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@blade Just wanted to say the site looks great. The aesthetics are what originally attracted me to it, so excellent work.

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My full name, and title is Rüby Psiberzerker: Anarchrist, and I’m a Gamer.

”High, Rüby.”

The name Psiberzerker was originally ΨΒΣΓΖΣΓΚ, my Pilot/Raven Name in the original Armored Core.  In Master of Arena, we got 2 more Characters, so I extended it to ΨΒΣΓΖΣΓΚΣΓ.  As Greek isn’t always supported by ASCII (I can type Greek, Cyrillic, Ümlauts, and Eßetts on the Numberpad.) I usually spell it out in normal characters.

Anyway, the first Videogames I played were Pong, and Tennis for Two on the Oscilloscope in the garage.  I got the schematics out of the back of Popular Science, and breadboarded it with my brother as a summer project some time in the 70s.  Even before we got the D&D boxed set (2nd Edition) in 1983, we had a Turn Based Line of Sight system based loosely on Battleship for Green Army Men in a literal Sand Box in our back yard.  (We cut a box in half to use as screens while we set up.)  

You remember the Dungeons&Dragons scare in the 80s?  My mom was the DM.  While the Religious ”Right” were proseletising that it was of the Devil, Mom was like ”Don’t worry about your veggies, guys.  I’ve got a new Module!”  {Waves that month’s issue of Dragon Magazine.}  My brother was a Munchkin, had a Death Knight with a Greatword named ”Crimson Sorrow” while my pacifistic Jester defeated the Orcs by dumping balls on the floor for them to slip, and fall on.

I’m also one of the most hated of Player Archetypes, the dreaded Cherry Tapper.  Whatever the weakest Joke Character is, I will whip you with her, using just the weakest attack just to prove a point.  (Skills beat everything, you stupid Scrub!) 

Other than Armored Core, my favorite Game Franchize ever is The Elder Scrolls.  I got sucked into Morrowind, I mean I don’t get out much, because of symptoms of my Personality, but once I saw Vvardenfell I grew my first beard, and learned to WASD with nails longer than my fingers.  I figured out how to set up a Mr. Coffee to cook Ramen on a Timer.  The local Pizza Hut called ME when I forgot to call in my order!  (Okay, once, or twice.  Not for my business, one of those ”Should we call the Coroner?” calls.)

I minmaxed my life for Crapsocking.  You have to understand, I have an engineering background, my Major in college was Industrial Automation, and Robotics, and I cant really turn it off.  I build Heat Exchangers, and Draft Convection flow into my camp fires.  Once melted Aluminum with nothing but split wood, and a circle of stones to contain it.  Basically, I minmax everything, and I multitask, so I can do it in real time, parallel to Role Playing.  I even role-play minmaxing characters.  

I’m Schizotypal, which in addition to Social Avoidance, Elabourate Affect, and Speaking patterns, the primary symptom is Magical Thinking.  My magic system included a symbol for every one of the 24 faces of the stellated octahedron (2tetrahedra interlaced like a Star of David in 3 dimensions, what the Cabalists call the Merkaba.) with different axes at all 8 points, and six intersections between them as well as interactions between adjacent forces, materials, and forms of energy.  I understand the 4 classic Elements as the States of Matter, and unified Magic with Physics.  I know what gravity is, and why, not to mention where all the Antimatter in the universe went.  (There’s a Feynman diagram for that, it’s complicated, and involves a lot of the maths.)

I’m also a non-op gender-dysphoric.  Like my Schizotypal Personality, I manage it so it’s not a Disorder.  I don’t consider myself Transgender, because I’ve looked through the catalog, and they don’t have anything I want.  (Like a head-jack.)  The Tranz-prefic means Change, and while I don’t like the body I was born with, it’s handy for heavy lifting, and I didn’t really have my heart set on giving birth anyway.  This gives me the freedom to be a Big Hairy girl, or ”Guyl.”  It also means I can get away with rocking a Heart Shaped Beard, in central Texas, and nobody notices unless I dye it Pink.

I am a Science Fiction Writer, and a Rivethead.