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Kotaro Atani is in Tamriel and adventuring in the NA PS4, you can find me there.

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Actively Playing, This one is usually in game around 12 midnight eastern time zone to about 5 am or 6 am if I am working, if I am not working, sometime around 9pm or 10pm eastern time until early morning I will be in game, if anyone wants to team up my name in ESO is Kotaro Atani at Acct : @whiteshadow711jp

I am way more active on the NA PS4 now in the WOLF guild, I only play on NA PC from time to time now.

Also I am always hanging out in Rawl’Kha in Reapers March as it is Kotaro’s base of operations and current home.


The Kotaro Chronicles start on 3/30/14


Kotaro’s father, K’dartan Atani a Cathay-raht, was a member of the Dark Brotherhood in Anequina and Kotaro’s mother, a Ohmes, died of a disease when he was an infant. Kotaro was born a Cathay. Kotaro’s father trained Kotaro since birth to take his place one day as an Assassin in the guild but Kotaro never saw eye-to-eye with his father about killing for profit and walked out when he was twenty. Kotaro travelled on his own and made his way to the forest and met a female Wood Elf named Silandra Pineshade who taught him the basics of wilderness survival and the more advanced skills of archery, they hunted together for a few years and secretly became lovers and close friends. Finally Silandra had to leave Kotaro for her family and bid him farewell. Kotaro learned to Smith weapons and craft armor from a Orc smith named Karagarth Gro-Kharbash in a small town he layed up in to heal from his wounds he gained from being ambushed on the road by rogues. Kotaro used smithing to earn extra gold in his travels going from town to town between adventuring and thieving from people who preyed on the weak. As the years went by Kotaro eventually reunited with his father in Pellitine who had then become a bodyguard to right his transgressions and wash the blood from his paws as an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood. Kotaro’s father trained his son to the best of his ability in the ways of the bodyguard and Kotaro honed his skills to become a Bodyguard and a Caravan protection specialist. His father soon passed on to great void and Kotaro left Pellitine and traveled the land to help any who needed protection and to make a living for himself, like a mercenary with no lord. With this in mind he signed on with the Caravanners of Elsweyr as a Bodyguard / Caravan Protection specialist. After being informed from a scroll delivered to him about the call to arms by Queen Ayrenn for the Aldmeri Dominion, Kotaro left with his Caravan to travel and meet up with the Aldmeri Dominion army to fight the coming war.. 

After Meeting Razum Dar and Jokazz of the Queen’s Hand, and upon the urging of Queen Ayrenn, Kotaro Atani choose to become a Dominion agent and assassin, this meant leaving the Caravanners of Elsweyr behind but it had to be done, his fellow Khajiit need him. Jokazz had to travel back to Elsweyr so He handed Kotaro Atani guild leadership to the Queen’s Hand. Kotaro with his trusty friend Dar’Kasnite (Aerius-Sygale) faces the future.


Leveled a ALT Duplicate of my main Kotaro Atani, named Kotaro-Atani (VR16, combat skills only as the original is a dedicated crafter and does all crafts), Main quest is done and ready to do Cadwell’s Silver and Gold Quests.