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  • Name:Livia Tiberius Augusta
  • Guild:Leo Bellatórum
  • Race:Imperial
  • Class:Dragonknight
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First Elder Scrolls game played was Oblivion, but I eventually back tracked to Morrowind, and of course have played Skyrim.  Favorite game was Oblivion, hopefully Elder Scrolls Online is awesome!


Character Bio

Name: Livia Tiberius Augusta

Race: Imperial Female

Age: 19

Preferred weapons: Bow and Arrow (Long Range); Sword and Shield (Close Range)

Skills: Archery, One Handed, Smithing, Sneak, Lock Picking, Pickpocket

Personality: Laid back, very relaxed

Relationship to other races: Cares nothing about race, judges those based upon their honor and valor

Good/evil/neutral: Pretty neutral, but leans more to the good side.