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The Poisoned Blade

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Name:Do'Makir
  • Guild:The Poisoned Blade
  • Race:Khajiit
  • Class:Nightblade
  • Role:Damage

Welcome to my page!

I am excited to play with you all on the Xbox One release June 9th. My guild is the Poisoned Blade so check us out here. I really love the Khajiit race and background ever since Oblivion. My main character will be a Khajiit NB running a 2H/Bow or 2H/DW depending on whether I PVP with a group or not. setup. I enjoy every play style there is in this game so I’ll probably have multiple characters.

  • Khajiit NB √
  • Imperial Templar
  • Altmer Sorcerer

Message me for any questions or if you’d like to play any games on Xbox One

XBL GT: Lampshade Theif –(yes that’s really it)

 Do = Distinctive Warrior