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@tactician → These people are probably the best musicians you'll ever hear.

Especially if you enjoy medieval music.

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My name has been forgotten over the years, as my status and power grew in High Rock. I was simply called, ”The Tactician”. I witnessed the fall of rebellions and the raising of banners. I designed the attacks that leveled cities and ended nations. I had been unneeded for so long, I had decided myself retired. My blade dulled in the sheath, my armor rusted on its rack, and my great warhorse grew fat and lazy.


But when the Daggerfell Covenant was forged, and the war for all of Tamriel being waged on all fronts, I was called into service again. Now, my sword is ready, my bow strung, and my warhorse strong and fitted, I am ready to plan for the greatest battles ever to be fought, ready to be written as a hero of High Rock, and ready to fall so that My fellows may rise!


Okay, now for my playing style. I am a tactician, and I really like the idea of big armies clashing over the keeps and castles, but I am an explorer in Skyrim, and don’t mind a bit of mercenary work here and there. I favor the dwemer, just a warning in case I go off on a tangent about them. I usually play on an archer, and when attacked up close I’ll switch to my sword and shield. Rather a heavy armor type.