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Breton Sorcerer

The Order of Magnus

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Still searching for a guild to join... where are you, fellow necromancers?!

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  • Name:Septimus Darkewisp
  • Guild:The Order of Magnus
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He may be old, but Septimus is by no means foolish. With age comes wisdom, and his knowledge of the Black Arts is something to be admired. A skilled summoner and accomplished Necromancer, Septimus is both wise and capable of breathing life into the long since dead. Often making trips deep into the Catacombs in his tattered black robes, he can often be heard chanting incantations of the dead, his voice echoing deep into the abyss as he performs his dark rituals. Armed with his black tome of necrotic spells, Septimus is awaiting his chance to join his like-minded necromancers, and looks for every opportunity to use his skills to aid the ever-growing number of the dark order.