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Dunmer Nightblade

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Not liking the pvp update atm

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Name:Hal Jordan
  • Guild:
  • Race:Dunmer
  • Class:Nightblade
  • Role:Damage

Templar Healer/ Nightblade Stam DPS/  Sorc Magika DPS/  DK Tank/ Stamplar/ Templar Healer/  Magika DK/ Stam Sorc/ Magika NB

 700 + CP

Vamp and Werewolf

9 trait Light, Medium, Heavy armor and  all Woodworking. 7 trait minimum on blacksmithing weapons. Enchanting, Alchemy and Provisioning maxed. 

All on Xbox One EU servers

Magika NB/ DK tank/ Magika Sorc/ Templar Healer.

On NA servers

350+ CP

 Enchanting Alchemy Provisioning Maxed. 7 traits light armor 8 trait heavy armor 6-7 traits all woodworking 6 trait medium armor