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My first play was Tetris, next was Pitfall on atari, than zelda on nintendo. Than the real life ruled for a long time. Because of an other trainee I started to play again. We played Wolfenstein the whole night long..I foundet my frist guild with a friend. I liked to play evil ego shooter.. Quake!   I would never forget the voice: HEAD SHOT!

In my town, there was a LUG. Full of crazy players. They only played Linux games.. I started to learn to deal with linux.. This was the time with LAN-Partys. I played Anno, SimCity, GTA..and now I play The elder scrolls online. I was never a solo player, and I would never be.. sometimes I play 7days to die, ARK or path of exiles.. ghost recon.. I like this.

I like to kill! In my real life I`m a nurse.  Cant hurt anyone :-)