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Ruger. She thought it a strange name. But it was the name she heard inside of her head the day that she found the little hatchling. It was the Hist she had come to harvest. It spoke to her. Told her things she could not even begin to understand. The only thing the Bosmer woman could comprehend was that this young Argonian would have a part to play in the coming years.


Larena Rino was only a young wood elf herself when she was banished from her homeland of Valenwood. Her mother was ill and laid dying in her bed of some unknown sickness, as many others were in her village. She knew of an herb that could be used to create a strong elixir of health growing nearby in the forest, as she had been learning medicine with her uncle while on visits to the isles. Forgoing the Green Pact, Larena gathered the ingredients she needed and crafted the potion in an attempt to save her mother’s life – an attempt that failed at everything but ensuring her exile from Valenwood.


She settled in an area near the border of Black Marsh, where she could find some of the most exotic and potent of ingredients to continue her practice of alchemy. One day she set out on an excursion deep into the swamps in search of the Hist, longing to find what secrets were locked away in the sap of these majestic trees. When Larena finally came upon one, she noticed the young Argonian hatchling nestled below it’s roots. As she knelt down to him, she placed a hand on the root and with her other hand caressed the child. Like a conduit, the Hist began to ’speak’ to her, it’s thoughts flowing through her like a warm river rushing over her skin and into the Argonian child. ”Ruger”… the only word she could decipher.


For years, Larena housed and raised young Ruger as her own child, teaching him the arts of medicine and crafting as a means of survival in the harsh outer reaches of civilization. But eventually, it was uncivilization that would find Ruger. For a patrol of pirates, seeking slaves to trade with the Dunmer, had happened upon him one day. As he fought for his life, Larena came running out to aid him. She was immediately struck down and killed by one the bandits. This enraged Ruger to the point that his skin began to harden like the Hist sap. He fought violently against his would be captors, who finally retreated into the swamp.


Morose and distraught, Ruger set out to return his mother to her place of birth, a dream she often spoke of but never imagined possible. But now a war was brewing, and all of the hardships that come along with it. Roads became near impassable, and even off the beaten paths were military encampments rife with soldiers on edge, ready to attack any and all who come too close. Amid this chaotic landscape is where Ruger came to meet the ones he would call his new family, a nomadic band of werewolves who called themselves the Bloodmoon Pack. They were led by an alpha named Gunnolf, founder of a growing army of werewolf packs and vampire covens called the Accursed Legion. Gunnolf gladly bestowed the gift of Hircine upon Ruger, who was far too eager to receive it.


The Bloodmoon Pack helped Ruger sneak into Valenwood by night to return his mother to her homeland. After the Argonian made his peace, the pack returned east to the battlefront, where they enlisted their aid to the war effort of the Ebonheart Pact. Ruger now spends his days crafting armor and weapons for the Legion, while making potions to keep his pack brothers healthy. But his mind is always wandering to thoughts of his mother, and what horrific things he would do to if he could sink his claws into the men responsible for her death…


 written by Gunnolf Bloodmoon

Thank you Gunnolf for taking my clinical facts and making a story for me