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My real name is Terry, I’m a native to Florida but my heritage is Maltese/Canadian (odd combination I know, and yes I know/despise that dog).  I work as an EMT, and I’m going for my bachelor’s degree in Biology and then going into medical school afterwards. I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan and I am ecstatic about playing this game when it comes out.  I’ve beta tested it 3 times so far, and each time it has gotten better.  Me, my cousin Tanner, and my friend Bryan are creating a guild; something we haven’t done before, but that’s probably due to the fact that we mainly play games that don’t involve guilds.  We are very serious gamers though, and we tend to know everything about a game before we play it, and we would prefer to play with people who are just as serious, as well as a good team player.  If you’re interested in joining us let me know.  We will be getting ESO for the PS4, and we will be joining the Ebonheart Pact.  


On a side not, we have a Christian background so if you have something against our views please don’t contact me.  Also we would prefer not to play with sorcerers due to their reliance on magic.  However if you are a sorcerer and you want to join us that badly please feel free to contact me with your explanation.  Thank you and God bless.


My e-mail is [email protected]