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PS4 only players, Aldmeri Dominion, come and join us

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My name is Pars2nd, i was named after my Grand father and a Noble man Parsa who fought many battles for the dominion, at the age of 23 I left the life of a Noble altmer and quested for the Arcane knowledge, i studied the art of Destruction magic as an apprentice of Master Atropart a mage of house of Redoran in Morrowwind, from there i requested acceptance at the mages academy of Cyrodiil. Upon acceptance of my request i traveled to Cyrodiil and spend mastering Enchantments for the next five years. Although i have allot of good memories from my stay at the academy i disliked Cyrodiil, it was a sad city, a city without soul, all those great architecture, all those great books and fantastic scholars, and yet a sad place, with no life and no future. it was in the great city that i met My Queen Ayrenn and we came to know that we both resented what was happening here. After many years of friendship we parted and went our own way, i chasing my knowledge and she returning to Summerset isle.

About a year latter i received a message from my Queen, requesting an audience, upon my arrival i was told of her plan, a plan to free all from these vile rulers and she request if i would fight for the Dominion as my Grandfather had done before me. How could i refuse such a call from my Queen and a friend, so i was given the task of creating the best fighting force within our Dominion and what better name than Ayrenn Councillors, we are tasked to create and organize this elite force and be ready for the war to come. So my brothers and sister I ask you, would you not want to fight for the Dominion, would you not answer the call of our Queen, would you not want to become Immortal, do you not want to be part of the Ayrenn Councillors.

If you do then come and join me.