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Bought the founders pack for Neverwinter, only to find out I could've waited 12 hours for the open beta. Crap.

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My name’s Shayne, a fan of video gaming and world history. I’m currently attending OSU to become apart of the Military Police. I’ve passed criminal law and am now studying forensic science for 3 years.


I used to live in a dorm in OSU but tuition prices AND boarding prices shot up so I moved in with a friend off-campus. Hopefully that won’t last as soon I should be able to get my own place and live there.


I game on the PC and PS3, and sometimes play on a friend’s xbox 360. I enjoy calm games with a clan or some friends, and I like to search for new games to get into.


Was gone for a long while due too some issues with my lungs. Both of them almost collapsed and my oxygen levels were dangerously low. I spent most of my time at multiple hospitals while unconscious or awake and on loads of painkillers. When not on a hospital bed, I was at Haily’s house (a friend I’ve been living with) doing college work and sleeping for hours straight. Still surprised Haily never got stressed out while she helped me.

Also now diagnosed with PTSD due to the lung problems.

MMO History:

DAoC SWToR GW1+2 WoW RS AionOL LotRO Rift Planetside 2 EVEOL Dust 514


ESO characters:

Main character —–  Uthyn Hearthwing —Born in Wayrest to a small but wealthy family, Uthyn was to inherit a major High Rock business. Despite this, Uthyn sought his fortune elsewhere, and wanted to become something more than a simple merchant but rather a hero remembered for doing something great. When he was 8, he discovered his inherited magical abilities and secretly honed them; slipping away every once and a while to practice them in a large field outside his house. He would dream of becoming the Arch-Mage of the Mage’s Guild and having extreme magic potential.

When he was 14, he began doing small jobs through the city and earning gold. After several months of doing so, he purchased an iron greatsword from the local blacksmith and managed to hide it from his parents. He practiced with it, despite it’s weight, and combined it with his restoration and alteration magic abilities. He did so for 2 years and followed it up by going missing for 2 weeks to explore a cave many claimed to be haunted by undead, as he was curious about the cave and what it might’ve contained. With no armor and only his magic and his sword, he ventured into the depths of the cave to find a large ruin left behind by the ancients of High Rock. He fought undead and managed to get out of the ruin alive, bringing back treasure and lost lore from it.

Despite his family being angry with him for leaving for so long, they were proud that he managed to survive the trip with things to show for it. They sold the things he brought back for a profit and moved the family to Daggerfall. There, they established trade relations with noble and rich families and made large sums of money. When Uthyn turned 21, the war in Cyrodil began, and Uthyn watched as High Rocks profits collapsed and his family followed in suit of others. His family, like so many others, had trouble gathering food and selling anything since gold had become a rare thing.

When the Daggerfall Covenant formed, Uthyn was among the first of hundreds to sign up for the faction’s military. Despite not having his families approval or the support of many close to him, he traveled to Cyrodil with armies of foreign races he never thought he’d work with. He met Orcs and Redguards and saw Cyrodil at it’s war-torn state. He traveled with his fellow soldiers across Covenant owned lands and fought invaders when he was told. Even with his little combat experience, his skill impressed officers and quickly got him through the ranks and with the armies that invaded other lands.

Eventually he gained his own lead of a small unit of men, and led them to the border between Valenwood and Cyrodil to capture and interrogate an Altmer commander who had important information about Dominion troop movements. It was from that commander that he learned just how cruel mer can be, as the Altmer spoke cold words with little regard for life. As the war continued and Uthyn saw more of the violence mer cause and how unjust their cause was, his hatred for elves hardened to the point where he took extreme measures to eliminate entire Dominion companies and units. Despite the infamy it got him from his officers, he was the one they called on in impossible situations as he always gets the job done.

When Uthyn learned of Molag Bal’s invasion and plans, he recognized it as a threat greater than even the Altmer’s planned genocides. While much of his attention was still devoted to the war, Uthyn sidetracked to find ways on how to stop Molag Bal and prevent his plan from succeeding.


Arathus Rethul — A Dunmer assassin with intense skill and loyalty to the Tribunal. He wishes to see the Dunmer prosper in the Empire, and fights for the Ebonheart Pact. He helped defend Morrowind during the Akaviri Invasion, so he saw the power of the Akaviri armies first-hand.


Born in Mournhold, Arathus was abandoned as a child and left to live on the streets. He got involved in petty crime and stole things for a living, and was eventually captured by the guard and thrown in prison for two years. His excellent skills were seen as something he could use to redeem himself, however, so the Morag Tong spoke with him and offered him membership. Seeing no other option, Arathus accepted and became a devoted member for around 7 years before leaving due to an Akaviri threat. Along with many other Dunmer, including quite a number of Morag Tong members, he joined the Dark Elven military forces in order to fight the inevitable invasion of Morrowind. When the Akaviri did invade, Arathus saw many of his friends die to enemies he never would’ve imagined.


When the invasion was fended off, Arathus wandered around Morrowind for 6 years, seeing how other Dunmer cultures were and how foreigners treated the lands. When the Arcane Explosion occurred in Cyrodil, he fled back to Mournhold and quickly tried to find out exactly what was going on. When he discovered the truth, he was unable to do anything. But when the Alliance War began, Arathus quickly took back his title as a soldier and fought the enemies of the Dunmer. His main hope is to defeat Molag Bal and the Imperials to stop any chance of Nirn ending to a Daedra.


Arathus has a bitter hatred for the Altmer and Bosmer, whom he calls the ”Corrupted Elves.” He claims that ”they’ve been blinded by power far beyond cure.” He considers the elves of the AD ”a bitter disappointment to the Mer and only further justifies the claim that the Mer are purely violent.”


— Sylch, a Bosmer Scout that has lived quite a normal life up until the Alliance War. She was born in Elden Root to a family that was quite torn. Her father believed that the Bosmer had lost their ways and were under a full influence by the Altmer, while her mother disagreed. It was to the point that she was forced to pick her side several times; her mother or her father. Eventually, when the Alliance War began, Sylch started to pay attention to current events and joined the Aldmeri Dominion. While she did agree with most of what they stood for, this would be drained in time.

During a normal unit transport to the border of Valenwood to prep for war, Sylch was ambushed just along the border by Covenant members. She witnessed the deaths of much of her unit, as they were just a small squad against an attack force of Orcs, Redguards, and Bretons. Eventually, an Altmer camp nearby sent help and captured many of the enemies. What Sylch was hoping for in a public execution of enemies turned into a slow torture feast. The Altmer decided to keep the prisoners to ”test” spells on them and show them just how superior Mer were to other races. Sylch believed this to be a form of excessive genocide and pure torture, and she didn’t like what happened.

She is also under the impression that what the Altmer say about Man are excessive. She believes that Man are just simply trying to revive the past and refuse to move forward. She doesn’t believe that they must be controlled by Mer and forced to believe it, but rather believe it on their own.