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Evgir Brom-Dur


Born In Valenwood, to an adventurer Breton mother, Martha. She was a lady from the north who went across Tamriel, stopping her journey at Valenwood. The father of the child, Arneiil, had a strict family who were following High elven traditions. Although both parents were Bretons, conflict arose between the two families of the child’s mother and father. 


The fathers family knew that Martha hasn’t followed Altmer traditions and did not allow Arneiil to marry her. Arneiil never gave up and kept begging his family to let him marry Martha. The fathers family decided that if he shall marry her, he will not be allowed to carry the last name of the family. They gave him a different last name, one that could fit with the region from where the woman came from. It was “Brom-Dur”, which meant “North-Curse” in an ancient language Arneiil’s family has found in books which came from Skyrim. Arneiil accepted the offer and has married the woman.


From that day, the new family was created. Martha, Arneiil and their son, Evgir. The name choice was simply a match for the new last name and nothing else, now fully translated to Season of the North-Curse, Evgir Brom-Dur. The new family began heading to Cyrodiil in search for their new home.


On the way to Cyrodiil, the new family has been attacked by a group of assassins, hired by one of the relatives of Arneiil, who wanted revenge for not following family traditions. The assassins were instructed to murder the mother and her son, bringing the father back to Valenwood and keeping him in a cell. Arneiil, who was a powerful wizard, stood back and fought the assassins while letting the mother and son escape. Evgir and his mother didn’t know the assassins plans and so assumed that they had no mercy on Arneiil.


The baby grew up to be a teenager who thought his father was dead. The teenage boy loved adventuring and has learned dozens of secrets throughout his journeys. He made friends with a witch who lived in the village and learned the magic he knew only from her. The teenager had great potential for using magic. 


One day, the witch predicted a war was coming to Cyrodiil and have not told anyone but Evgir. He reacted immediately and has convinced his mother that they had to move. She decided to go back to her homeland, High Rock.


Bandits were wandering around the paths to High Rock, robbing any trade wagons or travelers they have seen. Unfortunately, a bandit crew has noticed Evgir traveling with his mother and captured them. The bandits have separated them at that point, promising Evgir they will lead his mother to where she wanted to go but keeping him so he can work for them. 


That night, half the way to the bandit’s camp, they decided to make a fire and rest. This was the perfect escape plan. Evgir wasn’t the best in sneaking out of places and made a lot of noise by trying to escape. The bandits reacted quickly and began chasing him. As they caught up to Evgir they threatened to kill him. At that moment, out of the shadows came a powerful wizard to save the teenager. He fought the bandits bravely and defeated them all. After the fight was over, the man asked Evgir what he was doing here at night. The boy told him the story of what happened, the wizard looked at him curiously. He asked for the boy’s name and the answer was what he expected. It appeared that the wizard was Evgir’s long lost father.


As they sat by the campfire the bandits previously made, Arneiil told Evgir that those bandits were no regular bandits, his mother might be in trouble and he will do anything to stop them. He also mentioned his escape from the assassins that they got attacked by on their way to Cyrodiil and how he was searching for Evgir and his mother across Cyrodiil but had no luck finding them.


The next morning Evgir woke up excited to help his father defeat the bandits and save his mother, the father accepted the challenge of training the young boy to become a powerful wizard like himself.


The training took months, when it should have been years. The teenager really had a great potential to magic. His father has thought him the most powerful spells he knew, but told him he wont be able to use them until he grows up a little older. 


Once the training was complete, the father and son have travelled around every dungeon and keep they knew, tracking down the bandits. After weeks of searching, they have found where Martha was held and began preparing the siege. On the day of the siege, they easily passed through the guards and were very surprised that this large keep had such little defense. Evgir and his father have found a diary lying on the floor in one of the cells inside the keep. As they read through it, Evgir realized it was his mother who wrote it. The day of the kidnapping was exactly what happened to him and Martha back then. Arneiil didn’t lose hope and kept pointing out the diary wasn’t written as Martha would write it, he knew her well enough to recognize her writing style.


As they were debating if it was the mothers diary, a voice behind them whispered “Yes, it was her”. A large group of bandits and their chief were standing behind the father and his son, It was all a trap. Both mages fought the bandits with no mercy, but there were too many. As Evgir’s father has fallen he realized, the powerful magic of one could not defeat them all. And so Evgir made the decision that may cost his life. He summoned a powerful blizzard to wipe the bandits off the grounds of Nirn. After a short time, the bandits turned into statues of ice and Evgir fell to the cold ground as he lost most of his power. 


The wounded father has crawled his way towards the boy, grabbed him and began walking to the outside of the keep. Each step taken was hurting more and more as Arneiil’s leg was bleeding, but nothing could stop him from trying to save his son. He went outside, set up a camp for the night and began a ritual to give some of his own power to his son.


The next morning both Evgir and his father woke up extremely overwhelmed, they saw a wagon filled with armour and weapons right nearby the camp. A strange looking man was walking towards them. It was an Orc, he was heading to Orsinium and offered Evgir and Arneiil a ride. After all, maybe these two mages may save his life in the war.


And so they took off with the fellow Orc, to unite with the Daggerfall Covenant and prepare for the war everyone has been talking about. The kind Orc has dropped off Evgir and his father at the city of Wayrest, where he knew a good woman who accepts newcomers and shows them around the city. He told us the woman is doing this job only in the hopes that one day, she will welcome her family to Wayrest.


Later that day, Evgir and his father got introduced to the woman, it was Martha, the boys mother who never gave up in the search of her son. She has never been happier. Martha carried the wounded father to her house. She told them the story of her escape from the bandits before they trapped her in their keep. Once she was asked about a diary which they found in the keep, she said she never had a diary. It appeared that those bandits made the diary in order for the father and son to lose hope in the search and assume that they lost Martha forever.


Weeks have passed, Evgir’s father was resting in bed as the wounds were healing, he was extremely injured and couldn’t stand up without help. Martha kept helping newcomers as there was an increasing number of people getting ready for the war and moving to defend their homelands. And Evgir, he gave the promise to become one of the most powerful frost mages the covenant has seen and with such power he shall protect the covenant as he would have protected it together with his father.