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Role-Playing, how I've missed you.

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Character Name: Alruane Delanshade Aka The wanderer Aka Jack Of Shades.Age: 32Sex: MaleRace: ElvenClass: Mage/Sage/ScholarShort Biography: Alruane The wanderer, as he is called, was born to rather middle class parents. His life was never without, he was very much a happy child and had a good life. His parents gave birth to three children: Alruane Delanshade, Necromancer Vexlan (Delanshade) Nexcrozian, and his  eldest brother Jon Valrona Delanshade, whom later became the Bard of legends and lore. Alruane’s history is never fully understood, most ask and he tells them, but the story changes from person to person. Most of them are fantastic tales of his life thus far, others are tragedies he has seen or been through in his life. Many folks think of him as his older brother, not only a mage of some repute but a well rounded bard. Very much a storyteller most never know his true past or how he got to where he is today. Perhaps one day he may put down on paper his thoughts and feelings of his past life, until then he remains in the present.Personality Traits: Very Jovial at times, a storyteller of a sorts, very kind to those he deems ”acceptable”, polite to women, wiser than most that are thrice his age. He tends to have a strong weakness for herbs and gardens when he isn’t out adventuring.Powers: The uncanny ability to wield most magics with at least a moderate inkling of control, very good at rune spelling and crafting, and is himself a writer, sage, and alchemist.