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Friend Request Acceptance Policy:

I’ve been getting a lot of friend requests recently, so I guess I should address my stance on this.  If I don’t know who you are, I’m just going to hit the reject button immediately.  If we’ve interacted once and I vaguely recognize your name/avatar, I’ll probably sit on it for awhile.  I generally only add or accept adds from people who I’ve interacted with several times in a variety of threads on a familiar level, and respect if not always agree with – these are the types of people I prefer to receive adds from.  

TL;DR: If you want to be my friend, be my friend before you add me as one.

As a reminder – spamming people with unsolicited friend requests is a violation of Tamriel Foundry’s Code of Conduct, and will result in us having to put the hammer down if done to excess.

About Me:

I’m a semi-hardcore casual as fuck gamer that likes to have fun and not take things too seriously.  Generally I focus on PvP, but have done minor amounts of endgame raiding in the past – however, I’ve never really seen the point of working on a set of gear that I can’t use to kill other players, so I haven’t gotten too into it.  I love to socialize with other players while I game, and have been known to get into light-medium RP from time to time.

I’ve been on the MMO scene for quite awhile, but only picked up The Elder Scrolls games at Oblivion with the rest of the mainstream players.

MMOs of note that I’ve played:

Runescape | Star Wars Galaxies | World of Warcraft | Age of Conan | Warhammer Online | Aion | Champions Online

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Guild Wars 2 | The Secret World | Defiance | Neverwinter | Firefall

ArcheAge | Wildstar The Elder Scrolls Online 

Upcoming MMOs that I’m excited for:

 Crowfall Star Citizen (Maybe) | World of Darkness  (Never Forget)

In real life I live in Portlandia, have a corgi puppy named Doomhowl, and love Guinness (as well as most dark beers on a nitro tap).

Contact and Social Media:

I accurately refer to him as my needy bundle of fur.

This is his face when he wants to know why the computer is more important than him.

If for some reason you are unable to reach me through PM (or simply chose not to), I can be reached via the email address Isarii at (I have removed the ”at” symbol to prevent my email being picked up by spam bots)

For my thoughts on a variety of games and topics, I have a blog! You can find it at:

I am also pretty active on Twitter, where you can keep track of my gaming related thoughts in 140 characters or less on a variety of topics by following @SirIsarii

Further, I have recently created a profile on the gaming social networking site Anook, and can be found at  While I’m not making much use of it as a social platform at this time, as games and MMOs become more social experiences I can definitely see a future for it in helping to both bring together and keep together gamers as we move across our various games.  Basically – a Facebook for gamers.