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Sleep... sleep is for the weak.

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My Character:
Scene opens on a loud, lute-filled, fun time at a cornerclub… very wild-west meets Morrowind. A shadowy figure dawning a dark hood comes in and approaches the bar. After a few muffled words the bartender says over the drunken clamor, “I have no idea who you’re after, but they aren’t here” all while shooting not-so-subtle glances and nods to a Dunmer in the corner having a little too much flin and enjoying the music. Removing her hood, the fetching Altmer woman approached him. “Councilor Matius, an urgent message from the legions in Cyrodi…” Stuttering ensued. Her divine yellow eyes and angelic hair blackened for an instant before returning to normal. As her perfect little features crumple to the floor a dagger rolled from the same hand that held the scroll. The Dunmer unrolls the message to reveal a Black Hand. “That trick is so famous I don’t know how she thought that could possibly work… Well sorry ’bout the mess Rorik, I’ll make sure the Councilor hears about this. What do I owe ya?” ” ‘tson the house Odai, thanks for less blood than the last one” Alnevar Odai flashes a fanged smile and walks out into the night. As he walks away from the lively cornerclub his elven ears pick up Rorik’s voice conversing with another customer “Yeah we all know, but trust me when I say he’s the only vampire you can trust your wife with, let alone your neck.”
About me:
 Name is RAVID. RAV for short. Real life name is inconsequential but for those interested it’s Erich. My xfire com is Ravid, but I don’t game on PC as avidly as I used to. I am a Chemistry major at the University of Colorado. I played competitive 90< games a year of baseball for most of my life along with football and lacrosse. Preparedness, intelligence and endurance are key traits that I have and that I believe are necessary in life. They after all work together. If you are unprepared you need to be smart, if you cannot find a solution you need to be able to endure, if you are unable to endure you need to be prepared.
I have a wonderful girlfriend of 7 years who may not support my gaming addiction, but accepts that the feeling of outsmarting another human being is evolutionary and outmatched in pleasure only by the kind she provides.
I have the aim for being a pharmacist but I find that too small of a space for the kind of influence I could provide.
I have played RTS games since I was 7 starting with CivII on my aunt’s computer. For years I would play these games even after I got a nintendo for pokemon stadium. In my uncle’s room I would play days away on battle tanks, super smash bros and pokemon, but one year changed everything… When I was 11 my uncle got a curious game that I had seen on Toonami’s game review. It was listed as a 9/10 only because the game was so big that it could literally take days to get across the map. I put it in and was almost immediately addicted… it was Morrowind. That game changed my life so much that I even wrote a paper on it in college about ”what defines you”. In between my few hundred characters throughout the TES series so far I would play Empire Earth II, Age of Empires I,II, and III, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, CIV II, III, and IV, Total War: Rome (Barbarians expansion), Shogun I and II, Rise of Nations, Starcraft I and II, Command and Conquer TW, Supreme Commander, Halo wars, TC End War, battlefield 2 commander mode, and every book I own revolves around the details, intricacies, applications, theories and histories of warfare. Forgive me… but I am not good with names or famous people… I am good at doing what they have done and making my own strategems at all levels throughout the outline of war.
I have 2200 hours in Morrowind and I have never beaten the whole game ( I never played as a Redoran). I have played 1230 hours on Oblivion and I have beaten the game. I have played 1530 hours in Skyrim and I have beaten the game. Most of my logged time has been on consoles and none of it has been with mods of any sort.
I had played an MMORTS for 4 years. In this game I have run and managed numerous alliances ranging from 12 members to 210 members. I have lead many wars against superior enemies and have won all but one of them. (6 of 7, where the loss was the result of being on the receiving end of an enemy blitz before we knew war had been declared)
In BF3 I ran a guild of 93 members that had been capable of competing with tier 2 teams. After its disbandment (School divided the team) many of its members became top 5000 players in the world… some of them after being reset.
You want my opinion of TESO? It is not a very good classic MMO and it is not a very good TES game. However; it is the most fun I have had with hundreds of players at once, while in a familiar universe. What more can I really ask for? Finally I have a game that allows me to out-think players in a world I understand from the get-go.
I will be playing on Xbox One. The gamer tag is R4VID (I do have RAVID, but that is a long story). I will be playing BF4 from release and I intend to make a Platoon post launch.