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RACE: Orsimer
AGE: 25 ( Born 2E 557 )
BIRTHDAY: 7th of Sun’s Dusk
BIRTHSIGN: The Warrior
OCCUPATION: Scorpion Chieftain of the stronghold clan ”Scorpion Horde” home to the Alik’r desert, Hammerfell
CLASS: Dragon Knight
ARCHETYPE: Tank and Heavy Melee Combat
EQUIPMENT: Heavy Armor, Shield with Sword or Two-Handed Sword


SKIN: Dark Sage Brown
HAIR: Black Dreads Mohawk
EYES: Red Devilish Eyes, the right blinded in combat is now blurred to white grey
FACE: Horned forhead and eye brows, Scar slashing down across his left good eye, Orc tusk teeth with one slightly chiped, Five O’clock shadow, and a tattoo over his left good eye symbolizing his Scorpion Horde clan.
HEIGHT: Taller than the average Orc
WEIGHT: Easily 250 lbs of pure Muscle
BUILD: Pure muscle with great mass to his stature


WEAPON: Master of the One-Handed sword with Shield and Two-Handed sword.
ARMOR: Master in Heavy Armor
RACE: Smithing Weoponry and Armor
CLASS: Dragon Knight
GUILD: Leo Bellatorum
OTHER: Scorpion Chieftain of the ”Scorpion Horde”


Our ancestors that settled in the Alik’r Desert dug a burrow in the sands where are stronghold is to this day, to escape the harsh sand storms of Alik’r Desert, but the sand storms trapped them in the burrow with no escape as the entrance was mounded with sand. For years they lived in darkness and survived off eating scorpions that lived under the desert with them. Until one day are ancestor named Kharz Khash couldn’t take it anymore and started to dig his way out. The others knew it was impossible to achieve, no matter how much you digged you would lose all stamina too fast before the sands trickled down to fill what you have dug up. Not Kharz Khash, he wouldn’t let up, day and night he digged faster and faster exceeding his stamina never stopped for a moments rest, all he did was dig. His body has taken its toll and he was beginning to shut down as he made one final desperate attempt through his frustration and anger he did a beserker punch. His hand emerged the surface as he felt the breeze dancing through his fingers, light shinning on his face through the arm hole he made. He roared loud and proud alerting the other Orsimer in the burrow following Kharz tunnel. A caravan of Redguard merchants where passing through the area as their horses began to yield nervously. The Redguard merchants gazed at amazement as Kharz Khash emerged from the burrow depths below the sand and set foot onto the surface as the other Orsimer where right behind him. The Redguards called them the Scorpion Horde, because they emerged from the sand like a scorpion in the desert. Kharz Khash was named chieftain soon after and he was praised for many years to come. Sticking with him the name Scorpion Chieftain of the Scorpion Horde…

BORN FROM DARKNESS 2E 557-558: Mother died at birth, awakening myself to my father Khashnar Khash the Scorpion Chieftain. He was leader of the Scorpion Horde clan, home to the Alik’r Desert of Hammerfell. Without a mother I never knew what love was, as my father was a strong powerful fierce orc that would never shed a tear. Born in deadly conditions living in Alik’r Desert I began my training at birth, in the ways of surviving and fending for myself. My first lesson he taught me was ”Death is only the beginning”. I knew I was being bred to be the next Scorpion Chieftain.

THE WAY OF THE SWORD 2E 562-575: Five years has passed after my birth into darkness. Only five I was, when I picked up my first blade and thrusted it into another life. A captured enemy from a battle that my father brought me so that I may feel the death of another. My father grinned as I did, for I liked the feeling of taking another life. Him seeing this showed true promise to the heir of the throne. My father took me under his wing, and trained me personally as I perfected the art of war faster then he could imagine. I was born to kill, born to lead, born to become Scorpion Chieftain. I was the most naturally gifted Orsimer warrior he has ever witnessed. I was master of the sword at age 18.

ART OF WAR 2E 576-581: A god among my clan raging in every battle with my father, even the battle against the giants of Skyrim to aid our fellow strongholds in the north, how they fell to my blade as I held a giants head and dragged it back to Hammerfell. It then came time as I reached the age of 24 that I was ready to take the throne of the Scorpion Chieftain. In the Orsimer ways only death can crown me Chieftain as I would have to face my father, my own blood to take what belongs to me now, he knew it was time aswell for my reign as Scorpion Chieftain. It was a battle for the ages for I have not encountered a more worthy opponent then my father. The fight lasted hours of shredding blow to blow, counter to counter, block to block. The final moments of the fight I came close to being be headed by my father as he swings his blade slashing downwards barely I stepped back just enough where he grazed my left eye, which he over powered his strike leaving him open for attack, as he stood there staggered holding his two-handed sword resting it in the sand I lunged forward and drove my two-handed sword through his heart, silence grew around the clan audience, as I drove my blade all the way inching my self closer and closer to him, I whispered to him ”Death is only the beginning”. Pulled my sword out as he dropped directly to the bloody sand that circled us, and raised my sword high as I heard chanting of the horde ’’SCORPION CHIEFTAIN!” over and over again.