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My father always told that an honest life is the only way a man can live with piece of mind.My name is Loki, but more importantly I’m a hunter. I grew up in Valenwood with nothing but a sea of endless trees at my disposile, and a bow in my hand . While my father told me that I need to follow in his footsteps and become a tailor like him I told him that it was a boring life a life that just wasen’t for me I wish to seek the thrill of the hunt, and one day become a follower of hircine. He never liked it when I talked about becoming a follower of hircine and hunting he sometimes called me a savage. That’s another one of his long lectures, if I start depending on hunting for a living, you will eventually turn into a savage and that one day hircine would take my soul.I do however agree with my father on that stance. Hircine will take my soul, and I would gladly let him for the thrill of the hunt was the only thing sought for, and I loved it deep down into my soul. 


When I grew old enough I left my family behind to seek out a group followers to hircine the lord of the hunt.The only pact I knew of was known as the Blood Pack, but they were located deep into the heart of Malabal Tor. I had never traveled that far into the forest before cause my father forbid me, and the wild werewolves showed no mercy to any traveler who passed through Malabal Tor.Before I left my father tried to talk me out of it. He feared for me cause that was how  mother died she was a gerat hunter and one day the wolves got to her while she was on a hunt, she never came back. Father finally relized that he could not stop me fro going, and right before I was about to leave he embrased me, and gave me mothers dagger it was made from the bones of a werewolf, very sharp and very sturdy. I embrased my father one more time before I left I opened the door to the hut, and never looked back.