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Tonsha [ton·shah]

  • IT tech
  • May or may not be made of delicious coffee
  • [email protected] (but PMs are preferable)
  • games??? books are good too
  • Current campaign: N/A
  • Current MMORPG: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Credit for my current avatar goes to Tom Krieger

To expand on the above, gaming is one of many hobbies for me and one I fit in as much as I can. I was introduced to MMORPGs back in 2003 (Runescape) but my first real foray was in 2006. (World of Warcraft) These days I mostly play Star Wars: The Old Republic for both its PvE content and for its roleplay community whilst waiting for ’something better to come along’. The Elder Scrolls Online looked to be that, but for now I focus on the guild I help to organise in SW:tOR and keep a casual eye on ESO news – I am still a supporter of the game through my moderating on Tamriel Foundry, and I remain a dedicated supporter of the Daggerfall Covenant. 

As for other games, it’s a mix of single-player RPGs, FPS releases and those weird indie games bought for you by that friend on Steam. I also like digital painting, reading (to an unhealthy amount, some have said), hiking and trying new food. Roleplay can probably be counted as a hobby by now too, whether through more a cooperative prose form or more ’live-action’ in an MMORPG or actual LARP; additionally, there’s also table-top!

I’m not really good at extended profile updates, so this will end rather abruptly… here.