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Name: Patelin (pronounced pa-tay-lin)   Gender: Male   Race: Bosmer   Age/Birthsign:  Age unknown. Born on the 7th of Evening star (The thief birthsign)

Appearance: Very innocent looking and baby faced. Patelin’s tiny frame and bouncy movements convey an immediate sense of harmlessness. Junior has a very cheeky smile, and those big brown eyes of his always seem to suggest mischief. Medium length dark curly hair. and dark curvy eyebrows to match. He has a small nose and a rosy complexion. The little elf is usually sighted wearing a tweed shirt and waistcoat combo, and tight pants tucked into knee high shoes.   

     Height: 4’ 7”    Weight: 91 lbs

Personality: Patelin can be cunning and devious, but yet wouldn’t hurt a fly. He remains light hearted seemingly all the time, almost strangely so. At times frustratingly facetious, he has a pecuiliar sense of humour even in the most inappropriate of situations. He almost never gets angry, not even towards an enemy. Junior is very engaging to all, precedented Bosmer merryness that renders from endearing or flat out bothersome.

He speaks in a bubbling tone, with an Industrial Cyrodiilic accent.His voice is soft and multi-tonal, he (thinks he) does good impressions. Patelin’s sentences can seem too fast and are stringed together at times, or annoyingly slow. Some see his excentricity as something eary and not quite right. His bizarre mannerisms and constant theatrics can leave others engrossed, irritated or even unsettled.

The puny elf seems to have an inherited and an educated grasp of the arcane, sharp wits, and is capable of executing devious schemes, However Junior very rarely carries a weapon, he is no skilled fighter, and offers little to nothing in terms of combat. He is not a hard hitter at all, and has next to no aggression in him, when it comes to defending himself he is vulnerable and can only flee.


Art Credit: ’SharksDen Via Winterfell F*** yeah’