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Sending me friendship requests won't make me your friend. Becoming my friend will.

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Hi there, I’m Rial, your friendly neighborhood German moderator.

Apart from my function as the token non-English-speaking minority guy on the Tamriel Foundry team, it is my duty to keep clean the forums from spammers, trolls and other undesireables. Yes, I have already moderated at least one of your posts. No, you don’t neccessarily know. But be assured that I do. And that I will remember. Forever.

Should you have any issues, complaints, suggestions or just a general desire to conduct conversation with me, feel free to write a PM or, if you’re an old-fashioned kinda guy, send an email to [email protected]


About Me

I’m a student of advanced moderatology at Nowhere Near U-niversity. I enjoy romantic sunsets, not being in the presence of too many people, and comedy (Contrary to what you were just thinking, there’s loads of comedy in Germany, too). I also like cats, because that’s how I can make the internet love me.

I’m passionate about expansive fantasy world, hence my love for the Elder Scrolls series and Warhammer novels. A huge open world to explore and deep and diverse lore is what I’m looking forward to in games, aspects today’s MMORPGs like to neglect in favour of competition in PvE and PvP and general BroDudeiness and Nerddom (whatever that is) Denial.

I have played the following MMOs to an extent that surpasses the term of ”dabbling.” You might notice that I’m a sucker for healing.

  • Warhammer Online: Chaos Zealot & Disciple of Khaine
  • SW: The Old Republic: Bodyguard/Arsenal Mercenary & Corruption/Madness Sorcerer & Darkness Assassin
  • Guild Wars 2: Doesn’t really matter, I only played GW2 for time-wasting world completion and pretty characters
  • ESO: Sorcerer
  • Wildstar: Esper


Apart from playing MMOs and other video games – mostly RPGs that allow for quite a bit of freedom and the occasional RTS – I like to spend my time either reading (mostly your shitty posts on TF) or writing (mostly posts shitting on your shitty posts on TF).