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Imperial Dragonknight

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@the-gray-watcher I enjoy your posts and would love to bounce some build ideas off you if you don't mind

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Over the years of gaming I’ve learned that the best experiences in any game was the moments I shared with real life friends and new ones I met through gaming.  I’m down for doing anything in groups, looking forward to many laughs and the camaraderie. 

Main Build: 

Brenton / Sorceror/ 5L 2M / 70%M 20%H 10%S 

Destruction Fire Staff:   Crystal Fragments, Mages’ Wraith, Liquid Lightning, Weakening Prison, Inner Light  Energy Overload

Restoration Staff: Rapid Regeneration, Healing Ward, Illustrious Healing, Siphon Spirit, Dark Conversion  Suppression Field


Future/Test Builds:

Bosmer / Nightblade / 5M 2L / 50%M 20%H 30%S 

Bow: Marked Target, Poison ArrowSnipe,  Haste, (Group Healing Ability)  Soul Shred

Dual-wield: Teleport Strike, Strife, Assassin’s Blade, Whirlwind, Shadow Cloak    Death Stroke

Bosmer / Nightblade / 5H 2L / 40%M 30%H 30%S 

Sword and Board: Teleport Strike,  Drain PowerPuntureStrifeSiphoning Strikes  Soul Shred

Dual-wield: Immovable, WhirlwindStrifeAssassin’s Blade, Summon Shade     Death Stroke

 / Dragonknight / 5H 2L / 50%M 20%H 30%S 

Sword and Shield: PunctureInhale, Spike ArmorObsidian ShieldDefensive Posture  Magma Armor

Two-Handed: Critical Charge, Reverse Slash, Dark Talons, Fiery Breath, Molten Weapons    Dragon Leap