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Originally, from NYC, I currently live & work in Seattle, WA.  I am a new gamer!  I’ve played D&D Neverwinter Online at the urging of some friends in early 2013 and quickly discovered a new hobby!  I have met and made some awesome online friends worldwide.

I first stumbled upon ESO at the 2013 PX convention here in town.  I saw a huge waiting line for the Bethesda booth and got a brief glimpse of the game onscreen and was impressed by the cinematic quality!   My Neverwinter friends got me a beta key sometime in late 2013, and I managed to survive the all-too-familiar long downloads to eventually participate in the 2 final beta weekends before pre-launch.

This is effectively my first MMO game and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  My main toon is an Altmer Sorcerer DPS/Healer hybrid mage.  I’m currently at vr14 (I’m a completionist & slow learner) and am working hard, with help & good coaching from some awesome ingame friends, to be the best and strongest DPS mage that I can be.

I have also, created some alts, at least one of each class (originally, just for bank slots/storage) but also to learn the ways & skills of those other classes.  I’m hoping to bring all 4 classes eventually to r14 lvl and endgame!

Love PvE & PvP in this game.  I’m looking forward to some fun times in 2015.