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Starting to run trials fairly regularly. Finally getting into veteran trials as well.

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  • Server:Xbox One
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  • Race:Dunmer
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Gamertag: Lexifer452

XBOX NA Server


Main: CP160+ Dunmer Magicka DPS/Main Crafter+Master Writ Completer DragonknightEbonheart Pact

Alt Characters:

CP160+ Altmer Magicka DPS SorcererAldmeri Dominion

CP160+ Bosmer Stamina DPS Nightblade – Ebonheart Pact

CP160+ Breton Magicka Healer Templar - Ebonheart Pact

Also, considering leveling a fifth character with the intention of learning how to tank, possibly with a frost staff. Nightblade tank maybe. We’ll see how it goes.



Interested in running the Undaunted and Mage’s Guild daily shareable quests with as many people as possible, I believe there are fifteen quests total for each, to level my Nightblade’s and Templar’s respective skill lines.


Join Orange Team Go. A very active social guild on the North American Xbox server that is interested in everything from crafting to trials. Has a great many members who are very knowledgeable and experienced that are willing to help new players if they need it. Not a big time trading guild. At least not at t moment. All are welcome though. Very chill. There is a recruitment thread on Gamefaq’s ESO XBOX forum if you are interested. Link to thread right here.