrith and rule solely over Rivenspire.

Annalise was not fit for politics, and thus remained separate, overseeing House Montclair’s merchantry, and commanding their forces. Thus Amelie became the new Queen of Shornhelm, and ruler of Rivenspire. During the acts of Rel Dasak in the Imperial City, and his introduction of the Magickal Regulation Act; Amelie used the distraction to cause more dissent in High Rock. When High King Emeric travelled to the Imperial City, leaving Queen Maraya to tend to High Rock, the Montclair began her deception of the young Queen. 

Having spoiled Maraya’s relationship with Emeric, Amelie set up an arranged marriage for Lleraya and Eileen (her cousin) alike. Lleraya was engaged to King Casamir III of Daggerfall, and Eileen married Prince Adrien of Evermore. Unfortunately, not all went to plan. Amelie proposed to Emeric, hoping to unify the noble houses of High Rock finally, and turn the province into the greatest economic power in Tamriel, but the elderly man ’kindly’ refused – causing her to resort to a game of patience.

Within two decades, both Lleraya and Eileen had given birth to children of their own – inheritors to the thrones of both Daggerfall and Evermore, and Emeric was approaching his last breath. House Montclair found itself to be the most powerful noble house in High Rock. With her expanded influence, and her trade monopoly extending to almost every province, the Montclairs had assembled enough influence and power for Amelie to finally set her true plan into motion. Surprising most everyone, whom saw her to be a ruthless, almost tyrannical leader, Amelie approached the leaders of the provinces, calling for a meet on the island of Stirk. Empress Rhea Petilia, King Fahara’jad, Queen Ayrenn, King Camoran, High King Jorunn, the Tribunal, all were present, among other representatives of the provinces to hear out Lady Montclair’s plea.

Amelie managed to introduce a new treaty, encompassing all the provinces of Tamriel, and ensuring a long-lasting peace – for her task was to protect the people, and this was the best way in which to do so. The leader of each province would convene in the Imperial City every full moon to discuss concerns, intentions, and merely avoid conflict between the provinces. It seemed promising… until Tiber Septim.

His invasion of High Rock forced House Montclair to retreat, and reduce its influence in the surrounding regions of High Rock to focus their defence on Rivenspire. Though not being utterly devastated, once High Rock regained its independence, the other noble houses used the opportunity to ’set up shop’ in place of House Montclair. Once again re-introducing the old fractious kingdom it once was. Amelie hadn’t given up, but she allowed House Montclair to retain its foothold in Rivenspire, and began to rebuild from within – content to leave the other regions of High Rock for now.

It wasn’t until 3E 417, and the Warp in the West, did House Montclair begin its movements. Quickly attempting to use the event to pressure the regions of High Rock into unifying once more. Though successful for the most part, the five remaining regions still remained separated, though on amicable terms. It was better than before at least. Northpoint and Evermore came under joint rule, and House Montclair made occasional attempts to push their influence southward, but the forces of Camlorn, Daggerfall and Wayrest proved difficult to overcome.